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  1. Thanks. I will call Jet Monday and if no help will call Laguana
  2. Yes looking at the link, on page 5 you see the plate that th threaded rod screws into. Well that plate is threaded and that is what stripped out and it looks like the rod itself needs replacing too. Do you have a number that I can call to talk to a rep??
  3. I have a performax 16/32 drum sander I bought back 20 years ago. Works great but today I ran into a problem and hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. Now I am not sure of all the terminology but the plate that holds the motor and rides up and down and is adjusted with the gib screws for ease of sliding up and down, the bolt hole that secures the handle when you turn it to adjust height has stripped out. It looks like the handle bolt needs to be replaced also. I probably should have greased this more often but it would operate fairly easily. My question is has a
  4. Thanks Lew I bookmarked this. $143 I have to do some more homework.
  5. Yes going from flat work to turning is different because now you have a spinning object as well as a sander turning. I really need to dig deeper into this. Something variable speed seems needed. Never used air powered tools so will look into this as well. Thanks guys.
  6. Thank you Gerald. I thought I knew sanders from doing flat work but clearly I do not. I need to read more into this. So in your opinion what would be the best electric sander that will do the job. you mentioned a couple.
  7. I see air more than electric. Is there a reason and is one better than the other. Like the idea of VS. Like to be able to use 2" and 3" wheels.
  8. No but looking for suggestions. Will have to look into these. Never heard of them.
  9. Looking for a good small detailed sander to use on turning projects. I just watched the video Ron Altier post about the whatchamacallit thing. I saw the guy using a small Makita sander that I think would be nice. Does anyone have this or is there something better out there. Not sure what to look for. Is there attachments that would be useful?? Thanks for the suggestions John T.
  10. Did not realize this post was here. Thanks for showing the progress in making this project. I will be giving it a go after I play around with some pen turning now. That is my other hobby. Does make a nice wedding/anniversary gift.
  11. Maybe, just my touch. I just liked the pattern. My rings will be interconnected too. May make a few with wood rings and see what sells better. Just a point on your project if you would have seperated the stands more you would get the rings more centered.
  12. Man that came out very nice. Good job all around. Just a follow up I have the pattern from another scrolling site. A person there was kind enough to copy it for me. Another thing is I am not going to scroll the rings. I am going to use real rings. You can get cheap on ebay. I am also adding a photo frame so they can have their picture in. I am adding words around the heart. These are some of my ideas to expand on this pattern. I hate to use someones pattern and not add my own touch. Right now my scrolling is done for a few months as I return to turning pens which is another hobby of mine so th
  13. Thanks. I have some ideas I want to spruce the pattern up with so will see how this goes.
  14. I probably could draw something but this would have been easier because I know it is out there but no one wants to give it up. No one knows the maker so I can not contact them to see if I could duplicate. I was going to add my own touches anyway as I usually do.
  15. I spoke with them yesterday and they said they did not have that pattern any more.
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