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  1. IrishWoodCarver

    Teaching granddaughter to carve

    So proud of my granddaughter - Anna and the progress she is making with her carving. She is a natural - she listens and follows directions and suggestions very well. Here is this years Christmas ornament for her Mom and Dad - a Fisherman ornament from Woodcarving Illustrated. Our schedules did not provide enough time to get it painted - but that will happen this week. Love you Anna! (BTW - her younger brother Cole is on his was into carving as well - just started teaching him the different cuts: push, pull and stop - he will be ready soon to tackle some basic carvings - Love you too Cole!) BTW - take note of the t-shirt Anna is wearing - LOL!
  2. IrishWoodCarver

    hanging on the wall

    WOW! Very beautiful - great job!
  3. IrishWoodCarver

    I lucked out!

    Nice score!
  4. IrishWoodCarver

    Next Carving

    Live edged basswood
  5. IrishWoodCarver

    Next Carving

    Stain applied to carved areas, when dry, another 3 - 4 coats of clear
  6. IrishWoodCarver

    almost a finger

    WOW - close call. My cousin lost 3 fingers doing similar to what you were doing. Look into a GRR-RIPPER - I bought two to perform hand-over-hand cutting - especially for narrow pieces. Best investment I could have made https://www.microjig.com/products/grr-ripper
  7. IrishWoodCarver

    Sharing some of my completed projects

    Very nice - well done! Thanks for sharing!
  8. IrishWoodCarver

    Next Carving

    This will be my next commissioned piece. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, a gal and her family were raised by their grandparents. She took a picture of the house they were raised in and had it transferred onto canvas. This plaque will hang below the canvas picture of the house they were raised in. I asked she take a picture of it once it is in place - I will share when I get it.
  9. IrishWoodCarver

    Picture Frame

    Once I an finished with carving (lettering and such), I seal the entire project with 3 - 4 coats of clear - making sure I get the carved area really well. Once dry, I then apply the stain the to the carved areas, wiping with a soft cloth which removes the stain from the surface since it is sealed - but the stain remains in the carved areas. Once stain dries, I apply an additional 2 - 3 coats of clear over. On a side note - I like to use Gel Stain - it seems to work better - at least for me. Hope that explains the process well enough.
  10. IrishWoodCarver

    Picture Frame

    Stain applied to carved areas, now waiting for it to dry before 2 or 3 more clear top coats. Even though I used a conditioner prior to staining, I did not get an even stain - maybe that is just how Buckeye looks stained. Bottom line - wife loves it like that - so I guess all is good - LOL! Of course I told her I planned for it to look like that!! :) -
  11. IrishWoodCarver

    Picture Frame

    Finished the carving portion of the picture frame - here are a few pictures along the way - and a final product. Now onto sanding, carving cleanup, assemply and staining. I think I am going to try biscuits on the corners - rather large frame - would rather not just glue and pin - thoughts??
  12. IrishWoodCarver

    Picture Frame

    What am I missing here? LOL
  13. IrishWoodCarver

    Picture Frame

    In 2018 our church choir made a pilgrimage to Italy and actually had to opportunity to sing at a Papal Mass (means attended by the Pope). We also sang at several other basilicas and even held a concert for the people of Rome. It was a most rewarding experience. While there, we had several professional pictures taken, but they were kind of a weird size and my wife and I could not find an appropriate frame to display these pictures - so I decided to make one myself out of a slab of Buckeye I had, incorporating my chip-carving. Here is the start - pretty much cut to size, just playing with what I will carve into the face of the frame:
  14. IrishWoodCarver


    Well, they decided to give the plaque to Chandell (the Supervisor) today rather than waiting until her birthday. She was THRILLED and laughed so hard - I wish I could have caught it on video. Anyway - it was a HUGE success - she walked around the office showing everyone.
  15. IrishWoodCarver


    Well, here is the finished plaque. Her staff want to give it to her for her birthday at the end of the month - I will try to get some pics of her after she receives it.

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