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  1. If you want to be able to design your own grips and gun stocks and are looking for a Vectric solution then you would need Aspire so you can create the models required. If you want to use one of the many 3d modeling softwares to create the models you could import the models into VCarve Desktop/Pro and create your toolpaths to use on your CNC.
  2. Since I install my UPS I haven't had the power go out while the CNC was running so that's how mine works. Actually it should have enough power to let me shut down and home the router so I can start back up with out problems when the power is back on. I should put one on this computer so I don't loose work when there is a power outage. It happens several times a year and sometimes 7 or 8 times in a day.
  3. Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes. I've been so busy I haven't been around for a while but will have more time when I finish a couple of design files I'm working on right now.
  4. Pictures of the individual parts will help us picture the orientation of the parts on the CNC bed.
  5. Changed to FireFox from Chrome and everything is working fine. Don't know why but changing settings in Chrome won't save the font choices and clearing the cache did not work.
  6. That should be a good one to help get rid of smaller scrap pieces when they accumulate.
  7. I don't think you will have a problem finding a CNC in your price range that will cut your parts but from what I am looking at your main concern would be to make sure the machine will have plenty of Z axis height and a gantry that can handle the weight of a large spindle because you will need to use some large tooling to make it cost efficient. This project will call for 2 sided machining. Once you create modes for the parts you might also want to make some fixtures to hold the blanks for machining and alignment when the blanks are turned over to carve the back side.
  8. I had a computer crash and it has been back up and running for about a week. This is the first time I have logged in here since the crash. I can read the headers, they are a light weight font but are easily read. My problem is the font used in the body of the post is light in some letters and almost gone in others. It is very hard to read. I'm not having this problem on other sites. I'm not sure what the font it is but even making the text larger does not help to be able to read the posts. Is there a setting somewhere on the site that I can select the font used?
  9. Congratulations to the winners of the raffle prizes. And a big THANKS to the sponsors for the prizes they donated. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!
  10. Jim thanks for adding the Easy Wood Tools turning tools. Come on turners get your raffle tickets, these are great carbide tools and remember this is not just about the prizes, it's about giving the Merlo family a great Christmas.
  11. Come on guys don't make it too easy for me to win that $500 gift certificate because It will be very hard to decide what I want to get and it will mean a lot of hair pulling and I don't have any to spare. Let's all make sure we show the Merlo family how much we value the great sacrifice that was made for us. Put some smiles on Charlie's and Camilla's faces and leave them with memories of a great Christmas. And don't forget, I'd like to keep what little hair I have.
  12. I looked at using two 3/8" layers of bendable plywood but the minimum radius is listed as 12" so I would have to do a lot of modifications the the plywood and then I would have to come back and veneer the outside and inside and hardwood cap the face to cover the joint. I opted to use solid wood. I'll have to cut the head parts in pieces and also because my band saw is limited to a 6" cut i'll have to cut 2 of each part and glue them together. I started with a 8/4 x 12" x 11' red oak board. This was enough to get 16 of the 19 head part blanks from with out glue ups at this point.
  13. I used my Aspire CNC software for design and to make the marking templates for the head shape.
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