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  1. Nah, I used those regularly. We do all vehicles. Including older models with points ignition. Even have dwell meter.
  2. Customer informed me he did NOT need spark plugs. Yeah, about that. Correct gap is .045 or half of what is pictured. His wife told him quit being a pain. Truck runs much better with new plugs and wires.
  3. When @steven newman makes mentor it will be for clamping techniques.
  4. Good many of those I have seen. But at work on cars and heavy trucks. Or at the Hanger at Southwest.
  5. I went to @steven newman school of clamping. He often refers to it as "Forest of Clamps".
  6. After 30 years I am upgrading my cart for work. Old one: New one:
  7. Slowly these two cabinets are taking shape. Some face frame work.
  8. Gunny

    Hard choice

    I have seen this Cutech around and it seems to have good reviews. Might be considering that to upgrade from my Ryobi 10 1/2 inch.
  9. Haven't been able to work on outdoor cabinets. Several small jobs came up to do. Water heater for one friend, now a dishwasher and some new deck steps.
  10. Yeah I don't drink that diet low fat swill you like.
  11. Love it, need mine done next. I'm on @Larry Buskirk Beer budget though.
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