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  1. My wife had similar symptoms that the docs thought was a gall bladder problem, and so wanted to remove it. An internal med doc checked her out and said it was an inflamed rib muscle. A quick shot and pain gone. No surgeries. I get frustrated with their mindset. It should not be a "Luck" thing.
  2. You might consider getting a second or third opinion. You have enough data now for a good cross-check. I have learned over the many years of my wife's cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorder treatments that the docs sometimes follow a process of elimination rather than look for specific causation. Its like "We'll try this, and if that doesn't work, we'll try something else, and if that doesn't work, well....." You have to manage them. hat
  3. Please recall from my many past posts that I stand strong in recognition for veterans everywhere, more so than most posters here. But not the president or Congress making vets pawns for their own agendas. Want to do something good for vets? Fix the VA and its massive bureaucracy. Better yet, stop sending our people into stupid wars like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan so they don't become disabled vets.
  4. Hello John Trump didn't do it for vets; he did for his own political standing. hat
  5. Thanks, guys. The Whip is aware of the games they play, and we know we have to be vigilant.
  6. Hello Steve Your work is excellent! Thanks for sharing! hat
  7. It is 8 PM, and 112 DEGREES in my shop!! El Roasto rules!
  8. I fell for it, also!
  9. Congratulations, Al. Dinner and a nap sound good. hat
  10. I didn't mind that much until they started using the claws for increased traction up my chest and shoulders.
  11. Yeah, I saw him pretending to be asleep in the upper pictures with the linseed oil bowl. Sneaky things, they are. Sometimes one of my daughter's "cougars" would sneak in and lay down on my work.
  12. Hey, John glad to see you up and kicking again. The chair looks really good! I think I'll give the suntanning trick a try the next time I make a j-box using curly maple. However, I have to ask, do you have that wolf under control? Is he dangerous?
  13. Best be careful. Retirement is tough! You never get a day off!!
  14. Hi John I know from the experience of my wife going through cancer, heart disease, and associated issues that a strong positive attitude closely coupled with modern medical treatment is the winning solution. I know people who sunk into depression and/or sidestepped modern medicine, and they fell farther down until they finally gave in. Stay strong and positive.
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