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  1. Please delete the whole topic / thread. I'll keep my ideas to myself since they are aren't worth anything to you or your members. And goodbye to you too Gerald.
  2. I built exactly what I wanted, a small footprint and very affordable 2 stage DC that works very well. I do not need or want a multi inlet system in my small one man shop, nor do I need a overpriced plastic Dust Deputy. As far as me going into build details, I seriously doubt that it's worth my time.
  3. In High School I did well in math and mechanical drafting. Latere in li9fe I picked up woodworking, which led me to dust collection, where I seen a need for more efficient dust collection. In the short time that I've interested in it I have designed a couple more efficient dust hoods, and a 2 stage dust collector setup.

    1. John Morris

      John Morris

      Nice status Charlie, thanks for using the quick update feature!

  4. Miter saw gets my vote almost always.
  5. I'll stick with my much more simple, compact, streamline, and efficient setup. Thanks anyway.
  6. As with Gene, I usually shop online, check prices and read the customer reviews. Then when I find what I like I search for it locally. I almost always buy local.
  7. I've got to say that I'm really disappointed in the lack of numbers of members participating in this projects. Call me stupid, but I put a lot off time into it and am very proud of what I've done, which in my opinion was to simply produce a very affordable 2 stage Dust Collector. But the lack of responses here is very discouraging.
  8. I made several 5 gal separators for the small machines that I use a shop vac with.
  9. Link to the Owners Manual http://www.mikestools.com/download/DeltaTableSawManuals/36-444.pdf
  10. Funny how my post / opinion just happened to disappear. I'm sure that I got punished too
  11. MDF and or fiberboard do have it's places. I can think of an example where one of them has to be used.
  12. Paddle switch added also, and relocated to under to the Unifence rail.
  13. The splitter and blade guard I got with my saw is still in the packaging, never been opened or installed in over 20 years.
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