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  1. No sir, all open shelving. Dust is his issue... I'm just building what he requested. David
  2. Minor update on this audio rack; turns out the straight knives on my jointer were not giving me the clean edge I thought I was getting on the Curly Maple. When I moved the boards into different light and looked at them closer I saw the tear out in a few places. I made some changes and ran them again but with the same results. So, today I ordered a Shelix cutterhead for my PM54A jointer. For now this project is waiting on the new cutterhead. I have wanted one for a while and never wanted to spend the money but this project is worthy of an equipment change. Besides, any project that requires the purchase of a new tool is a good project - right!! David
  3. Isn't it, though!! Fun to work, too. David
  4. It may not seem like much progress but I have now cut to length and planed all of the Hard Rock Maple, straight lined the edges of all boards on the tablesaw, and run every edge on the jointer. These boards are heavy and I'm worn out!! LOL! Running the Curly Maple on the jointer was a bit iffy since I have straight blades but they are razor sharp and I took very light passes. The edges came out very clean with very minor tear out in a couple of places but they're in the middle of the edge so it's not going to be an issue. I considered getting a Shelix head for the jointer - PM 54A - but since this worked I'll do that upgrade later (maybe). I have another project I need to move to this afternoon and that may prevent me from gluing these boards today to get the 23" width but they're ready for that step. More later! David
  5. Those are T-slot holes to bolt a vise or fixture to the base. Usually there are bolt holes at the rear to fasten the base to a workbench. David
  6. Just like the Real Napster in The Italian Job! David
  7. Starting a new project for a serious audiophile with some serious equipment. His McIntosh amp alone weighs 125 lbs.! The dimensions alone make this rack impressive; everything is 8/4 and the shelves are 23" deep, 52" wide, and the unit is 31" high. Each shelf will weigh about 70 lbs. The top shelf is Curly Maple and the middle and bottom shelves are Northern Hard Rock Maple. These will be banded with Curly Maple so from the front you'll see Curly Maple shelves. But since the middle and bottom shelves will be covered with gear there was no need for these to be the much more expensive Curly Maple. The legs are about 2" x 3" and are Purpleheart. I'll finish the piece in Nitrocellulose lacquer. While there's no rush on completing this piece I do want to stay on it as much as possible but as other orders come in I'll put this aside. For instance, we got two separate orders for 18" Longworth chucks today so I'll move all of this out and cut the chucks tomorrow, then move all of this back in to begin planing and jointing shelves. When the shelves are glued I'll take them to my friend's cabinet shop and run them through their wide belt sander. Our SuperMax 19-38 will work but it will be so much easier to do it on their wide belt sander. As you can see, just the lumber alone overwhelms our little shop and when it comes to assembling this I'll have to do it in the house because I don't have room in the shop to put it together. Preliminary design - One shelf, basically, prior to jointing - All the lumber for the project - Curly Maple close up shots - More photos and updates as I work through this project. Enjoy! David
  8. I just realized that I typed this when my daughter was visiting and correctly referred to him as her nephew so that's what I typed, but... the flag is for my grandson. Oops! David
  9. Thanks, Guys! I'll be in the shop today working on guitars so it's going to be a good day! David
  10. These two aren't related but I just wanted to offer up what I did yesterday. The V-bit carving is for our church office manager. They have three dogs but I guess Ruger is the most photogenic. This is cut into Maple and is about 6" x 10". The US Flag is for my 16-year old nephew. He asked for a simple one he can hang on his wall and this should work just fine. It's about 21" across and made of Baltic Birch. I just think it's awesome that a 16-year old wants a US Flag on his wall! Both are finished with Nitrocellulose sanding sealer, then wiped with Mohawk Van Dyke Brown glazing stain which is wiped off about as soon as I apply it, then the final coat is semi-gloss lacquer. The finish takes less than an hour from bare wood to finished piece. David
  11. I'm not sure how that would work, might give it a shot. If I try it I'll post photos. David
  12. Thanks, Guys! Both, actually - request and gift. The first one I did and posted here was commissioned and done in Beech. After folks saw it I got several requests to make some to list on Etsy but these were all gone before I put the listing on Etsy. So I guess I need to make some more. One is going to the lady who did the Hebrew for me. Someone asked if I could do this in Birds Eye Maple but I think it would be too busy besides being very expensive. I told him Curly Maple would be a better choice but again it would be very expensive. If I do one in another wood then I'll post it here. David
  13. A couple of months ago I cut one of these out of Beech and Red Heart but the Hebrew wasn't exactly right. So I reached out to a few people and now have the Hebrew correct (I think!). Well, I finally had the opportunity to get the CAD/CAM work done and cut four of these in Pine and they came out good. They're not as clean as the Beech but that was to be expected. It's a different look than the Beech but still appealing. These are 10" wide by 11" tall, finished in semi-gloss Nitrocellulose lacquer - David
  14. Thanks, Guys! Years ago I did something similar on the bandsaw and then sanded everything to fit - it came out just ok. Now that I have the CNC I'm fairly certain this is the only way I'll do it from now on. You could also make some good patterns and do it on the router table with a flush trim bit and those would likely come out good, too. David
  15. I had a request for a mountain scene cutting board, laser engraved with names and wedding date. I've done a few of these and they come out looking nice but I doubt one ever gets used for anything exception kitchen art! I drew the original design in CorelDraw where I exported it as an svg to bring into Fusion 360. From there I did the CAD/CAM work to cut the Maple, Walnut, and Cherry. These pieces are about 3/8" thick and the backer board is about 7/8" thick. Everything is glued with TB III and the feet are silicone with SS screws and washers, so everything is FDA approved. After cutting the mountain scene and gluing it to the backer board it goes to the table saw for trimming to size and then to the router table for rounding the edge. I do the names and date in CorelDraw and take that file to the laser shop for engraving. That way they don't have to do anything except load the file and start the laser machine. It's finished in mineral oil with Beeswax (our own mix), even though it'll probably just be eye candy for the kitchen. Sky, mountain, foreground blanks; I picked Walnut with some sapwood to look like snowcapped and some in the foreground - Blanks glued - Blanks glued to backer board - Engraving in the laser - Finished cutting board - Enjoy! David
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