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  1. Based on what you see, if you were looking at the cabinet from the right end - would it have to twist clockwise - or - counter clockwise? Thanks (wish you lived closer - LOL) Bob
  2. Thanks all - next time I head there to do some work gonna take a long straight edge to see if they are in fact warped - just seems strange to me they are in opposite directions - one on top - other on bottom. Seems more like somehow the cabinet got racked (JMHO) - but gonna check it out Thanks all!
  3. Hi all, been awhile since I posted - hope all is well with everyone. I have a question about a cabinet I built back in 2013 - here it is At the time the doors closed fine - but now they look like this - and no matter what I do with the hinges, I cannot get them to close properly. The entire cabinet is made of Baltic Birch, and sealed with several layers of poly. They dont seem to be warped (which I did not think baltic birch would do anyway). My novice opinion is that one of my levelers failed and the entire cabinet is wrenched, skewed, twisted - whatever the proper term would be. The cabinet is totally full with different books and other materials and I really hate to have to empty it unless I have too. So - what are your opinions? Thanks - it is weird how it is the top of one door and the bottom of the other door.
  4. Did not see where I could edit the post to add an additional picture, so I am just adding another comment. Here I gave the carving to Dr. Tendulkar (2nd from right) and his staff. They were thrilled and ensured me it would be hung where other patients would be able to see it.
  5. I am overwhelmed with the staff at the Cleveland Clinic while receiving treatment for prostate cancer. They treat each patient with such care! I felt compelled to do a carving for the clinic, so I asked at one of my doctors visit if they thought the clinic would actually hang something I carved. The next week I was told ABSOLUTELY! So onto a design. I wanted it to be inspirational, but also keep religion out of it - only because there are so many different beliefs I did not want to offend anyone. This is what I came up with, I need to finish it by Wednesday as that is my last doctors appointment after treatment. Will post a picture when finished, and hopefully one of it hanging in the clinic. Hope it goes in the Taussig Cancer Center! Again, I start with a design in Photoshop, transfer the pattern and start carving. Decided to add a touch of color (first time I did this) and final picture is the finished product. I will be presenting to the Clinic tomorrow (Wed 9/4/2019) I received prior approval to present something and they agreed to hang it. Hope it is in the Taussig Center where I received treatment.
  6. Sometimes you meet someone who touches your life, and you want to do something for them. Jim Abraham is one of those individuals. I met Jim at the Cleveland Clinic as I was getting my treatments for prostate cancer. Jim is a professional magician and volunteers at the Clinic and always greeted us with a smile, and performed magic tricks for the patients. I asked for a business card so I could get an idea for creating a carving for him. Thank you Jim for making our daily visits so pleasurable. Once again, here is my initial design in Photoshop, once I received his business card, I changed the format of the lettering to match his card. Then transferred patttern, started carving, burnt in hands and cards and finally the finished product and a picture of Jim and I at the Clinic where I gave it to him.
  7. My neighbor gave me a nice clean piece of redwood and said it would be perfect for a sign. Well he was correct - a nice sign for 'his' shop. Decided against the tools in each corner as my layout shows, and just used saw blades for the "o's". Here is my initial design in Photoshop - I eventually scrapped the tools in the corner and just used saw blades for the o's Here are a few pics along the way - pattern transfered, start of carving and Tom holding finished product
  8. Gave Irmarys her carving today - she was shocked, amazed, happy, excited and a whole bunch of other adjectives. It felt so good watching her expressions - even the tears of appreciation!
  9. Completed the carving, plan on giving to the gal tomorrow at work - will try to get a picture with her as well
  10. Old Craftsman from Sears - my dad bought YEARS ago
  11. Here is another carving I am working on for a gal at work. She is Puerto Rican and always stops by my office to give me a short spanish lesson. I will be retiring in July and she asked if I would carve her a little figure to keep in her office to remind her of me - how sweet! Anyway I decided to do something more than a little figure - so I am doing The Lords Prayer - but in Spanish. Here is the progress thus far - the wheat on the sides are burnt and shaded, but I covered them with masking tape to protect them while I carve the rest of the piece. Will post again once complete.
  12. I recently gave my dad's table saw to my son so he could start his work shop. I came across this picture of my dad using the saw I gave my son. He said he would like tha picture to hang in his shop - so I had a 10 x 12 picture made and carved this frame for him. And yes - my dad died WAY too young! ps - sorry I have not been around - been fighting some medical issues - just now getting back in frame (no pun intended - LOL) of mind to get back in the shop and do some work.
  13. Unfortunately I cannot explain the glue squeeze out as my neighbor actually created the blanks - I just turned them. There really was no difference in feel with the spaces, they are so small I did not feel anything - it was more of a different sound. I used a roughing gouge to knock off all high points, then various size finger gouges to finalize the shape and turn the inside. I did use the skew on the outside to smooth it - followed by sanding. Used a friction finish when done. Thanks for the comments.
  14. Here are a couple segmented turnings I recently completed. First time doing segmented turnings - blanks were actually glued up by my neighbor and given to me to turn. Going to have to try some glue-ups myself someday.
  15. So proud of my granddaughter - Anna and the progress she is making with her carving. She is a natural - she listens and follows directions and suggestions very well. Here is this years Christmas ornament for her Mom and Dad - a Fisherman ornament from Woodcarving Illustrated. Our schedules did not provide enough time to get it painted - but that will happen this week. Love you Anna! (BTW - her younger brother Cole is on his was into carving as well - just started teaching him the different cuts: push, pull and stop - he will be ready soon to tackle some basic carvings - Love you too Cole!) BTW - take note of the t-shirt Anna is wearing - LOL!
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