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  1. https://www.mauinews.com/opinion/editorial/2019/06/remembering-forgotten-war/ Check out this news article. The number of civilian casualties in these stupid wars is horrendous.
  2. Many thanks to everyone for explaining to me how to insert pics in the text.
  3. Part 2 of making a jewelry box Cut the rabbets for the bottom and sides. Clean the rabbets up and do a test fit Let the glue set up for a day. Part 3 will be making the bottom and trim pieces. Set the assembly jig and do a dry fit Glue the joints and clamp it all together. Let the glue set for 24 hours. Part 3 will be making the bottom and trim pieces.
  4. The title of post is supposed to be "How I make a jewelry box, Part 1" How do I place the image within the topic? I'm pretty dumb with this stuff. Hopefully, I'll do better with the next set.
  5. Wow, I clearly don't know how to stage the pics with explanatory text between each one. Anyway, the first pic is laying out the choices of wood followed by a selection based on the wood speaking to me. The ice cream sticks illustrate the intended orientation for the front and ends. The 4th pic is the chosen piece cut to 18.5 inches at the table saw. Next I cut the piece almost in half making 3-4 cuts. Then, its off to the bandsaw for the final separation. I have found this easier to do than trying to cut entirely with the bandsaw because sometimes the blade wanders and I then have 2 pieces of uneven thickness. A couple of trips through the planer gives 2 pieces just over 3/8" thick. An initial sanding with 100 grit to further clarify the conversation. A streak across the jointer to get a smooth straight edge, followed buy a rip cut at the TS for parallism. Set up the stop block on the miter gage to make identical 12" and 6 inch cuts. This prevents me from making errors that later lead to squaring problems. I now have 2 long sides and 2 ends and discovered I made the mistake of cutting the short ends from the wrong ends. Oh, well. Another thread talked about such things, yes? Stay tuned. Next will be rabbets for the sides and bottom, followed by dry fit and glue-ups. Listening to the wood speak continues throughout the process. That will tell me about the trim, possibly an inlay, and the finish. After that, the lid runs approximately the same course, and finally the inner tray. Hope you enjoy! hat
  6. Hi I'm going to try to do a pictorial sequence of how I make a jewelry box. It will be in several parts with pictures for each part. Part 1 is listening to the wood and making the initial cuts
  7. They look good!
  8. Hey, John, its OK to be scared, especially since you don't yet have the facts of the cause and treatments. I speak from experience, and that is stay positive and strong. You want to do all the tests and you want to know the results, and cause, and treatments so you can make the decisions best for you. Then you go for it with standard Marine gusto. Become informed, ask questions, get a second opinion if desired. You will win!! YOU WILL WIN!!! hat
  9. I always make mistakes, mostly small ones typically not very visible, usually because my mind wonders, or I get in a hurry or too muscly with a hand tool.
  10. Hi John. I reposted after recalling you are camping out at the hospital.
  11. Hi John. Please move this post to the Veterans page. Its early, not enough coffee, yet! I reposted on the Vets page.
  12. Hang in there, John, and do everything they tell you to do. Homeopathic or naturopathic remedies may be OK but never as a substitute for the real meds. The wife has had cancer and heart disease over the last 17 years, so I know the ride. Stay positive in everything. Best of everything hat
  13. Big congrats! Hope you both have a ton of fun!
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