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    You got me, you figure it out!
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    The devil whispered in my ear, you cant withstand the storm and i smiled and whispered "I AM THE STORM"

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  1. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I think it may be the wrong bait.....
  2. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I can deff do that. And just got my res gator trapper. Just didnt have the $ for tag lottery this year
  3. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Really appreciate all the talks. Much needed. And ocassional i pick up a tip that poeple dont reazie thwyre throwin down lmao
  4. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Well then.... looks like im gonna have to make more as an excuse to go noth when i can afford it hahaha. Hell i may even try my hand at a duckling
  5. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ty grandpa dave. It is what it is. Always ready for something like this to happen... The V.A. Giving veterans a 2nd chance to die for thier country sens 1932
  6. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ty much stick. Idunno with the knocks to my noggin ive takin i always ask now. But then again i did the same thing when i first started bendin wrenches on helos. And idc if it looks phalic, as long as it catches firsh thats what matters. Just tested in sink an she floats high in water.
  7. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Ok moved inside and got better light for pics just put last coat of sealer on. Still cant really make it our. Topside is sparkle and is a purple/bue/green color shift
  8. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I EeeeReally wish i was near any of ya. Wouldnt mind to first hand pointers on stuff lol
  9. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Hey herb! Ty and not yet. First one. Started this morn only took about an hr or so but the whole rest of the day has been paint. Hot and humid here takes forever to dry
  10. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    As i make em i deff will!
  11. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    And theyre goin. Having a cold war at home. Wife took off w kids. Prob ebtter that way. Devolped dystonia for the second time became toxic and darn near ate it. Was hospitalized for lil over a week and now have tests out the ying yang commin up. They also want to do a week long admit to monotor seizure activty by eeg 24/7. But now theyve screwed my beds so bad im about to move out and possibly check in to a 6 month ptsd live in program. But its the VA so idk how i feel about they. I kid you not, ive almost died 3 times due to them screwin up my meds and puttin new and takin old and etc... but that said, if it gets bad enough im going to sign myself in to ment health and see if they can finish screwing with my meds there.
  12. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Very true gandpa dave! But, with my ocd and pefectionism, no matter how good i am (get) can always be better
  13. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    Pics dont really do it justice ats all sparkly paint lol
  14. Jay

    Homemade Hybrids

    I LOVE to watch. Got a crash intro in alaska with operation heal our patriots. Been tying for about a year now and if you say irt you can call me picaso lmao. But that it is. I make some that i dont even wanna put in the water lol

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