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  1. Made this simple sign for a friend; the Pine board is 36" x 10", cut on the CNC I built 4 years ago, and finished in Nitrocellulose sealer and lacquer, engravings accented with Mohawk Van Dyke Brown glazing stain. You can see two short videos on making this on my Instagram channel. David
  2. Thanks, Cal! Nah, you can do it. David
  3. Fleur de lis cut as a practice piece, Cherry into Walnut. Carveco is what I used to create the toolpath. This is just wiped in Naphtha to see how it will look. There's a one minute video on my Instagram page showing this being cut. David
  4. I like it, tell her I said it looks nice. David
  5. I wish I could devote some time to doing the 'real' panel, Cal. it's probably a good thing that I'm swamped with jobs but I figured that if I did this video that would push me to complete the task. David
  6. I posted photos of this last year when I did the inlay work and now have a video showing what and how the inlay was accomplished. It's Walnut with African Mahogany and Cherry inlay, French polish finish, and is a test piece for a larger panel I plan to inlay at some point this year. David
  7. Btw, you can go to my Instagram account and see a short video of it in action (info in signature). David
  8. Warning!! This is Geek stuff!! I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but it really applies to any device you might want to remote start. About 3 years ago I bought the three-remote control set from Harbor Freight to activate my dust collector, shop vac, and window fan I use when I spray finishes. I realized the remotes weren’t intended for the current draw of the dust collector but figured I would use it until it burnt up, which I thought would be a couple of weeks. Well, three years later it finally burned up the circuit. So I took the unit apart, repaired the ci
  9. I have used CyberLink's PowerDirector for the last 6 or 7 years and it works great, actually. Many of my videos have two video and audio sources and PD makes it very easy to sync by audio. Some of my videos have three sources and they're all in sync. Pick any video on my YouTube page, some have PIP, some just switch from camera to camera, but nearly all have two audio sources even if you only see one camera view. My videos are a combination of iPhone 6S and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 with Leica lens mounted with Rode VideoMic. About 6 weeks ago I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Pro
  10. Just now seeing these but I like them! I don't have a 1911 but a good friend does and I have wanted to make some grips for him. David
  11. For those I used Carveco. Most of my work is done in Fusion 360 but these are far more suited to Carveco. David
  12. Thanks, John! It was very special indeed!! David
  13. Loaded the three shelves, two Hard Rock Maple and one Curly Maple, and headed 10 minutes away to my friend’s cabinet shop. They have a 24” spiral head planer and 36” wide belt sander. It still took an hour to plane and sand these heavy boards but it would have taken days per board in my shop. David
  14. That's why I use Naphtha, no oils like paint thinner. I've been using it for 35-40 years, often right before I spray with lacquer and no issues whatsoever. David
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