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  1. Routers was his specialty
  2. Each company flooded the market in there own way. PC- routers, nail guns, compressors, Dewalt-miter saws, sanders Milwaukee- miter saws Levels-crick levels Nail bags- occidental Craftsman- in the beginning craftsman, then dewalt,makita,etc
  3. When Pat Warne passed was the anybody out there doing similiar work....
  4. In the 90's Dewalt push hard. They had a Dewalt trucks in every neighborhood and representatives In HD everyday. Trim carpenters bought into this pretty quick. Milwaukee was a little behind but got in towards the end. There sanders were in every trim carpenters hands at that time, but not in the cabinet shops. Dewalt got pretty strong doing this followed by followed by Milwaukee. Ryobi dropped the ball and Ryobi went on the cheap. PC played the cabinet shop but when it came to nail guns they were beating out Senco because Senco nail guns took PC nails. Eventually trim carpenters were offered PC staple gun /compressor combo. Makita stayed into the construction side.... For many years I installed in the 90's . It was fun seeing Dewalt bend over backwards in those days yet deserve credit as they were there when trim carpenters needed the breaks as it got competitive.... So even though I prefer PC Dewalt has done a good job....
  5. Problem I'm having is the pc 332 and 333's are getting expensive even on Ebay. Those things could be found for $15 with good pads now everyone wants $30 plus...
  6. Ipe pretty expensive. It's become too expensive in the last 10 years... Paxton lumber in KC use to keep it in stock.. No longer...
  7. The glue ,the time... better to just buy another...
  8. Because I have the sapele already I will use it where you site and just use treated elsewhere. .... Your starting from scratch so you can pick the woods of choice. If you do use treated for ground contact you could buy it early and let it dry a bit before usage....
  9. Not me. My garage is the shop and when it's done it becomes garage again.
  10. Clemson knock to number 3. Interesting...
  11. Cabinet shops have used porter cable and Dewalts for years. Personally I use the PC 332 or 333. H&L or PSA dont matter. Know sandpaper does. Sander is only half the problem.. I'very got sandpaper that's $15 a 100 to $85 a box of 100....depend s o what I'm after on looks
  12. I got some Sapele I'll use on mine with treated bottoms. There is always best to worst but the budget predicts the material but no matter what maitenance is the key... decides how long they will last..
  13. The problem wit plastic ones is they get stepped on the shop and break and I'm too cheap to buy a metal one... Dust pan with a handle by your dauhter in the 7th grade..priceless..
  14. Kind of like the old Lion trimmers but for straight cuts? As far as the paper trimmer I was given one but a retiring school teacher. Great for veneers or anything you could think of...sharp too..
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