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  1. Hi guys seen a few posts about slate stones for final polishing. Dies anyone use them, are they any good and is there a decent one in the UK?
  2. eazygeezer

    Diamond plates

    So I bought 2 stones dmt fine 600 and e fine 1200 grit. I would really like a 3rd stone for polishing but I think I can wait until the right one comes along. Also I re ground all my chisels to 25 degrees and not 30. It's made a huge difference on chop cuts and paring!! I'm currently using some msg with leather and paste
  3. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    Here's my other new bits, treated myself for birthday Spot the new stuff lol
  4. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    Thanks for all the well wishes i already started treating myself. Bought a triton thicknesser yesterday. Ran some test strips through it from old pallet wood and it came out like glass, gonna be a real time saver for prep!!!
  5. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    The big 50 for me, kinda makes me feel old
  6. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    So my vice is fitted now My birthday in 2 weeks and my dear old mum is buying me a gyokucho saw!! I'm also gonna treat myself to a veritas dovetail saw. Also been looking at a vintage plough plane, I think then I'll be fully kitted out for the jobs i have in mind. Of course I may well buy some other bits in future
  7. eazygeezer

    Diamond plates

    Yeah sound advice, I may skip the 250, I can use my belt sander for coarse if I need a total reshape I guess. I think the eef was 8000 grit but it had average reviews and was 100 quid!. i have some leather so gonna make my own strop I think
  8. eazygeezer

    Diamond plates

    I was planning for a coarse 250 grit, fine 600 grit and extra fine roughly 60quid each. I'm running out of sandpaper and the oil stone I have is already hollowed despite trying to use the full stone. I've shopped around on Amazon, ebay, axminster and other UK stockists and the cheapest I can find is ebay. I can't do a great deal about the cost, it was more about whether they were any good!! Sound advice as usual many thanks for your input!
  9. Hi so I'm looking at buying 3 sharpening plates, I'm considering dmt stones, they are around 65 each. Any of you guys use them? What would you recommend?
  10. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    Fitted the vice today and tried out all my new cool stuff! Practiced a couple of dovetails and they took only 30 mins each Got the sample box completed. Now I need some nice wood for the real thing!! Anyone got pointers for cheap hardwood in Kent, UK?
  11. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    Got a couple of leaks in the roof I need to seal
  12. eazygeezer

    my new Xmas tools

    Also got a new bench vice, which I will hopefully fit in the next couple of days.
  13. Here are my new tools that people kindly got me for Xmas I also have a veritas dual marking gauge just haven't taken a pic yet!!
  14. eazygeezer

    vintage tools!

    I do have a poor man's shoulder plane, not quite finished yet though. I'll probably treat myself to a 93. Yeah my fave crisps :). My chisels were quite cheap stanley ones but the hold a nice sharp edge! I'll do a bit more research for vintage chisels and maybe get some in the new year
  15. eazygeezer

    handcut dovetails

    So I attempted a half lapped dovetail, didn't follow any set process and it was rubbish. Had a little watch of Paul sellers method and this was attempt 2, I must sat I'm pretty happy with this considering the wood was not fully tried and it was scrap wood. Really happy with the lapped pins

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