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  1. So far, so good for me and the missus. Keeping fingers crossed all will be OK soon.
  2. Thanks everyone. The yard is turning out great. Yep, crawfish and shrimp. And for those that don't eat seafood, my wife made a big pot of chicken and sausage sauce piquant. Dang, that was good too!
  3. Four years ago, we decided it was time to create a patio we could use. At one time many years ago, I had a deck in the same spot but it didn't get used very much, and eventually was torn down. We hired a contractor to pour a stamped, stained concrete patio. I created the design, and they duplicated it in concrete. We attempted to use one of the cheep pop up patio awnings, but a storm tore it up. So, we purchased a Palapa and had it installed. It has hurricane tie downs at the foot of each post and where the "rafters" tie in. The decorative rope covers the metal straps. A couple of years later, and a new Blackstone griddle was purchased. It soon became obvious we needed more room, so we had more concrete added to the patio. That is working out much better. This past week, my sweetie asked for a mod to the existing fence so she could have a place to attach her signs. So, we bought a few treated 2x4's, and framed the inside of the fence, and installed 30 cedar fence pickets. That turned out pretty nice. But mostly, she is a happy camper, and her signs went up quick. Starting t look more and more like Margaritaville! And now, we have a new crawfish/shrimp cooker! This past Saturday was our first cook...and it turned out great! A little spicy for me, but that's OK. Our yard/patio is looking pretty good. The little playhouse has been there for several years and the grandkids love it. Although I will admit, they have just about outgrown it. At the rate they are growing, next year there will be some head knocking going on! Note: In this first picture, you can see the new section of fence. My sweetie and I did that. It is nice and sturdy. As you will see later, I have added additional pickets on the inside so she could hang her signs.
  4. Yes sir, they do. I have talked to several (family and friends) that use them and they all agree. They work great. My wife's cousin handed them out to people coming into the ER where she works. I sent 150 more home with her yesterday. A nephew works in the Med center in Houston. Same story. They were all handed out, so I sent 150 more to him last week. Word had got out and people were coming to him asking for them. It's the same story, the elastic caused pain behind the ear from wearing the mask a long time. I am thinking this may have been my calling in life to help, and pretty darn proud to be able to help.
  5. Great. Proud of her. Ask her if she would like some of these to send out with her masks. I would be glad to send as many as she might need. 50 - 300, just name it and they will be on the way.
  6. It'll never be the same. Somewhere under that moving blanket is a Grizzly 3hp table saw! Now it is storage for parts and filament for two 3dPrinters. With the pandemic going on, I decided to help. People all over the world have been printing "ear savers", face shields, and face masks for healthcare workers and first responders. I chose to concentrate on the "ear savers". The complaints are universal. People that have to wear the masks for long periods complain of pain behind the ear from the pressure of the elastic. I bought one machine, an Ender 3 Pro and started printing the ear savers using one of several files I found on Thingiverse. Then I got discouraged because it was taking too long. Time to break out the charge card and get-after-it! The second machine is a Creality CR-10S. It has a larger build surface. So, with both machines printing the same file, I can produce 20 pieces on the larger machine in 3hrs 20 minutes. The smaller machine produces 10 every 1 1/2 hours. So 40 total every 3 1/2 -4 hours. Slowly, my inventory started to build up. The downside to that is I spent several sleepless nights monitoring the machines while they work. Friends and family members sent requests, and some included more than the postage to help offset the cost of supplies (mostly filament). With the demand so high for filament and printers, the prices started to rise. Luckily for me, I am in good shape as far as supplies go. I still have a little in the bank to cover postage as the requests come in. It looks like my woodworking days are on hold for a little longer. Just this past week, I worked on our fence out on the patio. Actually felt good to smell cedar again! Hope this isn't boring to you. Woodworking is just one of the hobbies I dabble in. Both of the printers have Raspberry Pi's running Octoprint so I can access them remotely and send files to them to print. The monitor on the workbench has a Raspberry Pi4 mounted on the back of it on the VESA mount that I printed from Thingiverse. I can control both printers and save time walking back and forth to my PC in the house. The garage (workshop) is insulated and has a mini-split AC to control the environment. Here are a few pics. If you look closely at the filament spool, you will see a little of my handi-work. The filament spool weighs 2lbs when full, and is supported only on one side so the spool can be easily removed. I took a piece of aluminum flat bar, bent it and attached it to a piece of scrap plywood to make a support for the other side. It is working great. Cheep and easy. Note: So far, I have printed over 4000 "ear savers" and either delivered them locally, or shipped them all over the US, including Honolulu, HI, and St Croix, USVI! The feedback has been unanimous - "they work great to relieve the pain". Makes me proud I have done something to make a difference in some folks lives. So, with that said, if you know of anyone that can use some of these "ear savers", send me a PM and I will send them some. All I need is a mailing address. I am using USPS. Sorry for you out of towners, this is for US folks only. I haven't done any international shipping. Let me make this perfectly clear, there is no charge for the "ear savers". Most of the time, postage is cheap. First class is about $2.85. Small Flat Rate box goes for $7.65. I can get over 100 pieces in the small box. I am just trying to do what I can to help out during this mess.
  7. Oh, WOW! Way to purdy to work on!
  8. Was it this one? He makes it look easy. The important part is designing the file. I would make one or two test cuts first.
  9. We had a good time. Saturday was our big day. Our family(s) are too big and spread out to get together in one day. Here are just a few of the images I managed to capture. Yeah, the grandkids had a good time. Thank goodness for some decent weather...and no rain! Our kids and their kids.
  10. Ho Ho Ho, ready set, go! Note: Made from a Vectric project file.
  11. Merry Fishmus to one and all!!! Note: I found this the other day in my "table top photography" folder from years ago.
  12. Santa has been a busy feller lately. My CNC went down a couple of weeks ago and that sat me back in the gift making I had planned. Yesterday and today things have picked up. The last two gift hit the dusty trail for Tulsa, OK. That turned out to be a non event. I sure thought the post office and UPS would have been packed, but it was just the opposite. No waiting lines at all. One git went prepaid to the post office so that was good. Today, I went to the UPS store, and there was a lady ready to help me. Just lucky, I guess. I have been making some hot pads for the gang. We have several Aggies in the family, so I am fixing them up. And then there are the Astros fans. And a couple of bottle openers for the older guys! Soaked them in mineral oil. And then there is the treat board for Santa. That is going to the grandkids to sit out for Santa. The weather is fixing to turn sour again so I am glad for this to just about be over.
  13. Thanks 4D. I got the files installed on the flash drive as per the directions. Then I put it in the PC and turned the power on. Tapping the F2 key does nothing but make crazy stuff scroll up the screen rapidly, and it got hung up in a loop. --------------- Finally, during another power on sequence, I got a glimpse of the BIOSTAR instructions at the bottom of the screen to press the DEL key to enter the BIOS setup. That worked. I chose to boot from the flash drive and then pressed F10 to save and exit the set up. Upon restarting the PC, it does not recognize the flash drive and tries to boot from the hard drive. So, I went back into the BIOS setup and removed the hdd as the secondary boot sequence. Now when I turned it on, it only boots to the BIOS setup. It is not recognizing the flash drive. Note: I made sure to format the flash drive (16GB) in FAT32 just like instructed. When I check, all the files seem to be on it. I am bumfuzzled. So close, yet soo far away. MIke
  14. Thank you. I think I can handle the ISO image part. Not so sure about the rest. Although I wish I did, I have no experience with Linux.
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