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  1. We've had several PC7518's good, durable, powerful. Have one mounted in a home made router table with an Incra lift plate. The Incra is made by Jessem and very similar to the one they sell under their own name. The Incra throat plates are steel, held in magnetically. Work well. I machined a cast iron shaper top to hold the Incra. If you are going to use a table router setup a lot, the Jessem/Incras would be worth their price. Our bench routers are mostly Bosch 1617's. Used to use some of the PC690s but had problems with the motor clamps. My personal "hobby" router is a Makita RF1100 set. I ha
  2. Larry B, Interesting that they made a different tail stock for the school machine. Was the standard tailstock too weak for the abuse in schools?
  3. Not even close! Sometimes I get lucky and something works. I'm considering making a knock off of a Stanley router plane next. Model 71 1/2+-. Actually closer to the Veritas Router Plane which is a much better design. I can't cast iron so it will be machined from a steel block. Anyone have suggestions for how to improve/simplify the design?
  4. Larry B, There is no model # on it. Serial # tag is 121-6167. It was given to me in the early '70s, in pieces. No tail stock or tool rest. The spindle taper was damaged, had been spun. Spindle bearings were locked up. Step pulley was missing set screws and had been spun on shaft. Had glue all over it. I have an employee that likes to turn. His lathe is a total, flimsy, cheapy. I have the leg set and original motor & wooden shelf. I told him he could have it and I'd try to make a tail stock. Making the tail stock pushed the limits of my metal working. There were a lot of setups to do. I mad
  5. I've been making a tail stock for an old Delta lathe. 1950's? I cast the body using a junk alloy wheel from a Mazda. Bought a piece of 3/4" acme threaded rod and a 1 3/4" piece of steel rod. The rest was from various pieces of scrap. Took me way longer than it should have but it turned out to work quite well. I did it mainly to see if I could. I'm a wood worker not a machinist. In retirement I decided to try metal working. Bought a mill & lathe. I still need to do some cosmetic clean up. Now I need to find a tool rest for it.
  6. I went to the Machinist Web site and tried to sign up. Tried several times and it kept rejecting my answer to the question what is the name of the lathe that starts with s and ends in bend, use all small letters. I must be really stupid, I filled in "south bend." got rejected. What's the trick?
  7. I sold my business and have these machines to sell. Located in Lincoln, NE. I can load them for you or put them on a pallet for shipping. E-mail me if you want photos. lks@neb.rr.com Gomad 23 spindles @ 32mm o.c. Horizontal/vertical boring machine,3 phase, heavy. Chang Iron sliding table shaper, Model CMO-3AL, 20A 220V single phase. $300. Woodtek, HS7, Heavy Tilt shaper, 1 1/4" spindle, 220V single phase, Taiwan $550 Midwest Automation Contour Edge bander, Model CM1000,Serial # 0199-0112, 230V 3/60, 14A, 31.5x43.25 table. $1,000
  8. The Precision Mathews line also has both Chinese and Taiwan machines. They say when it is Taiwan made. My Jet mill was made in Taiwan, a long time ago!
  9. Every time I cheap out, I regret it! Maybe you are luckier than me?
  10. I long ran a production shop. Makita tools were top notch for that use. DeWalt tools were a long way behind. Lamello was the top biscuit joiner, none of the rest were in the same league. Omga has been outstanding as our miter saw of choice. All that said, if price is your gage, none of these are in the running. As a home gamer you don't need durability in the same way as tools that get used all day every day. And more to the point if you are happy with what you've got, you are lucky.
  11. I went from full time woodworking to retired metal working. You can do a lot with that machine. If you make a milling attachment for it, many more projects can be done. OR go whole hog and get a small milling machine. An excellent video series is "Thatlazymachinist" & "Mr. Pete" That lathe should never have the spindle run in reverse because the chuck is threaded on (I think??) You can even make that lathe do metric threads buy changing some gears, information on line. CAUTION..it can be addictive! Being able to make all sorts of "special tools" knobs, hardware, repair parts, the lis
  12. https://www.vonindustrial.com/ This guy has many patterns available & can make anything you want. He's a one man show. See Keith Rucker's video:
  13. I tried peg bd. but had the same problem with hooks falling out. Put some silicone caulk on some. Maybe if I'd seen the locking clips.... I keep the items I constantly use close at hand on dedicated storage on the wall or tool. All others go in mechanics roll around cabinets & chests. Drawers labeled with generic item "measuring," "sharpening," etc. using sharpies. If I change something I can just wipe the sharpie off with some solvent. Files are in wooden slots, treasured tools in dedicated divided spaces. I need to get another roll around cabinet & chest.
  14. I've got a SS that my dad bought. I'd guess it is about a 1949 model. Hasn't been used in years.
  15. John. Though many CNCs share components, I didn't notice the same practice of "change the paint and call it another brand" like on so much of the basic woodworking equipment. There were more Chinese banders than before. Most all claiming to be designed someplace else. The MDF was cut on our beam saw. Part of the reason miles of cut line can be done with a blade is using optimal feed speeds, a very ridged carriage and of course quality blades. It doesn't pay to use consumer level tooling. Gramps, Marta is a great way to travel. I've been using it for 20 years. The 5 points st
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