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  1. It’s always funny till someone gets hurt, then it’s hilarious. Okay we don’t really mean that (much).
  2. My Grandparents (Mom’s side) lived on Plum Island, in Ma, My grandfather was a stubborn Irish (may be a redundancy there ) contrarian (stick woulda loved him) American. In the late 50’s he built an oak boat. At the time a boat 12 feet and longer had to be registered. He built the boat 11 feet 11 inches, and kept a tape measure on the boat. When he would get stopped for no registration, he would politely allow them to board his boat, he’d give them the tape measure and tell them to measure the boat. After they proved that the boat was under the mandatory registered length requirement, he would order them to get the %^$# off HIS boat. I loved that man! This would be the Grandpa that built the mangers I was trying to recreate.
  3. I believe this to be a true story, George wasn’t known for stretching the truth. Back around 1984 I was a letter carrier for the USPS. George was a 20-something veteran of the USPS. He had the only driving route in town (yes, he WAS the senior letter carrier). Comes back to the PO one day and tell us he opened the door to the mailbox and there was a garter snake in the box. We asked him what his reaction was, and he said he grabbed it and threw it onto the lawn (remember the Jeep vehicles they had back then were right hand drive). I have this vision of two kids watching from the house, and going “ Oh %#$^&& “ when George didn’t react the way they thought he would. I woulda crapped my draws. (See, this also ties into the thread a couple months ago, about draws)
  4. My apologies, I coulda sworn it was you. That means I owe a bigger apology to whoever it was here that DID suggest it not me, and I gave you the credit I have found the red a lot easier for my eyes to see.
  5. Artie

    New Page View

    Hey look! I’m reading this, I figgered it out
  6. Congrats on another orbit around the sun! (I figgered you were getting tired of reading happy birthday).
  7. I bet you’d be churning out works of Gene, in no time.
  8. I shoot for the humor, and perspective, I got no experience, or wisdom, or intellect, or...
  9. When’s the CNC arriving? LOLOL I would think there is a lot of similarities in the programming. Looks awesome sir.
  10. I still visit, I haven’t heard about a fee, but I usually donate $25 a year. I like it, and Router Forums, and Shopsmith forums, and bestess, HERE!
  11. Methinks you’re teaching him more than woodworking!
  12. Very nice! I like how your mind works.
  13. Hi Steve, and welcome. I also got my invite from Gene to come here (not sure the guys here have forgiven him for that, yet LOL). I’m a newbie to WW’ing, and the people here have been very helpful, and supportive. Welcome.

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