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  1. hatuffej


    Happy B-Day! Do something wickedly fun! hat
  2. hatuffej

    Tablesaw Setup Advice

    Hello Smallpatch. I also added some sticky-backed sandpaper way back when. Maybe I should replace it. Many thanks! hat
  3. hatuffej

    Tablesaw Setup Advice

    To all my esteemed, multi-talented woodworking buddies who always resolve the most complex difficulties associated with WWing, I pose this dilemma. I like to make jewelry boxes and prefer nice-looking tight joints and square corners. One problem that drives me to religion is my inability to achieve such joinery. I'm out of square by about 1/32" along an 11-inch run. There is a 1/64' difference in distance between the 2 diagonals. Perhaps trivial, maybe I just need to stop drinking so much coffee. Today, I launched a full frontal assault on the problem as follows: I have Grizzly table saw, M#1023 3 HP, equipped with an Incra Miter 3000 miter gauge, and a Freud 50-tooth blade. Using a Starrett combination square that cost the equivalent of an arm and a leg and is accurate to the diameter of an atom, I checked the setting of the miter gauge to the blade, its good at 90 degrees. Using the same square, I checked the vertical alignment of the blade, it is 90 degrees to the table top. Using a digital depth gauge, I checked the parallel rotation of the blade to the left miter slot, its good within 0.002" all around the blade, indicating it is not bent. Using a micrometer, I checked for wobble in the shaft indicating a bad bearing, there is none. I then examined the miter gauge and found (horrors!) a slight end play (<1/64", 1/128"?) at the feed end of the bar that slides in the slot. Using an allen wrench and an ape I had to rent to loosen the screw holding the slotted nylon bearing in place, I removed the bearing and noted it had a very slight flat spot on it. AHA! I moved it around 180 degrees to a better surface. I re-seated the bearing, employed the ape, and discovered I have the same end play. Now what? I dropped for 20 pushups and came in for a nap. Any insight is welcome and much appreciated. hat
  4. hatuffej

    Update on Phyl's surgery

    Great news! Gotta love it, yes? I always know when my wife is feeling better when she starts telling me what to do again. hat
  5. hatuffej

    Misleading Email

    I access my email directly via the ISP. I hover over the address as suggested by Ron (Thanks, Ron!). I'm not very computer savvy, so I like to understand more in order to be safe. hat
  6. hatuffej

    Misleading Email

    Hello Lew How do you inspect a link? I get some questionable emails that I would like to check safely. Thanks hat
  7. hatuffej

    And you think we have nutzoid intersections..

    Judging by how fast the peds are walking, I think this film has been sped up. If so, then traffic is actually slower than shown, and perhaps not as "crazy" as it appears. hat
  8. hatuffej

    My war story

    Infantry tough!! Hoo-yahhhh!!!!
  9. hatuffej

    Anyone who thinks the terrorists haven't won

    John, your sense of humor makes my day! Many thanks!! hat
  10. John! You beat me to it!! I'm slippin' up. Gotta get down and do 20!! Thanks! hat
  11. Happy Veterans Day (Nov 11) to all veterans everywhere, alive or dead, and to their families and friends. Thank you for everything you have done , and continue to do, for all of us. Lots of local celebrations the entire W/E, Friday-Monday hat
  12. hatuffej

    Jewelry Chest Finally Done!

    Hello Gene That j-chest is clearly excellent! You have done well!! hat
  13. hatuffej

    Happy Birthday John!

    Hey John, Happy B-Day! Do something wickedly fun!! hat
  14. hatuffej

    almost a finger

    Hello Steamshovel Consider making an adjustable jig for the left slot. Adjust the jig to the blade on the right side for the thickness of the strip you want to cut. Place the fence on the right side of the blade and place your stock against the jig. Gently move the fence into position against the stock and lock it. Remove the jig and place a guide against the stock to hold it against the fence. Turn on saw, push the stock through, no fingers get close to the blade. Reset the fence and repeat. hat
  15. hatuffej

    Unusual joint

    I don't see the point of such complexity in M/T joinery. If the mortise and tenon are sized properly for project and machined to fit snugly, then when glued and clamped, they should never come apart, yes? hat

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