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  1. I'm gonna give the charder a try today. Looking at batteries NAPA seems to have the best deal. 12 month ,36 month pro rate
  2. Trying to figure out how I want mount everything to the transom . Direct or make a panel and mount it. Enclose it? Lock it up? Just got the tablesaw back up and now I wanna put the boat in..
  3. I know I keep calling it a trickle charger, sorry...
  4. Picked up a trickle charger today. Looking for a wiring diagram online. Looking for a switch panel. Seen some at Basspro, looking for better ones..
  5. The Dewalt 625 had trouble with the speed controllers. Use to be a $35 problem , not it's a $75 problem. Not sure if the newer ones are better.
  6. Maybe 2 $79 batteries form sams club and one real good dc battery for from trolling motor. Something with a 105 reserve. Getting a 3 bank charger from Basspro. On sale 20% off. Trying to find a easy to law out wiring diagram for 2-3 batteries. I think I can use the 6 guage wire alepready on the boat for tge front trolling motor. Spring turning the corner. Trying to get ready..
  7. Stripped carpet, seats, wiring, etc off the boat. I'll pick up a trickle charger, bilge pump this week. Looking at batteries. Carpet is a yes/no right now..
  8. After 15 years I'm looking at making a scrollsaw stand.
  9. Look very nice. I can't see that close anymore...
  10. Forrest isn't any better than any other high end blade companies. Major companies are all using CNC's to sharpen there blades these days. My saw sharpener doesn't use a CNC but they cut great. But the other sharper in KC does. I'm sure his work it top notch...
  11. A blade can be sharpened many times. All there doing is putting a sharp edge back on. I won't use a mail sharpening service. There are too many quality sharpeners right here in KC. These days a lot have moved up to CNC sharpening which puts no by ahead of the game. Some sharpeners are still doing chainsaws knives, skill saw blades, etc. There not quality sharpening for woodworking blades.
  12. BillyJack

    Sanding 101

    After a couple minutes into the video it would be bad teaching in the shop. We teach new woodworkers a different approach to sanding. We show them once or twice at the pace required. If they don't get it quick, there always Flippin burgers....
  13. Cleanup...... when a boat sits outside under a tree on a farm you can only imagine things that find away into the boat... Right now I'm debating on going for it and creating storage or cleaning it up and using it as is and giving myself a chance to see what I want after using it. Technically is a 1977 aluminum bass boat .....you have 360 degree seats... You can see the various levels I'm working with...
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