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  1. The thunder did storm overnight. Rain persisted for a little more than 4 hours. 68° now at 9:57am with rain nearby that may or may not move over me. Mostly cloudy. 4D
  2. 6:19pm Booming thunder. Low rumble. Dark Skies. No rain falling yet, but my spidey senses are on high alert that the sky has something adventurous planned. "Light rain expected" my weather app suggests. 81° and it feels like 81°. Some rare alignment of humidity, winds, pressure must have happened to bring these numbers in agreement. I will sleep well tonight. 4D
  3. Hit 65° at about 9:00am this morning, Partly cloudy with a cool breeze so I took that opportunity to mow the lawn. Finished before the temp hit 70°. 10:49 now, 72° and mostly cloudy. High this afternoon should break into the 80s. 4D
  4. 75° and sunny at 15 before noon. Should peak in the mid 80s. As for the 100s when it gets that hot in KS riding my motorcycle is like riding through a blast furnace. The humidity levels usually add in to make the "feels like" number in the 120s.
  5. 82°, but apparently it feels like 90°. Claimed visibility of 9.9 miles but looking out my window the farthest I can see is my neighbors houses, maybe 100ft max. Evening low to bottom out in the 60s, then back to the low 80s tomorrow. Low chance for now of rain returning Sunday evening. Greater chance for Monday morn. Put the passenger side mud flap on my PU. Had to convince a couple holes they were in the wrong place and needed to move. These flaps should keep spray from my front tires off my door bottoms and the side steps. 4D
  6. 9:00pm , 68° after a high of 77°, and on the way down to a 6:00am low of 51° before heading back up tomorrow. If that doesn't seem right then I have another weather app that insists it has been 61° all day. I suspect someone got fired and hasn't been replaced to keep that info updated. Spent 1/2 hour putting one mud flap on my pickup. Only required 5 tools including one the instructions didn't mention to get it installed. Tomorrow I'll tackle the one on the passenger's side. The rears will require taking the wheels off to install so I may put that off for another year or so. No jack came with the truck. I lost my superman powers sometime in my 30s so no lifting up the truck with one hand while loosing the nuts with my other hand. 4D
  7. A couple thunderous booms woke me up early this morning. All clear now. 61° at 9:13am and only a few wispy clouds scattered among the blue. 76° is the expected high. No rain in the forecast until next Friday. 4D
  8. Sky has been rumbling and spilling water for the last hour or so. A relaxing composition of sounds IMO. Even the traffic passing by on the street beside my house is muted as their tires push the water on the street out of their way. No idea how much rain has fallen but my yard is far to happy and growing far too quickly. Green is an understatement for describing what my eyes mainly see looking out my front window. 56° right now. No real breeze to worry about. Rain falling straight down. Humidity is not surprisingly 100%. Wet. 4D
  9. 59 @ 8:49am. Cloudy with rain expected in an hour or two. 72 for the high today. I'd love to find a place to move where this was the normal temp range all year long. I believe I could stand that.
  10. 73° now at 7:39pm. Down from 77°. On the way to 54° for a nightly low before starting up again around 8:00am. Rain predicted to show up in the afternoon tomorrow and should keep the high in the low 70s. Grass may get a trim in the morning if no rabbets are chowing down on it then. They have to keep their ears perked up as a local fox like to visit my yard looking for breakfast. 4D
  11. 11:25am. 68° with a light breeze. Took the opportunity to finally install the bed rug in my 2019 Colorado. Velcro. More Velcro. More Velcro. Finally fitted and stuck in place with the cargo hooks poking out. Next time I get bored enough I'll take the PU to my local Home Depot and acquire a 25" x 8' chunk of birch butcherblock. Want to see if I can cut it up to make a Drafting table/work table version of my TV tray table geometry. Should be fine for a top and the stretchers. Not sure about the short sections and glued up pieces for legs. Have a feeling the 1.5" thick top might be too heavy to easily flip over to transition the table from drafting to work top positions. Only a prototype will prove/disprove my presumptions. 4D
  12. 6:00am, 52° with "haze". 77° for the peak today. My wall clock suggested I go back to bed when I got up to pee at 3:00am. I took that advice. 4D
  13. 60° right now. Never got much higher today. Rain has moved on but still cloudy and cool outside. Weather app wishfully predicts a rise of temps on Friday. Time will tell. Which makes me wish for a wall clock that can whisper the current time and witty sayings if it detects motion in the room between 10pm and 5am the next morning. What witty remark would your wall clock say if it caught you raiding the kitchen in the middle of the night, for example? 4D
  14. It has been raining since early this morn. Weather app calls it "light rain" though. I think they may be confused about what the solar storm did. I see no light in the rain. 60° degrees right now and not expected to reach 70° today, with rain off and on all day.
  15. So far no rain here, but there has been some around the area. Latest expectation is that we'll see it in an hour or so. 65° and cloudy at 9:30pm. Humidity at 89%. No winds to speak of so far. My lawn is also poking up unruly and begging for attention from my EGO mower. May be a day or two before that happens if the rain sticks around as my weather apps suggest it will. 4D
  16. 58° right now here in central KS. Rain predicted for late afternoon. High might make it to 78° before the rain comes and starts cooling it off. Winds up to 2mph they claim. I'm not sure I trust that as that sounds like walking speed. I can see the weatherman walking into work holding the airspeed indicator and reading it as he walks. 4D
  17. 72° @ 8:42pm, on the way down to 58° or so overnight. 40%ish chance of rain Sunday afternoon and a possible high of 77°. All quiet in the neighborhood this evening, Must be something keeping folks inside. For me it is a mysterious weather thread on a woodworking forum. Enough data with locations here I suspect we could create our own national weather map using it. 4D
  18. 68° already at 10:39am. Headed for 80°. Weather app claims it is "safe" outside, Not sure they know about the solar storm and how dangerous (or not) it is. Radiation that can change the color of the sky can't be that good for unsuspecting bare skin out in the open. That's my working theory until I hear otherwise. 4D
  19. Still 71° at 8:10pm. Should drop into the 40s overnight but climb to the low 80s tomorrow. Rain chances for Sunday have been increasing as that day gets closer. Sensing a slow warming trend but still expecting Kansas to throw some snow or maybe an ice storm before June hits. Already proved it can whip up a tornado or two to keep things exciting if it wants. Looking forward to what a solar storm might look like as apparently the sun is acting up. 4D
  20. If you ever get to where you can clamp boards vertically inside your CNC frame, and want to make dovetail joints let me know. I can help with that as I've done dozens for student projects over the years. Key is knowing the slope of the dovetail bit you are using, and what diameter it is at the base and at the depth that your cuts will be. 4D
  21. 59° @ 9:15am. Headed for 76° around 5:00pm. Humidity up a bit from yesterday. Lovely day it will be.
  22. Thanks. One thing I have enjoyed about making 4 variations of this design was the invention/discovery of new solutions encountered along the way. I've got 3 past furniture projects (all award winners, done when I was in college) that I used bolts into threaded inserts or cross dowels or cap nuts on. A folding lounge chair, a folding desk, and an unfolding side chair. While none are dynamic and articulate during use, the bolts do tend to unscrew just a bit every time they are folded up (or unfolded). The cherry version of the TV Tray Table spurred the use of my rotary axis to put a groove around a bolt shaft so the bolt could be inserted then trapped in place with an intersecting binding bolt. This idea could solve that unscrewing flaw in all of those previous designs. My folding desk is similar to the TV Tray design, except it won't invert and initially didn't need a tension strap/cable brace to keep it from collapsing. Should you pick up the front edge though the design does collapse. I solved that with a crude snapped-on leather strap. If I make another one I'll use the grommets/straps idea from the red oak version. Still easy to install/remove, but should be simpler and more reliable than what I'm using right now. I have no real need for four TV tray tables. Yet the iterative path through their creation brought new ideas I can use in future (and past) projects. 4D
  23. Looks great KevTN! You are clearly getting the hang of it. 4D
  24. 67° @ 8:00pm. Down from the peak of 74° today. Light breeze. Nothing to complain about. Should hit 75° by mid afternoon tomorrow. Looking forward to that. 4D
  25. Finally took the time to stain and seal the maple version. Backed my Chevy Bolt out of the garage. Set up a folding table. Threw a tarp over it to work on. One coat of pre-conditioner as maple can look blotchy when stained. Two coats of Honey Maple stain. First coat still looked light and didn't even out the underlying differences in hard and soft maple. Top seal with spar varnish as I had a quart of it on hand. Sanded the top lightly with 400 grit paper after the finish had dried to knock down any rough surface. Definitely prefer this over the raw white color. 4D
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