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  1. Beautiful choice of woods. Nice.
  2. I've been searching... but I think Dan found it. Thanks
  3. @John Morris sorry for the delay in getting back to you.... This is available from Peachtree WWing Supplies With this you can use our C1000 Easy Chuck. Please let me know if there is anything else you need. Cheers! Jim
  4. Everything Else- I am asking for some input on this weekly post. The format has been about the same since we started and I am wondering if you all are satisfied with what you read/see. Am I missing something important? Is there something you would like to have added/removed. Am I covering enough material/too much. Please let me know what you think. Lew - you really do a great job on this. I really appreciate the effort
  5. @lew... haha, you crack me up!
  6. ***CORRECTION*** I mis-spoke in my last post. Nobody in the USA is currently using Nano-grain carbide. We actually do use our own proprietary grade of carbide and grinding methods that provide the sharpest and longest lasting edge specifically designed for turning. Sorry about the error...
  7. No... and NOBODY in the USA is currently manufacturing micro grain carbide. We had a competitor's product tested who is claiming to offer micro grain carbide. It's not. Buyer beware.
  8. @lew those walnut bowls are fantastic! Enjoying that new lathe to the fullest... nice.
  9. Another success story! So glad you enjoyed the tools, you made my day!
  10. @lew thanks very much! A lot depends on the user as well, and you are one of the best!
  11. Not just good... very good! Nice.
  12. Stealing your designs with no apologies! Very Nice... and Merry Christmas
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