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  1. I'll leave the subject alone and continue on. I can't compare print on paper to hands on training...
  2. You'll find if you get into pre-cats they have a variety of flat to gloss. Hard to go wrong...
  3. I spray with a spray gun from Harbor Freight. I spray polyurethane and cat-lacquers...I don't get over technical and it works great.
  4. It's still a usable tool, yet there are better options available today...I still use one but I'm still a dowel guy..... I remember when Norm praised it, then rejected it confusing hobby woodworkers across the land...
  5. Sounds like its a forgotten joint. Very few things in woodworking interest me, but this one does.
  6. Thanks... I took a sudden interest in the drawer joint. I thought maybe they made one for the omnijig but didnt see anything....
  7. Is Woodworkers supply the only one offering a jig for these joints? Jig options?
  8. Curiois oncethere turning black are they ok to pick or must they be completely black. Curious if they will finish ripening after picked?
  9. Have three at the park. Ive been trying to call to see if I can take a ladder to pick them
  10. Walking at the park there are three tall trees producing berries. Is this a m.j mulberry tree
  11. It's kinda scary. A lot of work has been done that looks good, yet a few years later it's in the trash. Hopefully it lasts forever.... When I worked at Jakobe Furniture the painters name was Jason. He couldn't build it but he understood wood movement. If I made a live edge and he wasn't 100% satisfied with stability he would reject it. When you have a good finisher working beside you quality is at its best...
  12. I find that most of the people in my neighborhood who have second story decks sit on there front porches and grill on the front of the house and those of us who have decks close to the ground or patios tend to use them daily and prefer to be on the back of the house. I want add a firepit about 10' from the stairs. My wife says that's too close. I told her if it's any further I won't use it. I want to walk from the deck stray to the pit...
  13. Finished the stairs, Hardwired the deck for 2 fans and put a few more shrubs in. I'm beat ,but the fans are cool.
  14. Looking good...I can dowel all day. It just takes practice.... Dont worry .... there are those with the that $1000 domino that get pretty pretty frustrated as well....
  15. Usling the old stringer. Lil here, lil there. Save a buck....
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