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  1. hatuffej


    Hello Artie Just decide that you want to go out in flames, working wood and chasing women right up to the end. Then manage your diet and start doing pushups and deep knee bends every day. Do leg lifts while laying in bed. Buy a 25 lb hand barbell and do bicep curls. Don't moan. Just DO IT! Wood and women are waiting!!
  2. hatuffej

    How to make a "bunkie board"?

    That depands on the distance between the slats, the width of the slats, the thickness of the PB, and the weight distribution across it.
  3. hatuffej

    Butcher block material?

    Hello Gary Next time, try rubbing the screws along a block of paraffin wax to lube the threads. That reduces friction and usually stops breakage in hard woods. hat
  4. hatuffej

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Getting hammered with snow this AM, heavy downfall for the last hour. hat
  5. hatuffej

    Tabs on the Weather...

    Man, all you guys doing the wah-wah about the weather caused a roaring white-out blizzard here. Stopped me from taking out the garbage. \hat
  6. hatuffej

    Tabs on the Weather...

    I do that, too. Sometimes in the Summer!! hat
  7. hatuffej

    2 Horses lost off the carousel

    W-w-w-w-h-h-i-i-n-n-n-n-e-yyyyy!! Looks really good, Patch! hat
  8. hatuffej

    Cardiac stents

    Her energy level is pretty much the same but her endurance is much greater because her blood flow is much better with the stent. Before, she would get "winded" with normal efforts and have to "catch her breath." Not so now, and no heart attacks!! hat
  9. hatuffej

    Cardiac stents

    Hello smitty The Whip (age 66) had a couple of minor heart attacks in the Fall, 2017. Tests showed a minor blockage in the upper chamber. She got a stent installed going through the right wrist. The docs said it is easier for both you and them to go that way. They would have to install a plug in the groin entryway and you can't move around for a while. They kept her overnight for observation but she was fine (bored, too). She suffered no after-effects and walks 2 miles/day with me, sneaking in additions to the honeyDo list. hat
  10. hatuffej

    Molding storage

    Hello Lissa. I agree with the warnings given above. I have seen people use plastic wrap like saran wrap to wrap the entire bundle. I have stored small pieces of molding in my unconditioned garage for log times w/o apparent damage. Its pretty dry in Northern Utah. Its difficult to give a recommendation w/o knowing the environment you are in, etc. Best. hat
  11. hatuffej

    Molding storage

    Hello Lissa Lay it flat on something up off the ground and cover it with something water-proof. If you have several pieces, separate them with little sticks for good aeration. hat
  12. hatuffej

    Wooden Planes Phase III

    Hello Herb I agree with you that it looks like Leopardwood Never heard of it before. That explains the growling I sometimes hear in the shop. Now I have to go out in the shop and put it in a cage! hat
  13. hatuffej

    Tabs on the Weather...

    4 degrees F this AM.
  14. hatuffej

    Wooden Planes Phase III

    It looks like lacewood to me.
  15. hatuffej


    And Lissa, also. Dangerous Femmes, them. hat

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