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  1. Artie

    raffle winner

    Think I was 22 the last time I had a coffee. I curled up in a ball, shook, and well this is a family forum, so I’ll leave it at got sick violently. Now it is 37 years later, so who knows. I’m not trying it again, anyhows.
  2. Artie

    raffle winner

    I’m hoping to break my dulldrums with you tomorrow !
  3. Artie

    raffle winner

    Yeah, that’s just no beef this week, I ain’t giving up beef! Trying to get into a healthier routine, but pizza, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, cheese are not gonna be taboo, just maybe not the whole list, on a daily basis Coffee, I am unfortunately allergic to.
  4. Artie

    raffle winner

    I’ve used clams, squid, mackerel, herring, eels, poagies, all as bait. Never had any interest in eating any. I have been doing well on my new eating menu. 1-diet ginger ale as my only soda in the last week, no white bread, no whole milk, no beef, no chips, no pizza, I’m ready for a meal that’s NOT healthy for me LOL
  5. Artie

    raffle winner

    Al, I don’t need a friend for the drive, just not sure of how much the sander weighs, and if we can get it onto the table/stand/bench. I just looked up the sander, it’s in the 60 pound range, we can handle that How bout 11:00 ? I’ll beg off on the fried clams, but iff’n you’re hankering for some, I’m sure they’ll have something I like. I love catching seafood, I just don’t like eating it.
  6. Artie

    raffle winner

    If you want to pick a time for Saturday, I’d love to mosey up. A noticeable improvement in your health is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Do we need more muscle? I can call a friend if need be.
  7. Artie

    raffle winner

    Al, is it IN the shop? If so is it where you WANT it to be? I have cleaned my calendar for the weekend, and can be up there either day.
  8. Artie

    raffle winner

    I can be there Saturday or Sunday, plus I can cover any electrical needs.
  9. Artie

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome, I’m still in the receiving advice stage, and not in the dispensing of advice stage (though there are plenty here good at the dispensing. You and your work look like you’re in the dispensing stage) Howdy.
  10. Artie


    Hi All! I figgered instead of piggy-backing on my raised door thread I would start a new one for the Crosses. I have MLK Day off, so it’s a 3 day weekend. With the impending swirling vortex of doom forecast for tomorrow I got all my honey do list items done today. So when I did finally get down to the shop today, I had to clean and organize it. It was a mess LOLOL. I had started installing/assembling the Incra Miter Sled I bought with the Shopsmith, I finished that today, and had to figure out how to store it. I made some brackets that went on the inside of cabinet doors. Course I got too rambunctious with the impact driver and put a screw through the door , and I had to remove the two shelves and cut them back an inch so the miter sled would fit. Of course being the smart guy I am, thinking a step or two ahead, I took the inch off on the side that had the finished edge on it now leaving me with 4 bare wood (or substitute) edges. I also had bought a True Trac system when I bought the SS. The tracks had been being stored on top of some of the cabinets. Drove me crazy, didn’t like them up there, needed a ladder/stool to get to them, was keeping me up nights LOL. So I figured out that there was a 4 inch spec under the cabinets. The doors extended down 4 inches from the inside of the cabinet. I put up a shelf that would hold the trac system, and give me easy-peasy access. On my next shop day for the shop, I have an ibox to unbox and set-up, a hingecrafter to unbox and look at, and an Incra LS-TS fence positioned to unbox/set-up, figure out, and find a place to store it. Tomorrow all Crosses all day, until they’re cut/glued/assembled or I run out of day (plus the requisite snow removal as needed). On a serious note, I hope everyone stays safe during this storm.
  11. Artie


    I started by making 8, then more people wanted some, I made another 8, more people said “hey, can I have one?” I made 8 more (where I’m at now). 4 more requests, I ordered enough Cherry to make 6 more, think I’m moving on after the 6, and trying to finish them all
  12. Artie


    So I have 24 Crosses assembled, some of my scroll sawing and lap joints coulda been better. Got some more wood on order, cause I have had 28 requests for Crosses. While routing the edges today, on one of the End grains the piece got pulled hard and a big chunk came out. Dunno what happened, didn’t think I did anything different than on the other 23 (which went remarkably as expected). Anywho gotta assemble maybe 5 more cause I’m not sure if I can save the other Cross, and still have to look good enough to give as a gift, and then some sanding and finishing. Want them all delivered by Easter. Now cause we like pictures, it’s Crosses on the couch day!
  13. Artie

    Shopsmith Casters

    Dunno whether it came with them or if I bought them (I’m thinking I had to buy them, not positive) I KNOW I had to drill the holes to mount them.
  14. I just think for same amount of dough, one could get a bigger trailer, and need less custom equipment to outfit it. Also by being a trailer probably a whole lot less federal regulations, here.
  15. Artie

    Ammco shaper

    I can only imagine what the after photo is gonna look like. Congrats on the new addition!
  16. Artie

    MA WWII Veteran Dies

    He got a very nice turnout (as earned, and deserved) I was not there, but the crowd was large enough that a serious police contingent needed to be there for traffic, and crowd control (and I mean crowd control in the positive way, no tear gas LOL)
  17. Artie

    Sad to see them go

    You are probably a member of the Old Woodworking Machine Forum. They have a thread there for people to post their before and after photo’s (again which probably has some of your work on it ) Every once in a while I just scroll through that thread. Some of them look like they should just be on display as a work of art (no, not me!), not in a shop. I am in awe of your capabilities!
  18. Artie

    Shopsmith Casters

    Now you’re rolling! (I just crack myself up sometimes) John when I mentioned the SS forum, I wasn’t trying to get you involved there, just that since you are now one of the guild, it’s a great info source.
  19. Artie

    Time to go slow.

    Makes me think of a scene from Harry Potter. (Wife likes those movies, you know how that works out)
  20. Artie

    Chest of Drawers plan

    On a peripheral topic to this thread, a true story. Back in the day when I owned a boat, the Missus, and me, plus another couple we’re friends with, were driving up to the boat. My friend was driving, Lisa and myself were in the back seat. The trip passes an antique shop, where there was a beautiful chest of drawers sitting outside for the passer-bys to notice. My friends wife sees the chest and says. “Did you see that chest?” To which I replied. “How come when I say that, I get slapped?” I’m betting Steve’s chest will evoke that same commentary.
  21. I liked it from an engineering point, but I would think from a monetary point you would get more bang for the buck converting a trailer to a similiar workshop.
  22. Artie

    New Shop

    Looks like the move, and accompanying build, might be as much fun as the shop will be afterwards. Good project, good motives, good results.
  23. Artie

    New project so new post

    +1, course my Doc is telling me all things in moderation. I just might have to moderate over some chicken.
  24. Artie

    Small Item Finishing Tip

    I take whatever Mr Patch says to the bank (after I found out how good his suggestion to use red ink when printing out patterns for the scroll saw was.)
  25. Artie

    Shopsmith Casters

    I bought a brand new SS and still had to use the templates, drill and mount. Still not sure how that happens. I mean what’s the cost of 8 extra holes, if someone buying a new unit doesn’t also get the upgraded casters? How many don’t get the upgraded casters? Let us know how you're rolling after all this.

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