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  1. Was it this one? He makes it look easy. The important part is designing the file. I would make one or two test cuts first.
  2. We had a good time. Saturday was our big day. Our family(s) are too big and spread out to get together in one day. Here are just a few of the images I managed to capture. Yeah, the grandkids had a good time. Thank goodness for some decent weather...and no rain! Our kids and their kids.
  3. Ho Ho Ho, ready set, go! Note: Made from a Vectric project file.
  4. Merry Fishmus to one and all!!! Note: I found this the other day in my "table top photography" folder from years ago.
  5. Santa has been a busy feller lately. My CNC went down a couple of weeks ago and that sat me back in the gift making I had planned. Yesterday and today things have picked up. The last two gift hit the dusty trail for Tulsa, OK. That turned out to be a non event. I sure thought the post office and UPS would have been packed, but it was just the opposite. No waiting lines at all. One git went prepaid to the post office so that was good. Today, I went to the UPS store, and there was a lady ready to help me. Just lucky, I guess. I have been making some hot pads for the gang. We have several Aggies in the family, so I am fixing them up. And then there are the Astros fans. And a couple of bottle openers for the older guys! Soaked them in mineral oil. And then there is the treat board for Santa. That is going to the grandkids to sit out for Santa. The weather is fixing to turn sour again so I am glad for this to just about be over.
  6. Thanks 4D. I got the files installed on the flash drive as per the directions. Then I put it in the PC and turned the power on. Tapping the F2 key does nothing but make crazy stuff scroll up the screen rapidly, and it got hung up in a loop. --------------- Finally, during another power on sequence, I got a glimpse of the BIOSTAR instructions at the bottom of the screen to press the DEL key to enter the BIOS setup. That worked. I chose to boot from the flash drive and then pressed F10 to save and exit the set up. Upon restarting the PC, it does not recognize the flash drive and tries to boot from the hard drive. So, I went back into the BIOS setup and removed the hdd as the secondary boot sequence. Now when I turned it on, it only boots to the BIOS setup. It is not recognizing the flash drive. Note: I made sure to format the flash drive (16GB) in FAT32 just like instructed. When I check, all the files seem to be on it. I am bumfuzzled. So close, yet soo far away. MIke
  7. Thank you. I think I can handle the ISO image part. Not so sure about the rest. Although I wish I did, I have no experience with Linux.
  8. This doesn't help at all. My mom passed on Wednesday. This week has been hectic and stressful. I didn't need this to happen. I just wish I could get a hold of the guys from Probotix. Surely they use the same log in info for all of their machines. My Christmas gift making may have to be carried over into next year.
  9. As if I wasn't stressed enough today, while I was gone to buy some lumber, we had a power failure that lasted 3-4 minutes. My machine wasn't running, but the computer and the controller were running. I have been keeping them running so I wouldn't have to reset my x & y axis zero each time I change projects. A few minutes ago, I finally got out in the shop and turned the PC on. It won't boot up. It stops the boot sequence and displays the following: "Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS probotix-dekstop tty1 probotix-desktop login:" I have no clue where to go from here. I typed in "admin" and it then prompted me for a password. Now I am stuck again. I don't know if this is a big secret or what, but I could use some help with this login. Apparently the power failure screwed everything up. My wife said she heard a boom. Later we saw a couple of bucket trucks working down the street about 2 blocks away so I figure a transformer blew in the neighborhood. EDIT: I called Probotix but they are gone for the day (weekend). Help please. I am dead in the water until I get this figured out.
  10. UGH! Well, as usual, pacing myself didn't work out like I had planned.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! For the first time in a long time, we are not cooking. It's road tripping for us, although it may be a short road trip. First stop - 20 miles at mom's house. Gotta git me some of that chocolate pie she used to make. Now my sister makes it. Next stop - step daughters house in nearby Clear Lake area Last stop - Step daughters house in nearby Deer Park. Fried turkey on the menu. Dang those things are good. Then back to the house where our kids from Oklahoma will be pulling in late this evening/night. Gotta pace myself today!!! Mike
  12. Thank you. I requested a finished picture after the counter top is installed and flooring put down, and paint. She also has ideas for a backsplash and a mural for above the stove, so it may be awhile before it is complete.
  13. Yes sir. Gotta couple more Christmas presents cut out. Onward and upward. My sweetie will paint the surfboard.
  14. Everything is back to normal. Using the DIY touch off plate, I am getting consistent bit changes with very little sanding.
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