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  1. After kicking many ideals around I grabbed a wrench cut it close enough for adjustment and it worked.... OH!!! I was so happy I almost filled my pants....
  2. Talked to the guy today. The part time is what he really wants. He will pay in cash... Up in the city today. Couldnt help myself I bought a used Milwaukee router in A-1 shape for $70.. Like I needed another one.. Giy here in KC selling a Makita 2030 for $200. Works good. Pacing the floors on this one....
  3. The guy called tonight and left me a message to start tomorrow.I have to do finger printing for foster care tomorrow and I won't work for anyone without #1 a look at the shop#2 pay #3 an agreement on hours...
  4. Not to confuse you Woodbutcherbynight that's exotic lumber not exotic women...
  5. I'm thinking $1220 a month and rest I tooling and lumber,sheet goods,and exotics....
  6. I can't work full time but talk to a shop here in town hiring. They need a lead person but I can't work full time and I'm only allowed $1220 a month. I explained the situation with dialysis and explained he limited income. What can I do? I thought about working for $1220 a month in check and he buys me large tools as the savings grow... This is tough ... 2 minutes from the house and $45 k.... Suggestions....
  7. Looks like you figured it out. Was at my licquor cabinet this morning. Cleaning and putting things up. No fun putting bottles up, rather take them out..... So your working on a liquor cabinet or just working on pulling bottles out?
  8. They seem to be out of everyone's range. I continue to get texts on prices but there not even half way there. Been making a lot of racks. Guess I'll have to make one more...
  9. Remember at one time I has a cabinet business...My computer is now out of date but have used Cabinet Vision and Ecabinets..These are the only ones i can see without a updated computer...
  10. I'm not a fan of the small cabinet on the right of the stove or the small stacks. I only make suggestions when I feel there asking for help.
  11. #1 It's his his brothers bosses house.. #2I have worked with the guy at two different companies and both brothers know me and my work.#3 the home owner has been deciding the layout. I'm a 3rd party.... I'm not selling anything. I'm sticky a hired builder
  12. Shop,fishing and poker are my vacation getaways . Anyone of these will completely eleminate stress for me. Woodworking comes easy but here lately I tend to be lazy.. lot of movement in my subdivision during the summer with yard sales. I may test the waters here at home and see if the crafts draw anybody. Just have to find some things to build....
  13. I know these seem like craft projects from the 80's but I always enjoyed making this stuff. Back in the day 1x12 yellow pine was 50 cents a foot and being raised in Alabama antiques and crafts just go together.. Back then every inch was uusable some how... Bigger projects coming, more shop cleaning and hopefully more interest...thx
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