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  1. We here in the south and southwest for years and years years I thought the same when Unions went on a strike....Oh no another Union strike and that means the cost of everything will go up to cover those higher wages and better benefits for a few. Not upset about it but just shut your mouth about it on this wood working site, please!
  2. Smallpatch

    Hey Guys This Is Worth Watching

    Thats it John. It was much clearer and lasted longer on Facebook but still amazing how he used his left leg as a pivoting spot to wrap the stick around on a few of the twirls. Thanks.....I think I will come back as a geek goo-- ruu in my next life so I can man handle this computer...
  3. Wifiee is back to being kinda normal again. I say kinda for she was never ...She is back to being the lady of the house again. My lady. But still with the kidney pains..at least the emergency room people done a Cat-scan and pin pointed what was causing the problem.. The emergency room people asked who her Urologist was so they could call him. He called back and said he was to old they should contact the Urologist group at the big hospital. They called and said they would have to have her primary care doctor give a recommendation...Like its not good enough for the recommendation coming from people who had found the problem but the primary care doc only had a urine specimen to go by...So this happened Thursday morning.... So now the primary care doc has been notified to call the group Urologist and it will be next week before even the appointment can be made. Meaning if all the correct steps are not made in order then someone along the line might not get paid..... No one worries about the patients as much as getting some of that money. And since this is real life, money talks here also. She also knows they used a word that is a little easier on ones mind than the dreaded word cancer. Which has to be tested before they know for sure. That same doc did the operation on my bladder and installed that stent and removes cancers when they show up...but knows when operating procedures should be passed on to younger people.. Right now I only have a knife and a tape measure in my pockets so this is starting out as a day off.
  4. Smallpatch

    Hey Guys This Is Worth Watching

    Wife e-mailed this bear twirling a big stick like you ain't ever seen before. She found it on Facebook. Its a video and I tried to put it here for all to see. But this ole boys brain ain't what it use to be. Actually it ain't ever been. End of sentence. Somebody find it over there and bring it over here.. I doubt if ole Stick could do what this bear is doing.... The sound is like foreign but is entertaining to those folks also...
  5. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Finally a finish to get er finished. I did this about a couple hours ago but when I tried to post it , the last post I typed and posted kept coming back up and I posted it again and not this one of the finish to get er finished..So I'll try again. I also decided the one on the right is from a plum tree that started dying and the one on the left is some variety of oak for there are 7 or 8 different oaks with different leaves on this property and only the live oak , the bur oak and red oak and pin oak is about all I know for sure. I started to add the pinyon but then as I was telling about the only pine tree with edible nuts I thought well duh, it ain't ever a oak tree. No extra stain or color was added to either wood, just 100% tung oil before the clear lacquer after a few days for the tung oil to dry before the lacquer.
  6. Roly I never paid much attention to what a policeman has attached to their belts but now a days there is no extra space all around their body on their belts. Got to be 40 lbs or more they have to get used to. That is a small 6 foot tape measure. Something I have carried along with the Vise Grips and the pocket knife since the hitch in the army.. Not that exact tape for they only last a couple years for the lines disappear in the first inch or so.
  7. Smallpatch

    Starting To Build A Tea Pot.

    Dave I had a 52 Ford for about 2 years. The valve seats was bad about cracking and that meant dead cylinders. And the valve seats were in the block and not the heads like the later V8's. Nobody could repair those problems back then but they still charged for ???...This kind of stayed in my mind for the next 45 years or more. I think I bought the 52 in the end of 53 and the next Ford I bought was a new F 150 in 98 and it is sitting in the garage now. Not a lot to show how I pinned the cracks in the tea pot.. I took advantage of the areas I hollowed out for the spout and handle and drilled angling holes as deep as the 3/8" drill bit was long. All the holes got past the middle where the crack is. I did use the next size drill up from the 3/8 cause that deep of hole and a tight fitting dowel with glue all over it would have to be hammered in and for sure I didn't want to push the crack wider was the reason for the next size hole and with glue on both surfaces I worked the dowel back and forth pushing in as I went..If you get the right amount of glue when the dowel bottoms a small amount of glue will be pushed out at the top at the same time as the dowel hits bottom...This learning is lots of years in a shop. Anyone with lots of woodworking knowledge had to have lots of years in the shop..for a person does not do the same kind of work every day. The next time I might have to do the dowel thing might years down the road.
  8. Standing out in the sun watching for new sprouts to show themselves on the transplants. Amazing what the hot sun over head along with some wet roots can accomplish... I also have to change the location of the cat food for a momma fox showed up with her 4 little ones so I'll start using the metal saw horse again. Its close to the window at night. I do have a light hanging over the food so we can watch how the cats and the foxes inter-mingle. Amazing how both species respects each other..
  9. Some one said you look like those cops standing there at the desk. I said hows that and she said they carry all their important things attached to their belts all around their body and it looks like you carry yours in your pockets. I showed her what I had planned on doing today instead of the emergency room. No big deal. Except the little pair of Vise Grips which usually are in this mess is missing from the picture.. I said the black marker is for after I get the tree out of the ground I can write on it as to which end is up as I go to replant it. I guess maybe I should have waited till after she found the vein with the needle...before I said that! You guessed it, the pecans are if I get hungry and have mud on my shoes.. They were in the freezer and I like to carry them in my pockets till they get thawed.
  10. I've been transplanting crepe myrtles all morning and just got finished and am inside the house...Supposed to be 104 shortly...Not the kind of weather to have a shovel in ones hands but I had to take maw to the emergency room in the big city yesterday morning and this was planned yesterday since it was was only going to get up to 102. Cat-scan showed a cyst on her left kidney. Never heard her that loud before, even when she was yelling at me when trying to tell me a big rattle snake was between her and the house.... Well I take that back for one time at the go cart track she was under the over pass watering the ivy that she had planted so it would hang down and almost touch the go carts as they zoomed under the bridge...and that time the snake stuck its whole body out over the wall and she said was sticking its tongue out a foot or so pointing it right at her and the more she squirted it the closer it would get to her.....I did hear her that time but just waved and she got all up set cause I wouldn't go save her from the snake......I don't like snakes either and it seemed she was giving it a good bath so I thought she might be yelling for me to bring her a towel.........Women sometimes thinks different in emergencies.
  11. Smallpatch

    Recipe Box Prototype

    Hip Hip Hooooray. I could use one of those. I hang notes all over the place telling me where things are...that I couldn't find last time I looked..
  12. Smallpatch

    Ringmaster Carving

    Now you're cooking.. oh wait, you can't cook in those, can you??? Looking good. How about using a NASA flight suit and helmet.? A head can only take so much.
  13. Smallpatch

    Do I Need This?

    John about 10 years ago I happened to be at a school auction. Used to be my favorite place to buy woodworking machines.. Remembering back to when I took woodworking in 1951 52 and 53 none of the machines hardly got used and most certainly never to the point of wearing any parts out...But this school auction something else caught my eye and that was a Hermes Engraver...Any retired teacher probably used them to make their door signs or any other important plaques that was needed back then and they were using formica which when you cut the letter it gave you a two tone sign....Great for signs back then.... ..... After the biding was over and I got the high bid this lady stepped up and asked did I get the bid because of the cabinet or the machine.. The contents of the drawers I said. I finally sold the cabinet to the lady for 10 bucks less than the bid price.. Later I realized the cabinet with the 30" deep drawers was made special for the Hermes engraver so when I got home I had no where to store all the stuff. Sure wish I had have kept that wood cabinet .. Auctions are great for they offer some quick learning experiences. Just get there early enough to check things out so you don't get burned.. After thinking I really needed that engraver I don't think I have used it over 10 times in about 10 years..Maybe a lot less years but when something is in the way almost every day...........Then you mention the paper cutter!!! My shop is 30x62 but it seems like it is 2 foot wide by 62 foot long.....
  14. Smallpatch

    Do I Need This?

    John if you lived next door yes I would walk over and get it. I would not require you to bring it over here...Nice of me huh?? But no, for it takes up too much room. I use to have a good use for one but I think age is setting in more than I want to admit....The way I print out the patterns I glue on to the wood for the scroll saw cutting sometimes I have 6 or 8 pages to glue together to make one pattern and it is a chore to get all that straight... Right now I have many patterns already put together from long ago still sitting there calling to grab me and get the glue ready...Thanks anyway.
  15. Smallpatch

    Spraying In Hot and Humid Weather

    I spray all my stuff out side in the shade even if its 100 but I only use lacquer...Very high humidity will turn clear lacquer cloudy on certain days. Those 12 days of Christmas was sprayed with lacquer.

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