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    Box o' Birds.jpg

    Hello again John, your comments are much appreciated. I don't actually sell the birds though I've seen them on line for as little as $10 - 15. This is more than reasonable since it takes 1 -2 hrs. to carve and finish a bird. Frank Foust was (and may still be) asking $10 for his and he donates that money to charity. My approach is to simply give them away and suggest to the person I give them to that they make a donation to their favorite charity.
  2. Jiggy


    I'm so glad you liked them John. I can't overstate how much power they have when given to someone who's really up against it. I know personally of people who've taken them to their graves because they meant so much to them. In answer to your question, I'm a knife guy and I have a considerable collection included a few I made myself. At the end of the day though it's hard to beat a Morakniv #122 with a laminated Swedish steel blade. You can get one for under $20.00 at ragweedforge.com or for about $26 and change on Amazon and I don't think you can buy a better blade for 5 times that amount. I do confess to doing a little power carving when faced with a particularly hard wood or some recalcitrant grain and Frank Foust himself is a power carver.
  3. Jiggy


    Thank you for the kind words. Frank is the master and as far as I know he's still making them. He done well over a thousand of them since 1982 and he revels in trying new woods.
  4. Jiggy

    Comfort Birds

    Comfort Birds were first carved by Frank Foust in 1982. Since then woodcarvers all over the world have joined in and together with my woodcarving friends in the Capital District of Upstate NY we have given away hundreds of these little birds to groups like Hospice and Stride Adaptive Sports as well as to shelters for battered women and homeless vets. They function like a worry stone and are a powerful stress reliever. For more info, google Comfort Birds and you'll find an article titled "A Bird in the Hand" from Woodcarving Illustrated about Frank and his flock.
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