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  1. My latest woven basket illusion, a ceremonial basket design that I call Navajo Rain Cross. The cross symbol can also be found on Navajo rugs and pottery and is often used to represent Spider Woman, the first Navajo deity. The basket is twelve inches in diameter and the wood is maple. Beading, pyrography and ink were used to create the basket illusion. It was donated to the SWAT 2019 Symposium and selected as an auction item.
  2. Billy B

    Oak and Dye

    The stain really makes,the medullary rays pop. It almost looks like a globe.
  3. That was my initial reaction, but then I figured that your church members are more generous than most.
  4. I agree with Gerald about power washing, but usually just a high pressure nozzle on a garden hose will do the trick. The below ground root ball is well worth using and has the most amazing grain that you will ever find. Be careful when turning because what you think is one solid piece could be separate interlocking pieces and at some point you will make the critical cut that allows the two or more pieces to separate from one another. So make frequent stops to carefully examine the piece for integrity. Also, listen very carefully for "funny" sounds. Don't ignore any change in sound ... the wood is talking to you ... if you aren't listening it might smack you upside the head to gain your undivided attention.
  5. Billy B


    Thanks, Gerald. I remember he posted quite a bit on the Wood Magazine forum until they shut it down.
  6. Billy B


    Nice work, Gerald. Who was the guy on Wood Online who was really big into the Ringmaster?
  7. I'm the other guy they chase in the opposite direction. Here is what the bottom looks like.
  8. I turned a similar wedding basket illusïon a couple years ago as an auction item for my turning club. This one is somewhat smaller at only 12½ inches in diameter. This one will be in the SWAT 2-for-1 drawing next month. The wood is maple and if my memory is correct it has 58 rows of ⅛ inch beads. I used pyrography to create the illusion of a coiled basket and then used Copic ink pens to color the design.
  9. It might hold because the smaller washers don't carry any load. They are there just to keeps the disk centered between the ways.
  10. Sometimes chicken, sometimes feathers.
  11. While it might seem counter intuitive to you, roughing up the surfaces with sandpaper is the wrong thing to do. In simple terms, roughing the surfaces reduces the surface contact area. As an analogy, think of what would happen if you roughed up your Morse taper drive centers with sandpaper. The best solution to the problem is to replace the little round disk clamps with rectangular T-slot clamp plates, preferably as long as the base of the tailstock. Another common problem is that as lathes get used over many years the middle of the bed will become higher than the outer edges so that only the middle makes contact with the mating surface of the tailstock or sometimes the tailstock can even be rocked side to side slightly. If that is the case then you will need to flatten the bed which isn't as complicated as it may seem.
  12. I definitely remember you from the from the former WOOD Online forum , Steve ... and I am very pleased to see that you have developed into a very accomplished turner and respectable member of society despite my influence. It must have been that John Lucas was able to have enough positive influence to override my "help".
  13. Thank you everybody for the nice comments. David Nittmann once said that it helps to be half nuts to do these basket illusions .... so I guess that means I am qualified. About three or four months, sometimes a few hours a day and sometimes all day long plus time and a half overtime towards the end to get it finished in time for the auction. I'm finally back, Gerald, after nearly two years of not being able to turn. I did some turning yesterday and man am I rusty. It's a good thing that nobody was watching as I made a funnel. Well, my wife saw it and said, "Awwwww". Here is a link that has some of my work plus some of the pieces that we've collected from other turners: http://www.pbase.com/bill_boehme/woodturning Here is a link to some more of my work on the AAW site: http://www.woodturner.org/gallery/ViewAlbum.aspx?id=22845674 and here is a bunch more of my turnings on the AAW forum: http://www.aawforum.org/community/index.php?media/albums/bill-boehmes-album.628/ Many of the [pieces appear on all three sites. Most of my turnings are donated to various worthy causes. I am currently starting on another basket illusion that will be donated to the SWAT symposium 2-for-1 drawing in August.
  14. The Tübatulabal are an indigenous people of the Kern River Valley area of Southern California and are related to the Aztec. The literal meaning of the name is "pine nut eaters". Stones were heated in a fire and then placed in the baskets to cook the food. This basket illusion measures 13⅝" diameter and about 3½" deep. The wood is maple. It was donated to the 2017 Christmas auction of the Woodturners of North Texas.
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