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  1. I've just added a mortise and tenon calculator to blocklayer.com some of you may find useful. It's pretty basic, but might help in visualizing the layout of the joint, with scaled (and full scale) animated diagrams. You can select between a single centred tenon, 2 tenons horizontally and 2 tenons vertically, and set tenon thickness, shoulder width etc, with sliders to animate the diagrams and see the results with possible tenon and mortise spacing. Please let me know if it needs editing, additions or fixing in any way. It lives here: https://www.blocklayer.com/wo
  2. Thanks all. Not sure what this doughnut thing is all about, but I've managed to obtain a few to distribute amongst forum members. Get your doughnuts here But be quick, they may not last long.
  3. I've just added a Kerf Spacing Calculator to blocklayer.com, that some of you may find useful. It works out the geometric spacing of the cuts so when bent, the inside edges of the cuts join to create the curve. The depth of the cuts (and remaining wood thickness for the bend) can't be calculated (that I can work out anyway). That seems to be the art of it. Depends on the wood and the dimensions. Trial and error? But this will produce simple geometric diagrams, so you can see the wood and cuts both straight and bent, and drag sliders to animate angle, radius, cut width etc to see what cha
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