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    "Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." ~T. Roosevelt

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  1. Waxing Moon

    'Off 90'

    I put a link on my previous post.
  2. Waxing Moon

    'Off 90'

    Well, they came and went back in January.... they actually came in two days to get footage..... I was curious as to what they were going to put together.... It aired for the first time on May 6th, then again last night (May 10) and will air one last time on Saturday, May 12...... They finally made the video link available.... If you care to see it, my gig starts at 16:59 at this link...... Thanks for all the support guys!
  3. Waxing Moon

    'Off 90'

    I have these wrapped up and waiting.
  4. Waxing Moon

    'Off 90'

    Today ought to prove to be an interesting day..... A couple weeks ago I was contacted by KSMQ, a PBS station out of St. Paul, MN to set up a day they can come and do an interview and do some camera work for their series called "Off 90".... which is a program that features artis, culture and history in Southern Minnesota.... "Off 90", I suppose, is referreing to Interstate 90, which runs east & west through Southern Minnesota and right through my town.... One good thing I can say already.... my shop is the cleanest and most organized (if that) than it has been in over a year...... Here's a link to KSMQ's "Off 90" I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. Waxing Moon

    Test of Patience

    Thank you! I gotta tell ya, though.... I could do the rest of my time and never paint another star and I'd be OK with that.... As for the twins capacity.... Well, we never really knew. Their security clearance dictated that they couldn't discuss and we just left it at that. Maybe one day they will be able to share stories.
  6. Waxing Moon

    Test of Patience

    My better half's Twin sons will be completing their service in the US Marine Corps on 2/5..... a highlight of their career was earning the Presidential Service Badge. The bulk of their service was in that capacity. So, I thought it appropriate to gift them with a box that reflected their time in the Corps..... and, as the title says, a true test of patience. I am not one that can even draw a stick figure let alone anything more elaborate than that.... the painting and gold leafing was the biggest challenge for me on these..... Thanks for looking.
  7. Waxing Moon

    The "Willow" Humidor

    lol.... maybe just a little.
  8. Waxing Moon

    The "Willow" Humidor

    Quite a while back one of my customers put up a challenge to me in ordering his 3rd humidor.... He had recently purchased a Macintosh "Willow" chair and wanted to see if I could build a humidor that would emulate the design of his chair..... So, a whole lot of head scratching and sweeps of the hour hand later.... I finally got this thing off the work bench and ready to go out the door.... Quarter Sawn White Oak & Walnut.... 23"x23"16" for the top box... with an overall height of 48".... Thanks for looking...
  9. Waxing Moon

    Anybody Near Pittsburgh?

    I have a customer that I built a cabinet humidor for a few years ago and he has contacted me and asked if I would be interested in building a wine cabinet capable of holding 100+ bottles of wine.... I hate to pass on this, but frankly I don't think I have the time, space in my shop or desire to build something that big in my shop.... let alone figuring out how to get it to Pittsburgh. So, I thought I would toss it out here and see... if so, then I will let the fellow know and put you together to work it out from there. He is looking for something that will "go with" the cabinet humidor that I made for him.... which was constructed out of Wenge & Mahogany. I don't think he wants all the inlay work.... let me know if there is any interest from any of ya'all... Here's a pic of what I made for him.
  10. Waxing Moon

    Christmas Presents

    Very nice.... I've never seen a 7 day clock before... Pretty cool!!!
  11. Waxing Moon

    Christmas Shopping....Done

    I am officially relieved from crowded retail stores until after the new year....
  12. Waxing Moon

    Holiday Season Busy Work....

    With the holiday season coming up.... thought it would be a good time to start making some gifts.... This was a plan in that magazine that use to have a forum... I do a little bit each day and hopefully they'll be ready to go on time. Lets see your gift work....!!!
  13. Waxing Moon

    Shadow Box Humidor

    Wrapped this up today, was hoping to finish on Veterans Day, but.... found myself rushing to finish and that's never good.... Humidor (top portion) is removable, but fits nicely on the stand....
  14. I got to the point on this box (and 12 others) where it was time to route out the mortises for the lid stays.... and when I finished doing that... I realized that I routed 'em out on the front of the box, not the back, where the 10mm barrel hinge holes were already drilled out.... After a bit of head scratching....I decided to route out the same on the front of the box, square up the corners and put in some shop made inlay..... and then, still not satisfied, I drilled some 1/8" holes and pounded in some 1/8" round brass stock, sanded 'em down and now it looks like this.... Oh, and had to route out the mortises for the lid stays, this time in the correct place..... Anyways.... this customer will be in for a surprise when he opens his box.... lol
  15. Waxing Moon

    Oh Boy...

    I have a friend with a laser for the etchings..... fun project...

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