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  1. Unfortunately I cannot explain the glue squeeze out as my neighbor actually created the blanks - I just turned them. There really was no difference in feel with the spaces, they are so small I did not feel anything - it was more of a different sound. I used a roughing gouge to knock off all high points, then various size finger gouges to finalize the shape and turn the inside. I did use the skew on the outside to smooth it - followed by sanding. Used a friction finish when done. Thanks for the comments.
  2. Here are a couple segmented turnings I recently completed. First time doing segmented turnings - blanks were actually glued up by my neighbor and given to me to turn. Going to have to try some glue-ups myself someday.
  3. So proud of my granddaughter - Anna and the progress she is making with her carving. She is a natural - she listens and follows directions and suggestions very well. Here is this years Christmas ornament for her Mom and Dad - a Fisherman ornament from Woodcarving Illustrated. Our schedules did not provide enough time to get it painted - but that will happen this week. Love you Anna! (BTW - her younger brother Cole is on his was into carving as well - just started teaching him the different cuts: push, pull and stop - he will be ready soon to tackle some basic carvings - Love you too Cole!) BTW - take note of the t-shirt Anna is wearing - LOL!
  4. WOW! Very beautiful - great job!
  5. Stain applied to carved areas, when dry, another 3 - 4 coats of clear
  6. WOW - close call. My cousin lost 3 fingers doing similar to what you were doing. Look into a GRR-RIPPER - I bought two to perform hand-over-hand cutting - especially for narrow pieces. Best investment I could have made https://www.microjig.com/products/grr-ripper
  7. This will be my next commissioned piece. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, a gal and her family were raised by their grandparents. She took a picture of the house they were raised in and had it transferred onto canvas. This plaque will hang below the canvas picture of the house they were raised in. I asked she take a picture of it once it is in place - I will share when I get it.
  8. Once I an finished with carving (lettering and such), I seal the entire project with 3 - 4 coats of clear - making sure I get the carved area really well. Once dry, I then apply the stain the to the carved areas, wiping with a soft cloth which removes the stain from the surface since it is sealed - but the stain remains in the carved areas. Once stain dries, I apply an additional 2 - 3 coats of clear over. On a side note - I like to use Gel Stain - it seems to work better - at least for me. Hope that explains the process well enough.
  9. Stain applied to carved areas, now waiting for it to dry before 2 or 3 more clear top coats. Even though I used a conditioner prior to staining, I did not get an even stain - maybe that is just how Buckeye looks stained. Bottom line - wife loves it like that - so I guess all is good - LOL! Of course I told her I planned for it to look like that!! :) -
  10. Finished the carving portion of the picture frame - here are a few pictures along the way - and a final product. Now onto sanding, carving cleanup, assemply and staining. I think I am going to try biscuits on the corners - rather large frame - would rather not just glue and pin - thoughts??
  11. In 2018 our church choir made a pilgrimage to Italy and actually had to opportunity to sing at a Papal Mass (means attended by the Pope). We also sang at several other basilicas and even held a concert for the people of Rome. It was a most rewarding experience. While there, we had several professional pictures taken, but they were kind of a weird size and my wife and I could not find an appropriate frame to display these pictures - so I decided to make one myself out of a slab of Buckeye I had, incorporating my chip-carving. Here is the start - pretty much cut to size, just playing with what I will carve into the face of the frame:
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