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  1. Artie

    Free for All Forum Changes

    Not my area of expertise, more than willing to let the powers that be handle it. I will probably be a Johnny-late-to-the-party in understanding the changes, but I suspect I’ll manage.
  2. Artie

    What, Me Worry?

    Happy B-Day!
  3. Artie

    I Know All Y'all Will Like This!

    When I was in the USAFR, A friend gave me a book on the B-17. Each plane had a crew of 10, and the planes were not pressurized, so you had to wear an oxygen mask. One of the crew, had the flu, went to sick bay. They wouldn’t let him fly because he would not have been able to wear the mask. 30 planes took off, not one returned, 299 died. The guy in sick bay, basically went insane. He wouldn’t leave the barracks. He kept waiting for his friends to return. Horrific losses there. I am proud that I joined the USAFR, but I have no problems admitting that it doesn’t bother me one bit, that there was no actions going on while I was in. I salute all who answered the bell, and served.
  4. Artie

    I Know All Y'all Will Like This!

    When they were restoring FIFI , they sent me a request for a donation, and being rather flush at the moment, I sent them $100. That got me my name in the book they keep on the plane, a hat, and about a bazillion requests for donations since that day. Your photo’s of FIFI make me happy that I did. Couple of years ago I went to an airshow at Brunswick airport (Used to be Brunswick Naval Airstation) in Maine, got to see a Japanese Zero, and a Mustang fly together. I’m not sure how many more generations are gonna be able to see the old birds fly. From some of the history books I’ve read, the shortest life span of any US service member was of the B-17 crews, flying out of England.
  5. Artie

    Ouch, Table Saw Hit

    As one still learning the basics, I appreciate the warning. I’m happy that you weren’t hurt significantly. Thank you.
  6. Artie

    Steve Krumanaker Did It.

    Happy B-Day!
  7. Artie

    Allen Worsham It's Your Day

    Happy B-Day!
  8. Artie

    Good Night for Me.

    Kudos, Kudos, Kudos!
  9. Artie

    Which Joint Is It Really.

    Makes it easier to sell me jigs LOL.
  10. Artie

    Paul Sellers New Web Site

    I be a beginner, Thanks
  11. Artie

    Which Joint Is It Really.

    I’m surprised no one has already noted the following, “ A square and a rectangle, both have 4-90 degree corners. A square is also a rectangle, but a rectangle is not necessarily a square” Can’t a box joint be a finger joint, but a finger joint not necessarily a box joint? Or vice versa? Just trying to keep the conversation going
  12. Artie

    Token Box

    Very nice! And way to go for your friend.
  13. Artie

    John Moody's Mother

    There are no words, hoping and praying the Lord sends you and your family some comfort.
  14. Artie

    Another Anniversary

    Congratualtions!!! I am only 58 years old, so I can’t wrap my mind around the magnitude of that, but I’m betting you gotta be some pretty good people for that to be possible. Kudos!
  15. Artie

    Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

    Common sense, engineering, sense of society over sense of self, it can exist!

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