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    FlGatorwood reacted to John Morris for a link, Jacobsburg Historical Society   
    Jacob Hubler, an immigrant from Switzerland, purchased his first tract of land in what is now Bushkill Township in 1743 and over the next decades he would continue to accumulate tracts of land that he would later call Jacobsburg. Hubler became a naturalized subject of the British Crown in 1763, and during the American Revolution he served on Northampton County’s Committee of Observation. Sometime before 1785, Hubler built the Jacobsburg Inn, which served as a store, tavern, and residence. By the time he died in 1789, Hubler’s holdings amounted to about 432 acres. Read more...
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    FlGatorwood reacted to aaronc for a link, Bill Smith Bag and Horn Shop   
    This is my buddy Bill Smith's shop. I spend a lot of time there as per some of my posts here on the Patriot. Bill stopped doing scrimshaw work years ago,...so now that's my contribution...along with some horn making. I assure you everything here is proudly handcrafted,..it all starts with raw horn and leather. Every stitch is by hand,..every image on a horn is drawn by hand using historical reference,..no tracing paper or electric tools. 
    Thanks for the opportunity to share. -Aaron 




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    FlGatorwood reacted to Gerald for a link, Three Rings Woodshop   
    All items here are turned . Gift items , bowls , ornaments, toys, hollow forms, unique turned wooden gifts.
    We turn items from wood having sentimental value for a permanent memory. When that tree is ready to come down call us for estimates.

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