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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!


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  1. It will be on when I buy it..
  2. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/648917512680012
  3. I figure if he's got the software with it, it should be okay. Says he needs money. Odessa isn't a big town...
  4. Actually he wants $100
  5. It's for sale on Odessa marketplace for $125. I've got a Dell n5050 here at he house but got dropped and can't tell if it's got internal damage. I've been trying to use the vga and trying to bypass the laptop screen so I can see what's going on internally...
  6. I don't know much about laptops. My concern was not being able upgrade....I'm sitting at dialysis for 12 hours a week. I thought it would be good time used getting to know the program again...
  7. I'll try and check it out tomorrow.
  8. Will.the inspiron 15 run the program? Or can be upgraded ?
  9. Westley Snipes did a movie called Undisputed. It's how he uses his free time. I found it and building bridges tedious work. Give those guys credit....
  10. Your getting more done than I. I've had a HF freight for two years and it still sits in the way. Widdle away...
  11. After year of hanging , over here and over there, I had em all sharpened and put in a metal drawer. Safest place I could find for them....
  12. I'm just going to buy an older program off Ebay.
  13. I need to be able to print something like this in either 3/4 tall or 2". Put as many as I want on a sheet, etc...
  14. I never shopped for anything less than Senco. I worked with them in the shops for years before I had a shop. Easily picked up in pawn shops in those days for $50-$75. Last one I bought was a Senclamp for $35. I've had trouble buying a newer back gun. But no need now. Considering the cost of one Festool Domino. It would pay for all my nail and staple guns.
  15. Thee cheap brand tools. Reason I always stuck with older Senco brand. Have one Bostic h and when it stopped iI threw it to the side.
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