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  1. What brand scrollsaw do you use?

    That's what I thought. those are supposed top of the line. I use a Craftsman and I'm lousy at it.
  2. Awesome Saw Blade

    Me either. I have used an off brand (Trend) for many years. They did a good job and lasted forever but not the quality of this Freud, So for me this is going from a Chevy to a Rolls Royce.
  3. Awesome Saw Blade

    I did ask and I thank you very much. Always open to learning something new.
  4. Awesome Saw Blade

    Gene, Just curious why is that?
  5. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Reminds me of this
  6. What's On Your Work Bench?

    Artie nice shop, I like those stools with the bottle cap seats.
  7. Got this for Christmas. It is Awesome! Very smooth cuts both cross and rip. It is a full 1/8" kerf so I have to slow my feed rate a bit but it is the best blade I have ever used. Highly recommend it !
  8. From My Shop to Yours

    All, have a blessed and merry Christmas. DAB, your post says it all.
  9. Harder then you think QUIZ for "older" folks

    I got em all. Red Skelton was my favorite too.
  10. Moaners, Groaners and other dribble... V.2

    In case you're wondering about the picture, this was at a motel in West Va. They got the pool markings in but either ran out of money or forgot the pool. Diving in THAT pool would be painful.
  11. Cherry Finish

    All, I'm getting ready to finish the flag case mentioned in this thread. I have never worked with BLO before and I understand it has a bad habit of spontainious (sp) combustion on the rag used to apply it. Any advice on how not to burn my shop down? How do you who have used it, dispose of the rag and anything else that might combust?
  12. Where are all the good drill bits?

    I really like these https://www.montanabrandtools.com/collections/x29-bradpoint-drill-bits
  13. Cherry Finish

    Man, There is some really beautiful work on this thread. Hat, that table and chairs is beautiful. Really like the inlaid leaves. Some nice work on the cabinets too. Fred thanks for the heads up on not finishing the inside. Thanks to all of you for the advice.
  14. Cherry Finish

    Thanks. That's what I will do. I will post a picture when done

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