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The Patriot Woodworkers with Operation Ward 57 Adopt a Wounded Warrior Family for the Holidays - 2019 project is live, please click on link to view our very special annual project.


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  1. Christmas songs? Not me. I fully support veterans and most of the 2nd Amendment, but I cannot stand the sight of assault weapons with high capacity magazines.
  2. I like to make nice jewelry boxes using quality hardwoods, and have kept records of the time it takes to make one. It usually runs to about 20 hours, a little more if I do an inlay. If I charge $10/hour for the box, exclusive of materials or overhead, that runs to $200 to $220 for the box. In my market area, nobody will pay that price. So I sell them at $100-$150 by request, and I don't do craft shows or art fairs. Price has to be set for the existing market, what people are willing to pay. hat
  3. Happy B-Day, W&T! Stay warm, out of reach of hungry cats and bears, and do something wickedly fun!
  4. hatuffej

    Big Day

    Happy B-Day, Ron! Do something wickedly fun!
  5. Happy Veterans Day to all veterans, alive or dead, everywhere, and to their families and friends. Thank you for everything you have done , and continue to do, for all of us. hat
  6. Hello Gene You are correct. Native People today want to live and succeed in the modern world, but they keep their history alive, painful as it is. Some will talk with me about it. Some want simple recognition of their identity. I am always respectful. I go to the Bear River Massacre memorial service every year in January, and there are always a lot of veterans in attendance, many of them combat vets. Same with Native Hawai'ians. Everyone knows we can't undo history but we all can respect each other for our shared service, and that's what I try to do. hat
  7. https://www.standard.net/online_features/community_cares/how-to-honor-native-veterans-this-native-american-heritage-month/article_61c06219-6231-5f59-b717-11e91ca39b00.html I am really glad to see this. The irony is monumental. hat
  8. Happy B-Day, John! Do something wickedly fun! hat
  9. Hello Gene I'm pushing 75 and have been in many places. I have never felt the need to carry a gun for protection.
  10. hatuffej

    Hey Everyone

    Happy B-Day, Ma! Do something wickedly fun!! hat
  11. Hello Cliff I think it would be much better to do everything you can to avoid getting on the bear's menu. My principle is to never endanger a natural critter when I go hiking by taking a gun with me. Accept the risk or hike elsewhere. hat
  12. Check this out. https://www.hjnews.com/tremonton/honoring-the-fallen-locals-working-on-cemetery-memorial-for-borgstrom/article_c263b96c-4cf1-566e-a0ae-ee13249c61f6.html hat
  13. Hello kmealy I don't understand your meaning. Please clarity, OK? I Have used TBIII for many years with no problems, and even age (1 year old) doesn't seem to be a problem. thanks hat
  14. I think it is very important to respect your neighbors. The fact that nobody complains does not mean they are not bothered, just polite. My shop is in my garage and when I work with the garage door open, it amplifies and directs noise to my neighbors across the street. The TS and DC are really loud, the planer screams! I never work before 8 AM or after 6 PM in the evening. Some have told me they appreciate my consideration of them.
  15. Hello We are looking to replace our existing washing machine and are looking for recommendations. Its just the 2 of us, so no heavy usage. Right now, we have scouted Maytag and Whirlpool. Online reviews may be questionable. Thanks in advance. hat
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