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  1. Steve it was last Jan. 5th 2016 that I had my right knee replaced. The doctor said it could be a year before the pain is all gone, and he was right in the last month the pain has gone away. The pain was getting really bad before the replacement and as it turns out I am glad I did it.
  2. When I get a round tuit I'll post a picture.
  3. I have a Whites DFX detector and the best find has only been a handful of old silver coins nothing worth any big money. I haven't been out in a couple years, because the friend that would go with me died of Mad Cow disease and he was like a brother. when I would go out after he died I found myself looking around for him. I'll have to get back into it next summer.
  4. Hello, I have been doing woodworking from the age of 15, back in 1954. My wife and I also have traveled all over the USA we have been in all the states but HAWAII with our travel trailer so when they build a bridge we may go there. I retired from ARMCO Steel Mill here in Butler, Pa with over 30 years of service. Another hobby I have is metal detecting. Butler is also the home of the first JEEP ever built the "American Bantam JEEP " Woodworker40 Jerry
  5. I would like to thank all the people for the links for the information I received. All good sites and a lot of ideas. Thank you. Jerry
  6. I will need to build a Machinest tool chest before this coming spring for a grandson I am looking for information on where I can find the plans.
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