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  1. Interesting Gene. Brand ? Model number ?
  2. In almost all cases it is NOT mass produced. Custom one of a kind pieces are not cheap too make. Plain and simple.
  3. I've got what I think is a major gripe about furnace filter sizes. For example my wife went down and bought 16" x 25" x 4" the same size thats printed of the old filter. She gets it home and it wouldn't because the actual size from one to the other filter is different by as much as 1/4' in just one or more the the demensions. I say, what a bunch of BS ! How about some standardized sizes folks ? It might not only save us from another trip to the store, but lesson the chances of price gouging.
  4. Wouldn't this post be more appropriate in the Tools, Research, Reviews and Safety section ?
  5. It's probably that time when someone needs to invest in a dovetail jig and a router.
  6. And what kind of work would that be ?
  7. I sold the Delta 10" Contractor's table saw with 30" Unifence that I have had for many years, since new. It was my baby until I found a smaller version, a Rockwell 9" Contractor's table saw. Slowly starting to sell stuff off after the bad news, it's hard to do. Alot of the stuff I have I put my personal touch on and am proud of it, such as dust collection, etc.
  8. The Delta dust hood for that planer ran straight out from the center of the outfeed. I decided that I wanted it to run it out the side so the dust hose was out of the way of the outgoing boards.
  9. They are all going to price themselves right out of business.
  10. Too rich for my blood.
  11. Had a Delta DC-33 also, I made a dust hood for it made of sheet metal to hook the dust collector to.
  12. Do what you wish, but I do not recommend putting a floor standing drill press on a mobile base.
  13. A few years ago Martin sold Lumberjocks. I'd sure like to know how much he made off of that little deal. I'm guessing that he came out pretty well. I've also noticed that Stumpy Nubs is there alot. Makes me wonder if he was somehow involved in the buyout. Stumpy Nubs, brought to you by SawStop ?
  14. Thew beauty of the Delta outfeed is that it removes and installs quickly with no tools. Which was important to me because at the end of the day, I'd remove it, and scoot the saws backside up against the wall in the garage so I could get my truck in the garage.
  15. Delta part No. 50-390 As I mentioned, I don't think they made many, and will be hard to find one. Good luck.
  16. I believe they are actually called Jobsite saws. In my opinion they are overpriced plastic and aluminum bench top saws with maybe a better fence. For a small saw Delta made a small contractor's table saw, it is my favorite.
  17. Who doesn't ? You know Billy, if your that worried about it, put the blade guard on your saw.
  18. Not many. When Delta sold out, that pretty much told me it was a no longer worth it for them either.
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