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  1. hatuffej

    Some of the Critters .

    It is amazing how lightning fast and strong a horse can be. At age 8, I received a swift kick to the buttock from a palimino, leaving horseshoe-shaped bruise that I had to show everyone. Later, I tried my hand at owning horses. One was a skittish gelding. I was walking him out to graze on some alfalfa when he suddenly reared up, spun around, and raced back to the corral with me pasture-skiing behind him. My left knee gave out and I went airborne, landing face-first just millimeters from fresh calling cards. I sold the horses because I didn't have the horse sense to manage them properly. 40 years later, I still have a gimpy knee. hat
  2. hatuffej

    Women's Veterans Day

    Yesterday was Flag Day to celebrate the adoption of the flag as the symbol for America. Several of the assisted living and senior centers in my area honored the veterans living there. hat
  3. hatuffej

    Women's Veterans Day

    Women's contributions have generally been ignored or downplayed for decades and are quite deserving of recognition. It seems strange to me that it is somehow wrong to honor their contributions yet its OK to have Vietnam Veterans Day. hat
  4. hatuffej

    Women's Veterans Day

    The replies suggesting sexism are surprising. We have Veterans Day, Armed Forces Appreciation Day, Vietnam Veterans Day, Memorial Day and no quibble. A day honoring women veterans is somehow less? As always, I honor all vets. I'm all for recognition for the women. hat
  5. Last year, Texas established June 12 as Women's veterans Day. i did not know this! Argghhh!!! http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/2018/06/13/opinion/on-women-veterans-day-we-honor-their-service-and-seek-to-understand-the-challenges-they-face/ Happy Veterans Day to all women veterans everywhere, alive or dead, and the families and friends. Thank you for everything you have done. hat
  6. I was at an art festival over the W/E and talked with a few vets. The first was a Navy vet who thought he would volunteer for the Marines but his WWII combat veteran father talked him out of it, saying "You have choices." At first he thought it was cop-out, then realized while in VN '68-'69 it was a smart choice. He said I am the first guy to ask how he is doing. The second was a Korean War vet who looked pretty good. He said he was in an armored assault unit and was in some tough fights but the brutal winter was a soul killer. He was downright pleased that I asked about him. The third was also a Korean War vet but in shaky condition. He was in the Navy serving on a tanker. They unloaded at a port near North Korea and was on their way back out to sea when they received orders to sand-blast and repaint the ship. He said they worked 24-hou days w/o sleep until his mind snapped and he woke up in a VA hospital. His wife agreed with his story, but I don't know what to think of it. No matter. He served. While at the festival there was a religious group talking with a bunch of homeless transients, several of them wearing old military clothes. One guy had some sort of balance problem and fell down several times. It sure seemed like it neurological in nature rather than drugs or booze. He put up his fists to anyone trying to talk with him. Tragic. Talk to vets when you see them. It makes their day. hat
  7. hatuffej

    D Day

    No worries. We're brothers in service! hat
  8. hatuffej

    D Day

    Today is the 74th anniversary of D Day, and I didn't find anything in the news or TV schedule about it. Many thanks to all WWII veterans, alive or dead, and their families and friends. hat
  9. Hello Ron. That is a moving story. Is it based on fact, perhaps slightly embellished for theatrical effect? Why would the Brits not take Hale captive? hat
  10. hatuffej

    Memorial Day, May 28th, 2018

    I celebrate Memorial Day the same as the other remembrance days, honoring those who have served and died and those still alive. My Dad served 4 years in the Navy on Guam as supply clerk and was overseas when I was born. He died in 1970. My Mom worked in aircraft repair at a local air force base, and told me stories of food rationing, and the fear of far away battles. She died in 2004. My brother served as a clerk at an army base in Germany. I served in the 7th Infantry division stationed at Camp Casey, South Korea. My wife's Mom assembled artillery shells in Ontario, Canada. She died in 21012. All of my uncles served in WWI or Korea and are all dead. I have a cousin who served as Navy seal during Johnson's secret raids into North VN, and is quiet about it all. All of my family is tied to the military over the years. We know the freedom and peace we have today is because of their combined efforts, and we are mindful of their sacrifices. Civilians don't get the credit they deserve for their contributions but we include them because they help a lot. I sincerely hope my grand-kids never have to face the horrors of war but they understand what we have done, and they are thankful. hat
  11. hatuffej

    Improving On Everything

    The State Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) runs the program, so they have the authorization. They set out the live traps and volunteers monitor them, replacing apples as needed. They haul the deer several miles away to suitable deer range in the mountains. Urban deer have adapted to human neighborhoods, breed, and rear fawns. I once had 14 of them bedded down in my back yard. They can devastate flowers, shrubs, and gardens. A few die on the roads hit by cars. Some get trapped by their hind legs in field fences. I have rescued 2 of them. On rare occasion, bucks have attacked people out walking. A nice 3-point charged me in my garden area but turned away about 30 feet away. Now, I carry a long, stiff metal rod with a sharp point if I want to scare them away. Some folks have said "the deer were here first!" I reply "So were bears, wolves, cougars and Tyrannosaurus Rex!"
  12. hatuffej

    Improving On Everything

    Hello Jesse. Thanks. I live in a small farming town in far northern Utah. Yeah, Jeff is OK. I've had to deal with various critters like raccoons and urban deer. The single biggest problem for the 45 years I've lived here is the neighbor's dogs that never leave their yards yet somehow kill my chickens (21 in one day) inside the coop and several rabbits (chewed through the wire cages). I feed my pets inside so the racs don't bother me. They run regular patrols, so I often ambushed them and they changed courses. I also shoot problem animals with a bow with a shortened arrow and a blunt tip. I also helped DWR live trap deer for relocation to the wilds. hat
  13. hatuffej

    Improving On Everything

    Try a pellet gun, much more quiet. If you thump the robbers on your property, how will your neighbors see them? Talk with the neighbors and share some of your nuts with them.
  14. hatuffej

    Remember the Stella Awards?

    These cases are impossible to believe. It must be the Deep Pocket Syndrome in which ordinary citizens look to make someone rich pay for the stupidity of their peers. I can't believe a judge would allow it. The prosecution must be totally incompetent. hat
  15. Today is Armed Forces Day. There will be celebrations around. At the Farmers Market, I met a 92-year-old WWII vet. I said "Thanks for everything and how are you? He said "You asked me that last year! I'm doing fine, thank you. See you next year." hat

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