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  1. Cedar on the legs and pine on the rest
  2. Bdavep


  3. Right on Dadio, I will give it a try.
  4. I thought the pieces the go between the legs at the top under the seat were called crossours. What are they called? I think I will get some of that spray shellac that Dadio recommended today and finish it. Thank you guys for all the input!
  5. Honestly I did not plan on finishing it. I was just gunna leave it as is. I probably should just for the practice, what would you recommend?
  6. Thanks, there are crosours attached to the legs on the top and basically did a pocket screw through those to hold on the seat. I did not use the pocket screw but but a bit that looks like a spot weld cutter but for wood.
  7. YAY! I made a stool and it's not wobbly. Now I can sit at my work bench

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