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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Since it's a gift I don't want to take even the slightest risk ( I might take a slight risk with my own health,lol)
  2. Yeah, I reckon that would be the best bet. Dang, I went to split a log on the bandsaw and when I saw the salting I got excited, oh well, maybe I can make some pens or a vase. Thanks for the replies Urbano
  3. I only make it out to my shop a couple days a week on average and if the temp is above 50 I'm fine with it. For colder days I'll fire up the wood stove and then just let it simmer and it'll usually keep it above 50 for me. By the time winter hits I usually have a couple of lg bins full of kindling and it usually only takes a couple of logs to keep me warm for 3-4 hrs in the shop. I've learned there is no better fire starter than the shavings from my lathe. My shop isn't insulated or it would definitely keep me warmer, I always have to turn down the wood stove in my house when we use it. Urbano
  4. oljpj

    spalted wood

    Are there any risks associated with turning spalted wood/ using it for fruit bowls or pepper mills? Thanks, Urbano
  5. I've heard that spalting comes from a fungus in the wood, So I always wear a mask. With that concern I was wondering about the the health issues of using it as a peppermll? Giving it as a Christmas gift and would hate to make my friends sick!
  6. oljpj

    Chess update

    Very nice, how many hours do you think you will have in it by the time you finish?
  7. I'm wondering if there is any risk to using spalted maple for a peppermill? If so would sealing it with poly work? Thanks, Urbano
  8. oljpj

    About to give up

    My set screw must be stripped out then because looking into it with a light all I can see is flat silver, and even my smallest allen wrench just slides across it effortlessly. It is a 2" chuck , I made a steady rest out of an inline skate, it works pretty well, but still a fair amt of vibration. The vibration almost goes away when the tail stock is applied. I think I will try the faceplate. Thanks for the info. I will also be calling Grizzly. Thanks , Urbano
  9. Thanks, I posted this over on the woodturners site
  10. I have already posted a lot about this at the introduce yourself site, they suggested I try here. I'm trying to turn a walnut bowl it is approx 12" long and 7" wide. It won't turn true. I've tried taking faff just a tiny amount and a larger amount and it seems to remove the wood evenly but leaves one area shallower than the rest.When I try to use the 4 jaw chuck I get a large vibration. I got some good suggestions at the intro site, but thought maybe here someone else might give me the aha! to the problem. Oh yeah one other side issue. Does anyone know what diameter I need for the Grizzly Go584 tailstock handle.( when I go to Grizzly it won't pull this model up).I want to try and get a metal handle. My plastic one has broken down to just the plastic piece over the piece of metal it connects to. There seems to be a set screw, but it won't accept any allen wrenches and i would swear it isn't stripped but is flat. Strange. Right now I'm using a pr of vise grips as a handle. I'll have to crack it to get it off. I guess i could measure the rod it attaches to after it breaks off
  11. I think I'm finally signed in, I'll know after I post this
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