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    "All things are in God's hands and he doesn't want you for a sunbeam - he wants you for a soldier. He wants you to fight for truth and offer prayer for justice."

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  1. Matt47

    Rainbow trout

    I am an avid trout and red fish fisherman, that is a beautiful piece of work my friend. Just curious...do you sell any of your work?
  2. Thank you for the welcome...I am in Spring, Texas
  3. Thank you for the information
  4. Sure have..I have dug all through this site and love all of the information
  5. That video is mesmerizing!!!
  6. So do you guys mainly buy turning blanks or are you finding and curing your own wood?
  7. I really appreciate the welcome. I am sure I will be having many questions for all of the wood-turners here really soon. I've only had my mini lathe since December so I am still working on figuring out what does what. I have attempted to make 2 pens with no luck, I was not able to drill a true straight hole in the pen blank. As of this afternoon I should now be able to, I stopped by Harbor Freight and purchased a small drill press so I will be turning a pen tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Guys I am thrilled to have found this website!! So far I have exchanged messages with Lew and John, I am looking forward to getting to know the rest of the community. Is there anyone else from Texas in this community?
  9. Well that makes more sense...sorry for all of the confusion and thank you for all of your help
  10. John...I just made another attempt to load a picture to my profile and this is the error message I am getting
  11. I can upload to a message just not to the gallery for some reason, John it may be something on my end
  12. No John I tried again this morning just to test it
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