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Old Coasty

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  1. Old Coasty

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    and somehow , they are still here in a box that has been moved skatyeight times and never opened.
  2. Old Coasty

    A happy occasion

    Really Great, remember this didn't take place in a Hospital.
  3. Old Coasty

    Waving flag project

    Oh Man, What a fantastic Flag.
  4. Old Coasty

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    Nick, Have you figured it out now?
  5. Old Coasty

    Merry Xmas

    The first one is for all believers. the second one is for those who don't. Xmas Tree 2018.pdf Bah Humbug.pdf
  6. Old Coasty

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    Still doesn't work, it's things that have to be done on certain days. Get rid of the word "SCHEDULE" . It isn't a word used in Retirement.
  7. Old Coasty


    Happy B-Day Tom, and many more to come.
  8. Old Coasty

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    Johnny Paycheck said it all in his song. "Take this job and shove it"
  9. Old Coasty


    Happy Birthday Dave, and many more to come.
  10. Old Coasty

    Retirement is Hard Work...! ! !

    and if you still know what that word means, you aren't retired.
  11. Old Coasty

    Happy 243rd Birthday Marine Corps

    From a Coasty, Bravo Zulu and Happy Birthday Marines.
  12. Old Coasty

    Happy Birthday John!

    Happy Birthday John, Have a Great Day.
  13. Old Coasty

    Happy Navy Day

    My bad, I forgot to include the families of the Navy Personnel. They pay dearly when deployments come around, and duty days and other scheduled activities that occur while in Port.
  14. Old Coasty

    Happy Navy Day

    As a Retired member of the US Coast Guard (The oldest continuous Seagoing Service of the United States) I would like to wish all Navy personnel a Happy Navy Day.

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