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  1. hatuffej

    Some good news

    Hang in there, Gene. It gets better with time. hat
  2. hatuffej

    Cherry Blanket Chest

    John, that is excellent work, very beautiful! Cherry always comes out looking so good! hat
  3. Thanks for sharing this, John. hat
  4. hatuffej

    The Retired Carpenter

    That's a good story. Now, we need one on how to remedy the slip-ups we made along the way. hat
  5. hatuffej

    Last Job Memories

    Cool! I've got notes, receipts, etc. from work I did nearly 30 years ago. I have a scar on my thumb from some table saw work I did 40 years ago! hat
  6. hatuffej

    Force Blue Warriors

    I'm glad to see vets doing this. The decline of coral is seen worldwide and ocean acidification is the primary suspected cause. hat
  7. hatuffej

    Hispanic Cultural Graffiti - Art

    Nice artwork! Thanks for sharing. Marking territory is part of animal nature and human beings are no different. Artwork representative of a culture is a sign of respect that goes a long way toward peaceful co-existence. I have learned to say typical greetings in several languages just to show acceptance and respect toward those people. Our world would likely be a better place if more respect was openly shown. hat
  8. https://navajotimes.com/reznews/south-korean-delegation-honors-navajos-korean-war-veterans/ Check this out! hat
  9. http://www.mauinews.com/news/community-news/2018/09/joint-service-will-remember-sacrifices-of-nisei-soldiers-of-wwii/ Check out the article honoring the Japanese-Americans in WWII. hat
  10. hatuffej

    Antique Pine Cabinet (Hand Tool Storage)

    Hello John That's an excellent idea. I have used several of the old kitchen cabinets in my shop and basement storage areas. hat
  11. hatuffej

    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Happy B-Day! Do something wickedly fun!! I stand at 26,938 days old. Age ain't nuthin' but a number. hat
  12. hatuffej

    Ridge vent

    I roofed my house over 20 years ago and installed 4 individual "turtle" vents. As I recall, ridge venting was a new idea. Now, I am re-roofing the house and want your insights into whether I should forego the turtle vents and opt for a ridge vent. Many thanks! hat
  13. I have a 3/4-inch scar on my left thumb that I must ask as a safety check before I turn on the machine. "Hey, Thumb. Are we good to go?" Us WWers sometimes get into complacency mode as we work through a project. Glad you're OK. hat
  14. hatuffej

    Acceleration Explained

    That rate of acceleration is similar to what my wife does when she hears of a sale! hat
  15. hatuffej

    I am BACK

    Hello Ron I'm sorry to hear of your loss. That can be tough. I like the table and chairs....good, solid practical design and construction. Many years ago, I used oak pallets to make a crib for my daughters. I spun the 2x4s out for the legs and posts, and cut ribs and headboards from the flat slats. hat

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