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  1. Plan for 2018 is to run sub panel and electrical out to the shop instead of an extension cord. I know not totally safe but it's what I have and I make sure not to overload it.
  2. Ksvet06

    For My Son

    Really like that saying and a few others. Next is a scroll saw lol
  3. Ksvet06


    Welcome larry!
  4. Ksvet06

    Sharpening question

    I know there are 2 different type of bench grinders. High speed and low speed. Plus jigs to get the correct angles. Are you able to sharpen on a high speed bench grinder too?
  5. Ksvet06

    Pig feeder plans

    Lew, yes the self feeding. Out of wood and I'll paint to help weatherization of it. Thank you for the tip on pintress didn't think of that site lol.
  6. Ksvet06

    Pig feeder plans

    Thanks mr. Sticks. 0 results. I'll do more research and post one up if I find a good plan.
  7. Ksvet06

    Pig feeder plans

    Good evening group. I'm curious if anyone has built or has plans for a pig feeder. Thanks
  8. Ksvet06

    VA Loans (Expensive)

    I understand this is an older post. With the v.a. housing. The fees can be waived I believe if your a certain percentage of service connection disability. Please dont quote me. But the realtor and bank said something to that effect to me.
  9. Ksvet06


    Hello turners, Is there a way to search the topics here to see if something has been posted before?
  10. Ksvet06

    Hello everyone.

    Wichman3, Your correct it did come with that pulley system. Mine did not come with it. Only a single pulley. It's one of a few problems I have to fix on the lathe. I would like to just buy a different one but am not currently able to do so. Thank you for your service too.
  11. Ksvet06

    Hello everyone.

    Evening stick. It's a harbor frieght lathe 34706. The person that I got it from took old pully off and put a single pully on so it's one speed. Need to get that working for adjustable speed. One one chuck it has a point and 4 grips to hold wood. No face plate. Looking at getting a nova chuck when I can with a 1 x 8 tpi adapter. The stand needs fixed or I might mount it to a bench instead.
  12. Ksvet06

    Hello everyone.

    Hello group my name is zach and I have dabbled in woodworking since high school. After some injuries and issues from service overseas in the army. My doctor and I were talking about hobbies. So I came back to woodworking. I have a kind run down lathe that works but needs fixed lol and a lot of power tools. So I am currently trying to start fresh and build from there with knowledge and try to have a relaxing escape from my normal day rough time.
  13. Ksvet06

    Welcome to TPW's Member #2000

    Thank you for the warm welcome! I will post soon in the new member section. Exhausted from work lol.

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