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  1. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    Just trying to see what it would look like with the addition. Couldn't just leave it blank. Looks better with a sample of something.
  2. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    How does something like this look?? Room for a name and another line or two and still focuses on the insignia. Pic was off the computer screen. - not great quality.
  3. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    I've used Marsh Ink a couple times. Acrylic paint looks a whole lot better. IMO
  4. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    A lot depends how deep the cuts are too. If you have some shallow cuts, heavy sanding screws it up.
  5. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    You get a lot of bleeding in the wood (especially pine and spruce) that way and the paint doesn't always sand off clean. I still have to sand but only along the paint lines.
  6. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    Basically, prototypes David. I usually get asked for something like this a couple of times during a show. Figured I'd take a couple for each branch and see what happens. Working on a blank now that would let me add some text of some kind and "personalize" them too.
  7. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    I keep hearing that time means nothing when you're retired. Gotta do something while I wait for the "end". lol
  8. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    Paint brush, acrylic paint, and a little bit of time.
  9. honesttjohn

    All A Yall Know Bout This

    It happens. I got a lot of fire pit fuel to prove it.
  10. honesttjohn

    Subject Matter Fits

    Since this is a forum with a heavy emphasis on patriotism I figured we should have something for those who served in the military. These are the first two I tried. Was also thinking of possibly combining something like this with a bottom "tail" that could be carved with someone's name, dates of service, places of service, or anything one would want. These are cut from 15" blanks. Sizes can be increased to 18 or even 24 inch I would think.
  11. honesttjohn

    Fairy Tree Or Gnome Home In Your Forest

    That's my boy! Always comes up with something original. Must have a lot of free time up there in God's Country.
  12. honesttjohn

    For all you guys

    I think this is fitting for just about anyone here. Carved from an oddball piece of 16 x 10 cut off aspen.
  13. honesttjohn


    So do you want quality or quantity??
  14. honesttjohn


    This is true.
  15. honesttjohn


    And then you wouldn't have gotten what you did. I thought you overdid it, but what do I know. You also have to remember that most of the members on the other forum have been there a pretty fair amount of time. I didn't even know this place existed til Stick invited me. I know --- blame Stick!! We just gotta get the word out more. The potential is there.

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