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  1. I use to run ECABINETS but my computer is out of date. I'm not a computer person and have lost touch with today's options. If your familiar with E cabinets is there a suggestion for a laptop I could carry with me. Not looking for expensive, just something that will run the program...thx...
  2. Here was a photo out of a pm my daughter sent my wife on photo paper...surprised how well the $20 ink off Amazon worked.
  3. Turned out nice
  4. good fast work. i have a drawer full of electrical and plumbing. hate that drawer as its always full...
  5. I will need help with the copyright. Also how do you delete an album? Actually it would not bother me at this time if Patriot Woodworker watermarked these photos...Maybe when i upload photos on other forums it leaves crumbs on their source...
  6. Laminate looks good, no dought. Its nice on router tables, drill presses and it's a favorite when trying to make a shop home. So dont get me wrong , I've used it. Now adays I'm poor and have to be very strategic on how I use my laminates and veneers. Some have been hidden so long there probably transparent by now......
  7. I had the PB on the work bench about 15 years. I re pl laced it with the hickory top because I got it for free, not because it was failing. I like how it creates a Rembrandt without work. Every wood top tells a story....
  8. Well i tried some refill inks from Amazon.Black started right up. Cian was second. Yellow took a little cleaning and blue failed. I maxed all the cartridges out and blue still failed. I waited two weeks and blue is working perfectly now. i had nothing to lose but i came out on top on this one. $20 worth of ink manual refills has worked great...
  9. You don't have another 15 cabinet shop guys drilling, chiseling, or hammering on your tables... Remember its abuse x 15
  10. too much drilling into the table or laminate breaking on the edges caused too many problems over the years..we used laminated tops for commercial cabinetry and they were fine. building furniture pieces on my personal bench, no and ill pass...
  11. I won't use laminate for a work surface. I've seen it used before . Too many hours means too many problems... I'll pass
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