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  1. If you really want an education about screws, metals, coatings, threads, shafts and usages, order a McFeely catalogue. It is an education. I keep an old one to look at when I get ready to order. From their website: https://www.mcfeelys.com/screw_size_comparisons
  2. He may also need a new hood and lights. The rest will work fine.
  3. This is a customary procedure of retreating since WWII. We disabled machines in Vietnam, removed any weapons that could be used or damaged it beyond use, built fires or destroyed whatever else could be used against the common folks and our retreating troops. At the end of WWII, our troops took jeeps, removed ammunition, weapons or destroyed it, and left it there. For Navy in the Pacific we shot tanks, planes and other transportation that could be used as a weapon were dumped into the seas. Sea of Bismark, the Yellow China Sea and other often have discoveries of these discarded items. Easier and quicker to get out and not have to haul back. We did it as we exited the Korean War. I feel confident that as the Taliban first took over the bigger sections, they took over the vehicles, but the weapons were destroyed. All communication devices were taken or destroyed. I heard several military who were near the end as the Afghan government imploded, the weapons and communication devices were taken and shipped out or destroyed so that it could not be used. Standard procedure. When we pulled out of Philippines at the end of WWII, we left many Jeeps behind. If you go went back during the Vietnam war era, most of the motorized transportation were reworked Jeeps. They were highly decorated. But still could run over a dime and tell if it was heads or tails.
  4. Love most of the plans and the price is right. The only one that I have interest in are the picture frames. Thanks, Keith.
  5. Those pictured moon pies are made at Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN. Have been for decades. Used to love them. And, those Hawaiian rolls taste like Hawaii. I buy a package about 2 times per year.
  6. Good luck getting that heap of junk to run. As Americans have done since WWII, we destroy what we leave behind. This time, all vehicles went through a dismantling of all military equipment. Any planes, tanks, vehicles left behind had engine oil and transmission fluids drained. Then each machine was cranked until the engines and transmissions froze from the heat. So, enjoy that ride....
  7. Thank you. Will browse on line. Trying to stay home right now, even though I am fully vaccinated.
  8. Paul, that is some really nice workmanship there. Thanks for inviting us in.
  9. And, they sound honest to me. Few companies these days will make a recall when they know it should. When you find a company like this, it gives you faith in the equipment. Good for you.
  10. Back in the 1970's when I worked in the paint shop at the Naval Rework Facility, we used 3M green masking tape to spray lacquer. It left a rather crisp line. When the tape was removed, we wiped with toluene, then corrected any ragged edges with a sharp knife. I no longer use tape for finishing products.
  11. Artie, not laughing at your trials, but the confession you made at the end. I sympathize with your experience. Wife just had colonoscopy last week. It is the last one she'll ever have according to the doctor. I guess at this age, there is no longer a need. But, the prep work and all that goes with it is not a joyable task. All because Cologuard found a positive for something.
  12. Steven, your threads are always entertaining and full of lessons. I really do love learning from you with all your tricks. Thanks for this thread.
  13. Hard rain about 15 minutes about daylight today. By 9 am the skies were partly cloudy with a very bright light outside. Temp. rose up to 84 today with nice westerly breezes. Obviously from Gene's territory. Local weatherman told us that Wednesday and Wednesday night, we are getting a cold front. Thursday morning temps are supposed to be 61 with a daytime high of 86. Friday and Saturday mornings temps are supposed to be about 60. Now, that is something to look forward to. May get to turn off the a/c.
  14. Had to visit Lowe's yesterday for a couple of toilet flapper valves. The need came as a surprise. But, back to the trip, this is what I saw when I entered the store. They were setting it up. Browsed for some light hangers to go on the eaves of the house. Then I turned back toward the door and saw this. Well, enough of that. I didn't forget why I went there. Got my flapper valves, replaced each one in the old contraptions. No more surprises for a few years I hope. This morning was I had to pick up her prescription, make pancakes for her breakfast, had to go pick up the grandchildren from school (an hour apart). Had to cook for them and then cook bean burritos for us old folks. Then son wanted food. I am not a cook, but everyone got fed and happy. I am tired so enjoying this. Mow front yard tomorrow. Will work on cab of steamy engine provided she allows. Who knows what tomorrow holds? Thanks for listening.
  15. TSMC is about to build another plant in Texas. They are the leading chip maker in the world. There is one company left in the US that makes about 12 % of the worlds chips. Not enough. This was all farmed out to China who can't get and keep enough qualified employees to make these things. So, watch TSMC in the tech stocks start climbing. Sad that we have to have someone from another country to come and build what we originally designed and built, then shared all the technology with them and they ran with it. TSMC is in Taiwan. The little island is now in fear of China taking over and China is looking at their chip manufacturing with a gleam in the eye.
  16. Our nights are cooler--down to 74 overnight. Daytime highs in the low 80's since that tropical storm went into Louisiana. We have had more than our share of rain. Today, tried to mow, got the edging and trim done with the weed eater, but I had to do it between showers. As I was about to get the lawn mower out, it rained just enough to plug up the mower deck underside. So, we are supposed to have clearer weather on Monday, back into the mid-80's. Then Wednesday, we are supposed to drop into the mid-60's. Beach water temp has dropped to 80 from 86. That should slow down and limit the intensity of hurricanes. That I can handle.
  17. Gene beat me to it. We who use a Shopsmith with aluminum table tops can't use these wonderful items. Oh, well. Maybe, I will get someone to fabricate a table top with steel. Naw, getting too old. Been using this beast for 20 years now and no idea of changing.
  18. Andrew, I think you will be very happy. This is a lifelong learning curve. Enjoy those nice gouges.
  19. Another fine product. Thanks for showing. Gerald, I was going to recommend that you come to Mobile, but I understand the dragging yourself back home after a show. The work is too much for the pay.
  20. Gerald, I am wondering where you acquired the little bells inside. I have not seen them for over 50 years. I thought they were just a piece of history.
  21. Not going to enter this debate but will say for the 31 years I worked at the Naval Base in Pensacola, each year the supervisors would come and get into your face like an backwoods preacher and dictate that you get your annual flu shot. They were not smart enough to check with the dispensary to see who did and who did not get the flu shot. When I was in the Navy, you were lined up and given the flu shot when they used the live vaccine. For 49 years after getting out of the Navy, I did not take a flu shot even though I lied to my supervisors that I did. Almost everyone in my work spaces who took the flu shot would get sick after taking it. I didn't get sick, but I got publicly chewed on anyway, so I just told them that I took it. Just before I retired, they also got in my face about the pneumonia shot. Same with the VA. Last year is the first year that I have taken a flu shot since 1971. The pharmacist told me that they no longer use the live vaccine. The shingles, flu and pneumonia shots are all based on the mRNA platform. It is tweaked to build antibodies in your own body to fight the particular virus. Pneumonia shot does not prevent you from getting it like the shingles and flu shots. It makes the case easier to control, more likely to stay out of the hospital. Wife's cousin and her husband both had the vaccine and had a pretty mild case of Covid. 2 friends of mine have died in the past 6 weeks from Covid. Both anti-vaxxers. Son had it in March and after 6 months, he was allowed to get vaccinated. Neighbors who have lung disease and mid-80's now have their booster shots and attend mass in a local church on a regular basis. Another neighbor refused the vaccination is now in the hospital not expected to live. The husband is 90 years old, a retired Navy pilot and his wife is about 88. Like Dan alluded to, I much prefer to take the easy way out. Take the shot and get on with life. However, I just read a newspaper in Tennessee which stated that they have the highest infection per capita in the country. So, on the east side of Nashville, they are finding all these variants, sending much of it to Florida for exams and learning how to stop these mutations. There are about 26 variations of this germ. It can mutate on a dime with no warning. There are at least 5 variants identified. Delta, lamda, mu, ......ah, I can't remember. Hope all stay well. I don't want to loose anyone else to this or any other virus that may be prevented or minimized.
  22. Sorry, Fred, that I am so far behind. Yes, there was a temporary stay, but after about 3 days, it was moved out of the way. I have fear for my 11 year old granddaughter. She almost failed last year with virtual school and she is best suited for actual classroom. But, she tells me that she does not like wearing her mask all day. This is a girl who has long hair and won't leave it in plaids or anything else you use to put her hair out of her face. So, she is exposing herself and we can't get it through to her to take all the preventive steps that she has control of.
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