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  1. This should be made into a blog post 'How To'. I would love to see how you did this.
  2. Alright, pics uploaded. First one is the setup. Pretty simple, straight to the separator. Next 2 show the unit in operation. Notice how it all just bundles into a ball and sits in the DC. Next one is the ball itself. It is stuck to the mesh I installed. Last 3 are more operational pics. I have started to just pull the top suction hose off the DC and blow air backwards into it. Time consuming but effective. Since this is only an issue with Alumilite I guess it really isnt much of an issue. Wood and Standard acrylic work fine.
  3. I use the Rockler Dust Right system. I is fantastic for sanding, ok for turning, and a PITA for collecting shavings when turning. I am trying to get in the habit of catching as much as I can at the source because I have to share the garage. The smaller mess I make, the smaller mess I have to clean up later. With the Dust Right system I probably get 60-75% of my turnings while turning. A square blank for pens will spread chips everywhere initially until I get it round. Once blank is round I am pretty good at collecting everything else. I find it frustrating to use because most of my turn
  4. Hi all. I hope you can provide a bit of advice. I just started using Alumilite full time in my shop. Love casting with it, love turning it, but my dust collection system hates it. I have an Oneida Dust Deputy with its own dedicated shop vac. Up until this point the system worked flawlessly, everything in the bucket and little into the shop vac itself. I was going to build a shop vac silencing box last weekend and took the system apart to measure the shop vac. I opened it up and was surprised to find it full of long, thin ribbons of Alumilite. So I set the system back up an
  5. Nothing. Heat index in Florida was 110F. There is heat, then there is moisture laden swamp air that you need a snorkel to breathe. Pool time was the only to do list item completed for me.
  6. I had the Keter thing and killed it putting too much wood on it (OK in fairness it was WAY to much wood for most temp tables). I found a Vika table at Woodcraft. It doubles as a long work table and also as a type of short scaffolding. Also has the ability to plug in an extension cord with 3 outlets. Thought that feature was cool at first, but I have yet to need 3 things plugged in on a worktable at once (two yes, three not yet). it is sturdy and durable, but does not fold up much. It is still a 2x6 beast that has to be stored.
  7. Thanks. So to make sure I get it, you still sand normally in the lower grits with paper, then shift to these pads in the higher grits for final sanding and smoothing out finishes?
  8. Can we delve into this topic a bit? As a newer individual to woodworking, I would love to know the background on what you use these for (IE am I doing it wrong and need to buy some ASAP). What are you replacing, and what circumstances are you reaching for these pads?
  9. So for any of you who still turn pens, what do you do with the end scraps that are left over after cutting/ trimming? As a good woodworker tends to do, I ended up saving cutoffs from all of my pen blanks, both wood and acrylic. As i was reorganizing my tool chests and whatnot I realized I had a full drawer of these cutoffs. Some are as short as 1/4", some might be 2". None of them could be used in any regular pen kit applications. I thought about heading to Goodwill and try and find some kind of food processor or blender to break them into smaller bits and mix them into acrylic resin and m
  10. Make your own! I make mine all the time.
  11. Glad to know these things happen to others. Cannot tell you how many times I stop looking for something because I forgot what I was looking for.
  12. I just picked up a block of Ambrosia Maple. Look forward to making some kind of rounded bowl shaped thing out of it. Others like Walnut, and I like the finished product but the dust drives me batty. Really bothers my respiratory system like no other wood. The most difficult wood I have turned was Kiawe from Hawaii. Very hard wood, better used for meat smoking from what I have heard. An old tree fell on base Pearl harbor and I was able to talk the Arborist into letting me have a few logs. May make a bowl from one of the larger pieces but I know it will be a struggle like no other.
  13. When days like this start up and I recognize it... I walk away. Last time I tried to fight thru a day like that? Well, I am still looking for the tip of my thumb I zipped off with the table saw. Amazing how well some blood and a trip to the hospital will tune you into bad wood days.
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