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  1. CharlieL

    Kitchen Project for the Boss

    ( The Boss has seen a Project she wants built. ) It looks similar to what they use to call a kitchen Hoosier. I have two old ones made of oak. One I restored and is in our kitchen, the other is a little fancier and complete with the flour sifter and frosted glass insert top cabinet doors, I haven't got around to restoring it yet.
  2. CharlieL

    Rockwell JawHorse RK9000

    These are two pictures that the seller posted. I can take some pictures too if someone needs a better look at something about the machine. It's feels heavier then I imagined it was going to be. I'm happy so far.
  3. The tool addict in me made me do it. I've had a curiosity about these saw horses with jaws since they came out, but wasn't sure enough that I needed one at the price they go for. Well today a used one showed up locally, so I did some checking around on the net to see if it was a good model, and a good price. What I found was that Rockwell for now has parts, but you have to contact them to see if they have what you want, you can't just lookup parts yourself. I asked them if they have the rubber pads for the jaws and was told yes, but in my opinion the set is very pricey for what they are. I did end up buying the used JawHorse which by the way, the rubber pads were in great condition. Now I'll see how often this thing gets used.
  4. CharlieL

    Note Taker

    I seen one a few years ago that takes a smaller width of paper, and is a different design, but the same principal. l made one for myself, and it gets quite a bit of use here by the computer.
  5. CharlieL

    Sizing a link belt

    I have been using the Fenner Link Belt in two Contractor's table saws for quite a few years. I like the link belts, and will continue to use them.
  6. CharlieL

    Sizing a link belt

    I've got to ask why ?
  7. CharlieL

    Sizing a link belt

    You'd probably get the most accurate answer to your question by contacting Fenner Drives and asking them.
  8. As an American blue collar worker for many years, I have some mixed emotions about the tool and machinery industry over the years.
  9. Gave the saw all new wiring this morning, sold the saw this afternoon.
  10. At Runnings they were in the local ad on sale, but when I went to the store and to the tool section and looked where the Stanley tapes are I didn't see any of the SweetHearts. I had to ask the store manager, and even he had to call his tool guy to find out where they are. They were up by one of the cash registers.
  11. What I payed I would not consider expensive, but I have noticed that there are some folks on ebay that are trying to sell them at a pretty steep price. I bought some as a novelty. Plus my brother inlaw a few years ago educated me about Stanley's early years and there line of SweetHeart tools, so I bought him one also.
  12. Actually Runnings has them on sale for $4.99, tomorrow is the last day. I bought 4, gave 2 away as gifts, and kept 2. https://www.runnings.com/current-flyer
  13. Today I noticed that Runnings ( A local store ) had a sale on limited edition 175th Anniversary Stanley SweetHeart Tape Measures. The price was so good that I bought several. https://www.stanleytools.com/products/hand-tools/measuring-layout/tape-rules/175th-anniversary-tape-measure/stht36175
  14. The other day I cleaned the rusted cast iron top, today I had some time to clean up the saw's interior a little, starting with removing rust inside the cabinet where there is exposed bare metal such as the tie bars, then removed some caulking from where there was a dust hood. After that I then removed a galvanized pipe welded to the stand for a place to store the miter gauge. It's starting to look a little better for resale.
  15. Fred your idea I think is a good one. Cal that looks good, but I'm not going to keep the saw, so I don't want to put anymore time or money into it then necessary. Dave if I had it welded or brazed I think that I'd still do as Fred suggested. I'm not so sure that a weld or a braze would hold up to the stress of a fence mounted to it. I think that I'm going to sell the saw cheaply and let the next guy worry about it all, or do as Cal also suggested and part it out. The motor alone I would think is worth atleast $125. Then there are fence parts, hand wheels, internal parts, the cabinet, stamped steel wings, and the stand.

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