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  1. Yes, they are the 8-pc twist lock ring set. But at the time that that I bought them I had the option of buying them made of aluminum, so I did. Nowdays they are made of plastic.
  2. A few years ago I bought a Freud router table fence and decided that I wanted to build a portable router table. To add to it I liked the looks of the Woodpeckers aluminum plate with aluminum ringset. The metal stand I can't remember what it was from, but I cut it down to fit how I wanted it. I powered it with a Craftsman router table switch and PC 890 router. The whole setup is fairly heavy to absorb any possible vibration, is very solid and stable, and accurate.
  3. I also make a similar separator that is 5 gal in size, I use it on a small sandblasting cabinet. Keeps the air inside the blaster cleaner so I can see what I'm blasting inside the cabinet.
  4. Thankyou Fred. It's pretty quick and easy to empty, just losein a radiator clamp on the top of the drum, and the inlet hose, remove drum from DC, then simply unclamp the ring at the top of the drum to remove the lid. The whole process is about equal to what it takes to empty a cyclone.
  5. I planned this out and put it together a couple years ago, it has a Thein style dust plate inside the seperator drum. I'm extremely happy, and proud of this project.
  6. CharlieL

    What To Do With My Tools ?

    I'm with Al on this subject. Woodworking was something that I loved and was proud to do, but now I'm wore out. It took me quite a few years to figure out how thankless of a job that it actually is, and it's not getting any better in this country. The industry is killing itself off. I've often thought of selling the machinery that I have, but know someday that I'll need it for projects around the home, so I still have it all.
  7. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    Herb, as I mentioned earlier, I'm not retired, and don't know if I ever will be able too. The last couple of years have been tough on me, this country has not been very kind to the blue collar workers for quite some time. I've been a hobbyist woodworker / handyman for about 30 years. I use to enjoy it a lot, and I was proud of what I did. But the general public just beat the sap out of me by assuming that If I was a woodworker I must be retired and have nothing better to do, so they could take advantage of me. They liked the work I did, but when it came to paying up I was often belittled. Well those days are over, and for me to get any bit of self esteem back I'm starting to stay away from people that want to take advantage of me and beat me down. I've lost so much motivation that if I didn't have projects that needed to be done in our home, I'd sell most if not all my woodworking equipment. I don't think that I'm alone in this experience, woodworking in this country has been declining for a few years already, the compensation has been getting to be even less every year. Plus there are probably less people that are able to retire. Understandably it's a dieing art. I guess that I can't say that I gave it a good shot. The bottom line is that perhaps I don't belong in a group of people where most are retired and have a totally different outlook on things then myself. You may be enjoying what you do, and I use to also, but now all it does is frustrates me everyday. Call me stupid.
  8. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    I don't know what planet that some of you folks are from, but your enough to drive anyone nuts. I'm done explaining what should be common sense to anyone.
  9. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    Refresh my memory, what thread was that in ? You do realize that people have a right to decide what they want to share ( intellectual property ) without being bullied into it, as you are trying to do with me. Perhaps I was busy. I'm not retired, and I don't have the extra time to compose long articles.
  10. CharlieL

    Pocket holes on the cheap

    I'd be surprised if Cliff comes back with this project after the I'll keep my Kreg comments, and the others that liked those comments.
  11. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    Yep, that is where I'm headed. Please explain your blanket accusation towards me.
  12. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    Disappointed would be a better description.
  13. CharlieL

    I just now noticed Rockler

    Who said I was angry ? Why do you feel that it is not a reasonable thought from someone when they are in a room full of strangers, and a few of them are directing me towards a retailer to buy a new tool ?
  14. A Rockwell 9" table saw / 4" jointer combo that I use to own.

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