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  1. Beautiful example of natures handiwork. What are the dimensions?
  2. JohnM

    Proud new papa

    I truly appreciate everyone’s advice and recommendations. They are all helpful for me as they will assist me in making decisions that fit me best. I have the tools from my SS so I am going to use those to practice sharpening and turning and then start adding better steel as time goes by. @Jim from Easy Wood Tools I am sure I will add carbide to my arsenal as well so we will have to chat and i am happy to see the hearty endorsement of your product. I have ordered the wolverine sharpening jig and it arives today. I still have to get my 220 Ron so hopefully it is not much longer before I am throwing chips. 😁
  3. JohnM

    Proud new papa

    Thanks for the additional recommendations and suggestions. I have been doing woodworking for over 40 years so I do have a good collection of clamps and other power tools including a lunchbox planer, table saw, drum sander etc. I little bit of a tool junkie, so the lathe continued to feed that habit. LOL, while I loved my SS, the lathe part to me was the least functional part due to the inability to drop the speed below 600 and the lack of weight in the overall machine. I built many things with my SS and various attachments, including this rocking horse for a niece. So it has served me well, but I am ready to expand my woodworking skills and the lathe was something I have always wanted.
  4. JohnM

    Proud new papa

    To all the congratulatory comments, thank you all. I knew it was an excellent deal. Normally I am the one that is a "day late and a dollar short" to these kind of deals so I feel very fortunate. For once I had some inside information that allowed me to get it before it was available to the masses. I have been doing a lot of reading and watching videos, but my hands on learning curve is pretty much vertical at the moment. To me, that is half the fun of learning a new craft. To @John Morris, I still want to get a floor stand drill press and MAYBE a jointer, but my wallet is starting to give me the evil eye so I will probably have to wait a while longer.....unless another killer deal comes my way And I am still in the process of selling my ShopSmith which will help fund some more of my wants. Thanks again everyone.
  5. Hi all, I would like to introduce you to my new (to me) baby. 😁 This is my first lathe and I am excited to fall into the vortex. I have been watching CL for well over a year but nothing ever came up that I liked. I was just about ready to give up on used and go new. I was invited to the local Woodturners Association meeting a couple of weeks ago and was given a lead on this one for $1400. Can’t wait to start this new adventure.
  6. Very nice!! Great job.
  7. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your input. Lew there is an extension for the 838 for $127. That of course narrows the cost gap between the two machines.
  8. I am looking seriously at falling into the wood turning vortex in the near future. I want to buy my 2nd lathe 1st. I have been watching CL for several months and the majority in my area for sale are either midis or ancient, so I am looking at maybe going with a new machine. Trying to get the most bang for my buck I am looking at the G0838 or the G0766. I don't currently anticipate doing a lot of spindle work so I think the shorter bed would be OK. Apparently the 0838 is fairly new so I am not finding a lot of reviews online. Would appreciate any comments from those that might have one or the other machine and what I might miss by going with the 0838 vs the 0766 and is it worth the extra $500? Thank you in advance for your insight
  9. Thank you gentlemen for your suggestions. I will start making some calls tomorrow and will let you know where it finds a new home.
  10. I have a wheelchair that belonged to my SIL who passed away 2 years ago from early onset Alzheimer’s. I would like to donate it to a Veterans group. Hoping John Morris or another SoCal woodworker can point me in the right direction. It does need some minor maintenance. I am not a Veteran myself but I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you out there for your service and sacrifice. Thanks, John
  11. Nice DC John. I saw your jointer on CL. It looks nice as well. Wish I could fit it into my current budget.
  12. Isn’t it ironic that the folks that claim to preach tolerance and inclusion are the one that are the least tolerant and least inclusive of people that have different views. So sad 😞
  13. Thanks for the welcome gentlemen. I look forward to sharing, but more importantly....learning from all of you.
  14. Thanks John for the mention ref the BS. I have not had a chance to use it yet as I am in the midst of a reorganization of my garage. As I mentioned to you, I am moving the opposite way that you are with my shop....I am going from a SS to stand alone tools. Coincidentally, I told my wife today that the one thing I was going to miss the most about my SS was the drill press and as soon as I get it sold, a DP is the first thing I plan to buy. I am sure you will notice is that one of the things in using a SS is thinking through your project and trying to do as many things as you can in one set up before moving to a different tool. But I k now you will enjoy using it. Mine served me well for almost 40 years. Happy woodworking.
  15. Welcome John to our community!

    1. JohnM


      Thanks John, thanks for the band saw 😀

    2. John Morris

      John Morris

      Hey it's thee one and only John M! It was a pleasure meeting you John. I hope the Bandsaw is everything you want from it. I have enjoyed it while I owned it, glad to see it's going to another kind woodworker. :)

      See you on the forums John!

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