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    The devil whispered in my ear, you cant withstand the storm and i smiled and whispered "I AM THE STORM"

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  1. Today i take a knee in remeberance of several fallen friends. We were all aviation so its a rare thing. I miss them so much.... i dont have a picture for 1. Spc. Zachary Shannon (top) SGT Nemo Tuala SSG Marc Scialdo (bottom) Clear blue and 22 boys. Well rally at hevans gate at and undetermined as of yet time brothers...
  2. Thank you john! I plan on a website as soon as paperwork comes back as well as on my fb page. I know it wont be an easy road but i have some great board members thats gonna make it alot easier. We had it kicked back once because of a missing page that didnt print. Only issue is trying to get the word out to vets in the area. Eventually once we have enough funds were going to start flying in vets or paying there fuel bill to drive. We cover wverything 100% for the vets. We have a spot on peace river that is right on the edce of tampa bay. Not a darn thing out there. Last time we went i was night fishing solo cause i couldnt sleep. Had a really erie feelin and something told me to turn around. And i was staring face to face with a fl black panther trying to salk me. Needless to say i pulled the hand cannon just in case and start making a crap ton of noise and she took off. I had to get in the river and clean off if ya know what i mean hahahaha
  3. This is from our last tourney. Thankfully broke even. Out of idk how many reserved we only had fishermen show....
  4. Herb, if anyone feels inclined to a check or money order can be mailed any donated items shipped or here or via pay pall at Justin Stanton. Will provide a tax write off as soon as we have forms. If donated prior will send tax write off as soon as it set. And yes you can concider this a legal binding contract. Any donation of $20 or more gets free shirt. 10245 hunters haven blvd Riverview, FL 33578. 727-859-6857 Please text first or leave voice mail as i dont answer phone # that i dont recognize
  5. Uh friggin lysdexlia..... PLF. Parachute Landing Fall
  6. Hey Herb! I have to get intouch with president for all that info. I belive the non proff statuse has been approved and wating on official paperwork to add us to the list of 501c3s in the country. But hes been down and out. And me idk... was hurricane cutting my tall palm with power pole saw.... yea not a good idea with verigo. Fell about 12 feet. Tried to grab the palm out of instinct but instead just loaded my hand with big ol slinters. Then instead of a PFL i did a FAH. Feet, arse, head landing. Hahaha ong it hurts so bad... fml
  7. Myself and a few friends just started a 501c3 Sacrifices Of Heroes dedicated to taking our heros hunting fishing and camping. Being a start up we dont have alot od funds. Weve been hermeraging money from our own pockets. Anybody know of any Grant's or anything along those lines? We just had shirts made and now looking into custom hats and what not as a thank you if someone donates to us. Would be in tier levels. Any info would greatly be appreciated as of right now we can only do very local vets and camping and fishing trips are few and far between. I really hope it picks up. Were tired of losing $$ but will glady do for years to come. Will just have to budget it in hahaha also donated a boat. Possibly Grant's to fix it? We are striving to be able to afford to fly vets in for these trips and hope that time comes sooner rather than later
  8. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I think it may be the wrong bait.....
  9. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I can deff do that. And just got my res gator trapper. Just didnt have the $ for tag lottery this year
  10. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Really appreciate all the talks. Much needed. And ocassional i pick up a tip that poeple dont reazie thwyre throwin down lmao
  11. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Well then.... looks like im gonna have to make more as an excuse to go noth when i can afford it hahaha. Hell i may even try my hand at a duckling
  12. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ty grandpa dave. It is what it is. Always ready for something like this to happen... The V.A. Giving veterans a 2nd chance to die for thier country sens 1932
  13. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ty much stick. Idunno with the knocks to my noggin ive takin i always ask now. But then again i did the same thing when i first started bendin wrenches on helos. And idc if it looks phalic, as long as it catches firsh thats what matters. Just tested in sink an she floats high in water.
  14. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ok moved inside and got better light for pics just put last coat of sealer on. Still cant really make it our. Topside is sparkle and is a purple/bue/green color shift

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