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  1. OC3

    Birdseye Drawers

    Well Gerald, this was for my wife and she deserved something extra.
  2. OC3

    Curly Cherry Hutch

    Thank you Cal, I found that curly cherry in the door panels in Ohio while working out there, and the rest of the material is from a cherry tree I cut down and dried on our property. I built that for my wife.
  3. OC3

    Birdseye Drawers

    I am a professional photographer and in years past I had some clients that required a lot of working with Amish photographing Stallions for breeding purposes in about five states. Quite a few Amish farms had small sawmills and I would always inquire about any kind of figured wood they might have. I soon learned they usually had a stash in a barn somewhere because their normal lumber buyers were not interested in it ( to hard to work in production). So I would return on my on time and sort through and hand pick what I wanted. I stocked up so I would have enough when I retired.
  4. OC3


    That is very nice work Lew, do you balance that in some way while turning so it doesn't shake the lathe apart.
  5. Thank you Pat. Those hinges came from Fisher Forge LLC in Hamburg Pa. (610-562-5425) they are part RT-1A they were $26.00 pr when I built that. I believe Horton Brasses also has some very nice ones but more expensive. The plans for that cabinet were in Popular Wood Working November 2010 by Mark Arnold. Thanks for your interest and nice words...........................Glenn
  6. OC3

    Glenn Davis

    A selection of recent projects to keep me busy.
  7. OC3

    Cherry display cabinet

    We have been getting everyone's share of rain and snow( previously). It's time they take some! We are another hour and half northwest of Lockhaven. Best place in the world for cherry. Most all of it goes to China.
  8. OC3

    Cherry display cabinet

    Lew I am in Cameron County near Emporium.
  9. OC3

    Figured Maple Four Drawer Dresser

    Thank you Lew , unfortunately the captions are not right and I can't find out how to change them. Could you tell me that? Thanks Glenn
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