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  1. Danman1957

    LIve from Alaska, new CNC er.

    Welcome Scott, I have seen your work on another forum and absolutely enjoy every piece you create. Cheers, Dan
  2. Danman1957


    Welcome Larry, great amounts of knowledge can be found amongst these fellows.
  3. Danman1957

    Hey Woodies!

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Danman1957


  5. Danman1957


    Thanks Stick.
  6. Danman1957


    I am a big guy, and I really don't eat many donuts, maybe 6 per year. I do like the middle of them called TimBits, but again not often. I am on a list for a Bariatric surgery to hopefully loose 150 lbs. I am somewhere near the 350 mark now. So I can also see donuts and not have any or maybe one. It's the Italian food and Chinese food that are my Nemesis.
  7. Danman1957


    Welcome Terry, I think some of these guys must be retired cops, with all the talk about donuts. I just joined and I think it's like an initiation thing. All in good fun.
  8. Danman1957


    There are some Tim Hortons in the USA but I'm not sure where. I can vouch for the quality, when we had Dunkin Donuts at every corner the quality was mediocre at best. Tim Hortons took this to a whole new level and I can honestly saw I enjoy everything I have had from them, but like any other large chain, the service can differ greatly from one location to another. Management is what makes the difference.
  9. Danman1957


    Thanks Larry, The last time I was in Ohio was 37 yrs ago, I worked for NCR and was attending a training course in Dayton for 3 weeks. I remember being looked at like I was from a different planet when I asked for fries with my KFC, LOL As for donuts, I might send a certificate to Stick for inviting me to join. I will have to find the nearest Duncan Donut in Vermont or New York state for there are no more in the Montreal area.
  10. Danman1957


    I have never seen this beer in Canada. Maybe it's for the US only. My favorites are Labatt's Blue or Heineken
  11. Danman1957


    It' s been called Molson X (for export ) for as long as I've known about beer here in the Montreal region. It is still a top brand. The only other Molson label I know is Molson Canadian, also a top seller. The last few years we have been seing more and more American brands that are licenced to local breweries such as Molson and Labatt. These include Bud, Coors and a few others. They do have a higher alcohol content than the US versions.
  12. Danman1957


    Molson Golden ??? we have Molson Export, but have not seen Golden.
  13. Danman1957


    Apple season in my region, apple pie à la mode
  14. Danman1957


    are you a former police officer ? LOL

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