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  1. Hey Stick, all is is fine here. Running to to fix a few things still today. friday we got quite the ride in the morning when the 7.2 hit. Lots of stuff fell to the floor at home, the gallery lost a few pieces, and we are still working to fix the well there, as the main line was severed. Friday also delivered about 1400 after shocks. 50 plus were big enough to feel, and 8 were over 5.0. Power was out from 8:29 am when the big one hit for us and about 70000 Alaskans. We spent the day with out power and were thankful to have a good wood stove and tons of CNC scraps to burn. Power came back on early in the evening, with the last folks having power back by 9 pm. we awoke this morning to another 5.2 shaker. The epicenter was just north of Anchorage, and only a few miles from our home n shop. It was very shallow, and that is why they say it felt so violent. it looks like our DOT and some great local road contractors will have the roads repaired by Thursday, but as of now it is one lane in and out of Anchorage. So that is a no go place for now. Most schools and many businesses are closed this week too access damage or make repairs.. schools lost power and many suspended ceiling tiles fell.. only one school has major damage and will not reopen. For the most part, emergency plans at the schools worked well. the big 1964 earthquake (9.2 that lasted 5 plus minutes) changed building specs up here, the small amount of damage here, and no real injuries is a testament to those engineers and some great trades people.. thanks for asking... back to art now..
  2. Basically you find a scarred tree in your yard of forest. Take a picture of the scar and measure the high point and width. Move the picture into Aspire or your software of choice. Trace the outside shape, and drag it to the correct scale from your prior measurements. Create a simple little Dr. Zeus type castle, door, window to fit in the scar shape. CNC it out. And install it..
  3. Morning Dane I have an Arbor tech belt side grinder. but not sure what a Turbo plane is. I will look it up
  4. thanks Gerald, he was designed and cut out on the CNC than power carved... chainsaws and die grinders.. He is actually hollow, something I learned when taking a Carousel animal carving class.
  5. HI Gene. Well I am sure you will enjoy the trip, it is truly a gorgeous place. We are at mile post 69.5 on the parks Highway and can be found on Google maps. if your schedule opens up for a bit drop me a line. and occasionally some of the those tour bus drivers will pull over for a break if folks express and interest.. Enjoy. Scott
  6. Not sure if CNC er is a proper word. My name is Scott, I go by Scottart on most forums. I have been a carver for about 40 years. I say carver and not just wood carver as I also have spent some considerable time carving snow and Ice.. We won the national snow carving competition 3 times and have won a number of ice carving events. I also spend a lot of time chainsaw carving and as a result have way to many chainsaws, die grinders, angle grinders, and small dremel like devises by the box load. My wife and I raised 4 kids. the oldest did 9 years in the Marine Corp so we have a strong affection for the members of the services. While I worked a corporate career, we always had a small business selling my art, carvings, paintings, pyrography and in 2012 we opened up a 3000 sft art gallery on the Parks HIghway in WIllow, Alaska. Willow creek Studio. We have about 60 local artists there, and make all kinds of man cave stuff. log furniture, cabin signs, benches and signs for lodges, and just plain old chainsaw carvings and quite a bit of carved relief panels and doors. The CNC is a major part of our business and the largest single contributor to our income stream. I am currently retiring at 61. the Cnc and the gallery are allowing us to transition to retirement about 5 years ahead of prior schedule. So I am a believer in using the cnc to make money... albeit, our investment is significant with 40 years of marketing behind me, years of exposure as and artist, and a gallery on the major highway in Alaska all combine to make it possible. I use Aspire to create almost all of my models. I occasionally sell some of the models and also just donate a few. Each year we set a side some time to donate some projects for some worthy local military groups. Last year it was a memorial for Vietnam era bomber squadron reunion, and currently I am working on a big wall piece for a returning battalion of Air Cavalry troops. I enjoy helping and learning in these blogs..... feel free to contact me any time. www.scottthompsonart. https://www.facebook.com/WillowCreekGallery/?ref=bookmarks tundrafish1@yahoo.com
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    a few recent CNC projects

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