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  1. Why am I now picturing You wearing a shawl?
  2. My go to.........plus..it’s here! https://www.thehardwarehut.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIltbGw4z13QIVgtdkCh0bjQGkEAAYASAAEgJkg_D_BwE.
  3. I used the pins Gene shows and simply deducted 1/8 from the inside cab measurement. For what it’s worth, I used 3/4 for my shelves. The weight put on shelves can really get away from some people....probably most.
  4. Russboyd

    minwax stains

    Sherwinn williams sells minwax. That being said....try Sherwood classic stain. Much better product with more open time to rub it in and better performance over all.
  5. By the end of Wednesday, I plan on being RETIRED! And John ..... I can't resist ....... 23th?
  6. John, if you have a speed square, you should be able to get your angles off the old pieces. You need to know your roof pitch to start with if the speed square doesn't work. I'm sure a framing square would work too if you were good with one. I used to "stick" a lot of roofs but it's just been too long for me to recall off hand.
  7. I would build carcasses for two to three sections ..... install in opening and then trim..... hiding all the joints.
  8. Stick ...Been dealing with a lot. I'll call you when the pressures off a bit. Just lots on my plate right now.
  9. EVERY BODY BACK UP! Somethings about to explode! (sorry Stick ... couldn't resist) To add my 2 cents .... Great guy in every aspect.
  10. Russboyd


    WOW! I had to sign in just to say ..... what an awesome looking bowl. GREAT work. Might not hold my soup, though.
  11. Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this
  12. Courtland/Morris woodworking I'd keep as much of the old name as possible. You won't lose too many previous viewers.
  13. Nicely done. I like the contrast in color.
  14. Really nice John. Great work.
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