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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!


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    far better it is to dare might things, to win glorious triumphs, though heckererd by failure, than to take rank with the poor souls who neither enjoy nor suffer much. For they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.

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  1. shawnbrad

    mesquite log bench

    Oh, okay. I would get mine from woodcraft in Tucson. He always had good prices. I would get logs wherever I could and mill them myself.
  2. shawnbrad

    mesquite log bench

    I have a contact for mesquite, but I'd have to get a tractor trailer load.
  3. shawnbrad

    mesquite log bench

    I was living in Tucson at the time. Mesquite was widely available.
  4. shawnbrad

    work station

    Man, I got lucky on that one! Between the base moulding and the electrical outlet. A period of time had gone by between field measure and fabrication. I forgot all about that outlet.
  5. shawnbrad

    reclaimed wood table

    Thanks. A few different species in that one.
  6. shawnbrad

    block table

    Thank you. Eucalyptus is, typically, pinkish. I used that ebonizing trick of vinegar water and rusty steel to blacken it.
  7. shawnbrad

    Media Center

    No. That was purchased at an antique shope and incorporated into the piece.
  8. The folks I did that for carried those panes for nearly 20 years!
  9. shawnbrad

    Eucalyptus Table

    Yup. I call them "wedge legs" or "wedge bases". The top is 1 1/4" thick tapered to about 1/2".
  10. shawnbrad

    eucalyptus desk

    Thank you. It comes apart in 3 pieces. No mechanical fasteners.
  11. shawnbrad

    Mequite Log Bench

    Thank you
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