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  1. This Friday, October 28th is my last day at Easy Wood Tools. I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you and being at least a small part of supporting this group. John Morris is an exceptional guy and I will continue to support PWW in any way that I can. I hope and believe the EWT will continue to support you, at least that is my hope. Thanks for accepting me and being so friendly, this is a great bunch of people. Thanks Jim
  2. Jim L

    Coin Banks

    As of today, the gallery section of our website: www.easywoodtools.com now features projects from Dan, John Morris, Lewis Kauffman and Steve Krumanaker. Good group of turners I'd say! Merry Christmas to all
  3. Jim L

    Coin Banks

    Dan - I really appreciate your comments! May I have your permission to share your photos and comments on our social media sites? I would also like to place in the gallery section on the front page of our website... with your permission sir.
  4. Lew.. I was very disappointed I was telling everyone how happy I was with it, and then it was just gone
  5. Finally following up on my Rikon Sander. I have to give it a total FAIL F- The charger stopped charging the battery. After repeated (and I mean 10+ calls) discussions and promises from Rikon customer service, I received on charger in the mail, which also did not work. Is it the battery? Is it the charger? I don't know. But I do know Rikon has given up on me. Very disappointed. I think I am going to return to a plug-in model.
  6. Sorry, this was posted over a year ago... tools were sold. Thanks for asking
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