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  1. Ofcourse we can't have a day without some sort of SawStop sales pitch.
  2. I'm more concerned about where the tools and machines are made.
  3. Hard to say without knowing anything about your current setup.
  4. Right now I have a Delta 28-185 eight inch band saw. I've had it quite a few years since I bought it new. It's been a good saw, no complaints and really don't need to be in a rush to replace it. It is still in very nice condition with the fence and miter gauge. With the 10-305 I wouldn't be gaining much, about 2" of throat capacity, a 1/3 hp motor instead of the Delta 1/5 hp, and I'd be losing a quick blade release with the 10-305. I gave a offer on a used 10-305 that went up for sale locally. I see that it is gone now. Looking at a new 10-306 now and waiting for one to go on sale at a decent price. I've looked at the supposedly comparable, and more reasonably priced WEN's, but I'm not sure that the quality is there after reading a few reviews. But then again, most everything in this country nowadays is a cheaply made import. I had to laugh, one guy that reviewed the WEN 3962 and gave it a low rating said that he couldn't figure out how to change the speed, and that maybe he overlooked a switch.
  5. I noticed that on the first group of pictures, nice job.
  6. Progress, so far I'm happy. Thinking about painting it a gray, a color that won't show dust as much as black does.
  7. I worked on the drill press jig today, I got the material cut up and drilled. It needs to be welded, sand blasted and painted yet.
  8. If your reason to get a different saw is to upgrade, then you want the 10-306.
  9. I noticed that subject has been idle for over a week. I was looking at the Rikon's also.
  10. I like what you made WoodButch, and I may do the same or something similar. If I do, I'm going to turn it 90 depress on the table so the drill press column can't get in the way of the product to be drilled.
  11. It wasn't I who removed the post. That was nice of you Jim to clear that up and apologize, thankyou. It's also nice, and I'm glad that you understand, I can and usually do put a lot more time into projects then some people may be able to imagine or realize. For instance the 5 gallon separator that I also show in this thread I'm very happy with it, but yet someday I'd like to redo the lid just to make emptying the seperator just a little simpler, much like the one used with the dust collector, and that will involve practically starting over with another steel container. The dust collection hoods that I also make from sheet metal and for a couple machines I also have a lot of time into getting them as good and efficient as I can. In a nut shell, Made with pride in the USA.
  12. Ok, does the suction side go directly into the blower, or the container ? I'm not sure why I care, no one else seems to care or appreciate what I have done with DC's over the years.
  13. I guess that you'd probably be ok with a 4" DC line. Interesting setup though, I don't see where the filter bag is. The DC hose on the right, is that where air and dust is coming into the DC ? or the exhaust ?
  14. I'm guessing that your using a shop vac for your dust collector. If so, your probably better off not using 4".
  15. I'm fortunate to live in a mid sized town that has a internet local classifieds, and a used tool and machinery store. With all the cheaply made imported stuff out there nowadays thats getting more expensive I find myself buying more used american made and less new. Like yesterday I went to the local used tool and machinery store Tools4U to see if there was anything that I couldn't live without, and came out with several small items. A Craftsman 6" magnetic parts dish, a Lisle razor blade scraper new in a unopened package, and a old vintage Estwing EH-90 close quarters hack saw. Did I mention that I'm addicted to gadgets ?

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