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  1. skiler

    A new (to me) resource

    Gene, thanks, gonna check it out
  2. skiler

    From One Hoosier to Another...Happy Birthday

    Now THAT'S a cake. Drooling all over my keyboard...
  3. skiler

    From One Hoosier to Another...Happy Birthday

    Thank you all very much!!
  4. skiler


  5. skiler

    Token Box

    Thanks to all for your comments. The box has its flaws but I didn't take a picture of those.
  6. skiler

    Token Box

    A friend of mine is celebrating her 13th year in recovery. Made her a token box.
  7. skiler


    Well, this is how it came out. She loved it.
  8. Ron, I order them from Amazon. They get them from Rossi engraving. I recommend them. I always get what I specify in the order. I've been using them for about a year.
  9. Ron, as requested
  10. Finishing these
  11. skiler

    Someone Is Watching

    That is a hoot! If my wife saw that she would probably shoot it.
  12. skiler

    'Off 90'

    Beautiful boxes. You did well in front of the cameras. I'd be very nervous.
  13. skiler


    John sounds good to me. Matching that is the last thing I want to do. Maybe I can talk the lady out of matching it but for now that is her requirement.
  14. skiler


    Thanks to all! I have no idea how old it is but I do know that she bought it at a second hand store. I am making a flag case for her late husbands memorial flag. I am in agreement with you guys on pine. Thanks for your input. I will try the things listed here and see what I get. I didn't expect so many answers so fast. You guys are great!
  15. skiler


    Need help identifying this wood and finish. It looks like pine to me but could be really knotty cherry. The finish almost looks orange. I am trying to build something to match it and not sure how to go about it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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