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  1. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    Thanks for all the kind complements on my latest venture. We sure have a nice bunch of folks in this group.
  2. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    Here is what I have been working on for so long. Started out with rough cut hard maple that had been stored for a few years. It wasn't the best wood but I was able to resaw it and get enough to make this plaque. It measures 24 inches wide and 32 inches high. Wood was planed down to three sixteenths. Didn't keep track of the hours. It was a challenge but, worth it. Made it for my grandson. He is putting it in his classroom
  3. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    I know what you mean. If we counted them, we probably wouldn't do it. ha.
  4. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    I think I do. I'll do some searching. The clock works are very small.
  5. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    I made the clock about 15 years ago. It was about the most challenging piece I'm made. 2 pieces of walnut as base parts and the rest is 1/n red oak. About 200 hours start to finish. Thanks for asking.
  6. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    Thanks. You can put your hat back on. ha Seriously. I appreciate your comment.
  7. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    Thanks. It did turn out nice. Not everything comes out so good. I have been half way done with a board and something goes wrong and in the garbage it goes. Ha.
  8. oleglenn

    Hail Mary

    Thanks for the kind complement.
  9. oleglenn

    Happy Birthday To My Neighbor (Well Almost).

    Thank you kindly Looking forward to the next one..ha.
  10. oleglenn

    Happy Birthday To My Neighbor (Well Almost).

    Thanks to all. God bless.
  11. oleglenn

    Happy Birthday To My Neighbor (Well Almost).

    Thank you to all my fellow wood workers for thinking of my birthday. It means a lot to me. In a couple weeks I'll be posting a new piece of work. Hope you enjoy it. God bless.
  12. oleglenn

    New bowl

    Little tough to make but worth the time and effort.
    1. Thanks for the complement. I finally got me a good miter saw and learned to take my time with it to get good miters.
  13. oleglenn

    New bowl

    Thanks for the kind complement. Feels good to be making some saw dust again.
  14. oleglenn

    Bowl # 1

    From the album: Genn Spain

    Made of purple heart and hard maple. Purple heart is a little tough to work with but beautiful wood.
  15. oleglenn

    Genn Spain

    This bowel was made out of Hard Maple and Purple heart. As you know Purple Heart is a hard wood but, beautiful when the project is done.
  16. oleglenn

    Make things comfortable for you to use

    The older we get, the faster the time gets away from us....................
  17. oleglenn

    Bowl contest.

    You can do it. Just take your time and think ahead.
  18. oleglenn

    Bowl contest.

    One awesome bowl. Most impressive.
  19. oleglenn


    From the album: Glenn Spain

    Here is a piece I just finished made of Red Oak. It has a felt background glued to the back.
  20. oleglenn


    Many thanks. I really enjoy scroll sawing..
  21. oleglenn


    Thanks for the nice complement. It was a fun piece to make.

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