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  1. Artie


    Okay, so I’m building this manger for my brother (the saga is on the woodworking page), it’s being made with 3/8 Baltic Birch, and 3/4 x 1 1/8 Poplar. I’m planning on staining the exterior with Cherry gel stain, and a gel finish. I think the bare interior looks most manger like. Do I want to clear finish the interior for protective/sealing the wood reasons? Or is Baltic Birch stable enough that finishing the exterior, and not the interior, won’t affect the long term health of the manger? Any ideas, comments, tips, most welcome. Thank you Artie
  2. Artie


    Okay, I’m not really a high tech kinda guy, but I need an egg on the face meme right now. Got home from the friends addition (ready for the final inspection. Now just have to wire the two car garage with a second floor), and decided to get a little done on my son’s manger. I needed to rip a piece with an angle for the angled roof. When you put the sawblade on backwards, it is pretty immediately apparent! Dunno how common this is, I’m guessing I may not be the only one here to ever do this, but I will remember this for a while I think.
  3. Artie

    almost a finger

    Glad no harm done, I’m about to post a mistake I made today on one of my threads. I’m always glad to learn the lesson without having to experience the penalty.
  4. Artie

    Scorp Enlightenment

    Just like chicken!
  5. Artie


    Some comments deserve more than just a single smiley face LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!
  6. Artie


    OK, after doing some online reading it appears that staining the manger is/will be, more difficult than I foresaw. Apparently Baltic Birch doesn’t do well with stains? You gotta use a dye, and mix it with water or alcohol? I have a gas burner in my basement, can I safely mix and use denatured alcohol ? The mangers grandpa made were all stained, kinda dark, I’m trying to match it in looks. Any thoughts/advice/ suggestions/ or feed back is/are welcome. Thank you, Artie
  7. Artie


    Felix Unger was the clean freak room mate in The Odd Couple, A television show in the 70’s, maybe late 60’s. Sheldon Cooper is a genius neat freak on the television show Big Bang Theory.
  8. Artie

    Scorp Enlightenment

    To my uninformed/unenlightened mind, I thought it was some form of a medieval torture device. ( Yeah I got no idea where these thoughts come from )
  9. Artie

    What next?

    Ron, I kinda get like that sometimes, I refer to it as “getting my Irish up” In my younger days it was sometimes not on positive endeavors, but I have aged since then (I almost said matured, but that would make my wife laugh out loud ). It looks beautiful, and flawless to me.
  10. Artie


    In my defense for the cleanliness of the “shop”, I’m sure the married, or were married, woodworkers will understand, my WIFE walks through the “shop” to get to the washer/dryer/storage area. Nuff said? The main lesson I learned was that trying to proceed with minor mistakes, leads to them multiplying the lack of quality, further down the road. The manger will be solid (unless there is more to screwing and gluing than I’m aware of), it will be recognizable for what it is, I can say that it was primitive construction for a representative of a 2000 year old structure. It was fun, and I did learn from it. I didn’t expect to be good right from the get-go, just hoping to get there some day. I do EXPECT to be better on the second one, and hopefully the mistakes are new ones, because I hate repeating my mistakes (kinda a sign of a learning disability LOL). On the clean shop thing, I am kinda wired to try to be somewhat organized, but am definitely not a Felix Unger/ Sheldon Cooper type. (Hopefully everyone will get the reference to at least one of the names). I still spend way too much time looking for my glasses/pencil/rule/etc that I just had. I’m sure no-one else suffers from this LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and your family. I know no words that ease the pain, but wish I did. God bless you, and your family.
  12. My wife prefers Joann’s, the straw is in a box, under the dresser, in the basement. I think the shipping was more than the straw. We bought enough to replace our straw also (our straw is probably original to 1967).
  13. Harry, they look great, and that’s a very good thing you’re doing!
  14. Artie


    That’s a great idea! My grandfathers’ has Boston Stove Foundry stamped on the bottom. That’s where he worked, so I think I can guess where he got the lumber from them LOL.
  15. Artie


    I managed to find enough spare time to finish the construction of the manger (Well when the glue dries). Now I get to learn how to finish it. There probably won’t be any close ups of it, I made far too many mistakes. The good news is I did learn from most of them. My son and his fiancée are also interested in one, so I’m gonna try to jump right in on it, and see if I can get it done for Christmas. I wanted it built to fine furniture standards, but wound up settling for 8’th grade shop class. It is good enough for what it was made for, and it is also stronger than my Grandfather’s one, I would stand on it with no worries about it falling apart on me, but I would grade it at a C-. So since we like pictures I’m gonna post some. Most are just what the shop looked like 10 minutes ago, one will be the two mangers side by side. The one I built isn’t that much larger than my Grandfathers’, it’s just closer to the camera, so I could clamp it.
  16. Actually just glued the last piece for my brother’s manger. Now I just gotta get it ready for finishing (when the glue dries).
  17. Artie

    Thought You've Seen It All?

    Is this post the answer to “How do you keep a bunch of woodworkers in suspense” ?
  18. Artie

    Shoulda tied it down

    And it’s not even a good grade of plywood that the Honda driver gets to keep.
  19. Artie

    bad day

    You know Al, I could use going up to your place as a good excuse to also go to the beach with ny metal detector.
  20. Artie

    bad day

    Al, I’m local, please let me know if there’s ANYTHING I can do to help. Seriously!
  21. Artie

    box birch

    I like it Al! Nice design.
  22. Artie

    Wife in Hospital

    In our hearts and prayers, please keep us posted.
  23. Artie

    Heading to Kentucky FINALLY!!!

    Enjoy the trip!
  24. Artie

    Simple Lock Box?

    Yeah, what he said! I would consider myself quite talented if I could just make one, of those many parts.

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