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  1. It last twice as long, so I think I save on the sharpening...if you don't use it a lot it might last you a lifetime and never sharpen it. When someone says it's not worth it, this could be at argued with every tool and accessory purchased. One has to decide what's important. To a young man a few dollars spent now, can save a few dollars later... what's in your wallet?
  2. Have Freud will buy AMANA next....they just don't last like Amana...
  3. I just use the roller it will last over and over without clean up. Just gets bigger and harder to lose...
  4. Its a problem. You glue kitchen cabinet doors and frames everyday for 30 years you'll get picky about glue bottles, the glue and the screw tips you use...Work smarter, not harder....
  5. These jobs came out in magazines years ago from Cabinet Maker Magazine. I'll have to find the dates. These are jobs from years past to show the variation of pricing across the country...Average always the best... you can decide....
  6. Customers always right when there paying...Now when they don't pay and you've done as instructed they are something else.... Here was a part of a reface where they wanted the cabinets, fireplace and trim pickled oak...Customers always right....
  7. Well I bought one online from grizzly for $16.85 shipped. Looks tge same so I guess I'll find out with that slow shipping....
  8. Now I am looking for some surgical hand held pin nails maybe 3/4. If you see or hear a Link let me know....
  9. I took somebody's advice from years ago. I'll sort the expensive screws out and trash the rest. There's a hardware store down the street organized and stocked when I need them...
  10. The designer I I'm working with has a huge selection of metal work boxes with tape on every drawer. I stand back and gaze and think about the time waste looking and reading the to find out which drawer has what and which one has over flowed and now is in the wrong drawer. Much simpler when it in the open in front of you. I can't take away credit from each of you that have a nice setup but I found over time I just want to reach and grab the things I want. Most of my stuff is either buried under stuff or behind something in those 24" shelves.... Darn.... where's my easy button...
  11. Good blades cost money. I just found a brand I could trust and just shop there. Usually you don't have to ask for advice as the manufacturers state what blade does what. A little reading and understanding goes a long way... If they offer a catalog like Amana, it specifies what does what for what..
  12. Ok...thx for the info...
  13. For sale on craigslist. Works good.. should I look at it?
  14. I've used many. As my hands grow old I look for the bottle with the largest radius so I dont have to work so hard to squeeze it..
  15. You have to get two sided MDF in 1/4 to get the best fit.thrse days even its getting thinner. A lot of outfits going to the 3/16 cutters ...for that foreign crap..
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