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  1. Billy, I thought that you said that you don't speak Chineese. How are those Fisher-Price hammers holding up for you all ?
  2. Headquarters Pony Jorgensen 271 Mayhill St Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 800.776.2228 marketing@ponyjorgensen.com I don't know where they are made, but it appears that they have customer support in the USA.
  3. Billy, why don't you call or write Jorgenson and ask them ?
  4. For a Thien type seperator I make side inlets for the container. I think that it's more efficient then coming in from the top.
  5. I used sheet metal because I think it's appropriate and can be grounded. Plus stupid me was hoping that others would want to support a fellow woodworker and buy some hoods from me. The first hood I made someone else copied it, but made it from wood. He claims that it may not be his design, but he still takes credit from people for it. Because of that I am leary of showing alot.
  6. Why do I even bother mentioning it? Just call me stupid, I should know by now that it only leads to disappointment for me.
  7. I can tell you that with all thats going on in my life ( mostly bad ) And that all the years of luving woodworking but having to nearly give everything I do away, that my luv for that is fadeing also. Things aren't what they use to be.
  8. All the dust hoods that I made are made with sheet metal. I have one I made with wood and metal just to see how it would look, I think that it turned out pretty well, but I still continue to build them strictly out of sheet metal.
  9. For that reason I probably wouldn't use it.
  10. Not only did I spend time puting together a good efficient DC for my situation, I've designed and built with sheet metal what I think are more efficient dust hoods then what is out there for some of the machines that I own. Delta Contractor's table saw, JET 6" jointer, and a Delta thickens planer.
  11. I've also often wondered how safe they are, and how well they are balanced.
  12. I had a brand new 2 hp PSI cyclone, I installed it where I thought would be best, but thats as far as it got. I never ducted it out or used it. I ended up just selling it, and bought what I have now. Plastic pipe for ducting maybe ok for some folks, but I like to do things right and probably would of used metal ducting and not have to worry about grounding and a fire caused by a static spark in the system.
  13. To each his own. I'm just a hobbyist one man shop. I had thought about ducting in dust collection, but decided not too. It doesn't take that long to wheel the dc over to each machine and hook it up, and this way I can keep the run to a minimum and efficient length, plus saw money not having to buy all the ducting. It's I was a more then one man shop then a permanent ducted system would make more sense.
  14. To me it was fun, I got to redesign some dust hoods for a couple machines, but unfortunately no one really appreciates it enough to support my efforts.
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