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  1. Why am I now picturing You wearing a shawl?
  2. My go to.........plus..it’s here! https://www.thehardwarehut.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIltbGw4z13QIVgtdkCh0bjQGkEAAYASAAEgJkg_D_BwE.
  3. I used the pins Gene shows and simply deducted 1/8 from the inside cab measurement. For what it’s worth, I used 3/4 for my shelves. The weight put on shelves can really get away from some people....probably most.
  4. Russboyd

    minwax stains

    Sherwinn williams sells minwax. That being said....try Sherwood classic stain. Much better product with more open time to rub it in and better performance over all.
  5. By the end of Wednesday, I plan on being RETIRED! And John ..... I can't resist ....... 23th?
  6. John, if you have a speed square, you should be able to get your angles off the old pieces. You need to know your roof pitch to start with if the speed square doesn't work. I'm sure a framing square would work too if you were good with one. I used to "stick" a lot of roofs but it's just been too long for me to recall off hand.
  7. I would build carcasses for two to three sections ..... install in opening and then trim..... hiding all the joints.
  8. Stick ...Been dealing with a lot. I'll call you when the pressures off a bit. Just lots on my plate right now.
  9. EVERY BODY BACK UP! Somethings about to explode! (sorry Stick ... couldn't resist) To add my 2 cents .... Great guy in every aspect.
  10. Russboyd


    WOW! I had to sign in just to say ..... what an awesome looking bowl. GREAT work. Might not hold my soup, though.
  11. Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this
  12. Courtland/Morris woodworking I'd keep as much of the old name as possible. You won't lose too many previous viewers.
  13. Nicely done. I like the contrast in color.
  14. Really nice John. Great work.
  15. Thank you for all the nice compliments. Let me try and answer the questions and hope I don't leave any out. John the pricing of this was 278 for material and 400 labor for a total of $678 plus tax. Pretty high in my opinion but I sure did NOT make a killing. I price all my stuff with materials and what ever I think the time may be. Stick... no more cars or trucks, but I do have a couple of plans and some time coming up until August. Danl .......I didn't take any pics of the inside and would guess this would hold 12 pair MOL withOUT stacking them but I'm sure you could get 20 in there if you didn't worry about scuffing. GrandpaDave ....... There is a divider between the center door and the right door. Each section had 1 shelf that is adjustable. Hope I covered it and thanks again for looking and commenting.
  16. Here's a glimpse at the latest project in my shop. This is a shoe cabinet for a long time client done in a (my first) frameless (almost European) style. Finish is Ipswich Pine (actually had Sherwin Williams make it in their product vs. Minwax) stain with 2 coats semi gloss (for build) and two coats satin. Wood is Alder. Different for me but I like the simplicity, which is what she wanted. Hope she likes it.
  17. Those look GREAT Ron! May I ask what the span of those shelves are? And the depth? I am always worrying about spanning too far even though I use the span table we all seem to use (name is eluding me right now). They look like at least 64" but I know pictures can be deceiving. GREAT looking project and a happy looking client. Nice work.
  18. If you put them too far back from the counter you will get a shadow when you are at the counter. THAT being said, mine are 45" (just what looked good) from the wall and I haven't had issues.
  19. If you can't hide it ..... advertise it! It looks great! Nice cover.
  20. Thanks guys. I'm glad you like the feet, cause they were a bear to do. I wish the doors had not come out darker, but it's a two-tone .... right? All the same mix but the doors were sprayed flat as opposed to those other parts being vertical. More material I suppose. I am most happy that I didn't get streaks as this is a problem with spraying colors whether with lacquer or stain. Danl. the joinery was grooves but not with a mortiser ..... just the table saw. The sides are two pieces of beadboard so as to have the inside and outside the same. The back and doors are only one piece. I would love to have sprayed this as one unit, but the small spaces just don't allow that. The color took me forever to work out, but turned out the way I was hoping for. Good build all around but as always I have some learning to do...
  21. Not been on in a long while, but hope to be here more. Here is one of the projects that's taken my time. Alder is the wood. The darker picture is what it looks like in natural (not close) light and the redish tone is with light directly on it. I sprayed a Dark Walnut dyed lacquer (gloss) four coats and then two coats of satin. Because of the finish, I needed to spray in pieces and then assemble. All dimensions were from the client with my "tweaking". Fun, but at the same time a nightmare of pre planning, etc.. I like it and hope they do too. Thanks for checking it out.
  22. That is a BEAUTIFUL piece of work!
  23. VERY impressive work on BOTH the redwood and Maple pieces.
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