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  1. hatuffej

    Finished Grandfather Clock

    Ron, that's excellent work! I like the horses, also. Made some for my kids and GKs. hat
  2. hatuffej

    Just a Couple Carved Walking Sticks

    Excellent work, Irish!
  3. hatuffej

    Steve Krumanaker Did It.

    Happy B-Day!
  4. hatuffej

    Allen Worsham It's Your Day

    Happy B-Day! Do something wickedly fun!! hat
  5. hatuffej

    Ground Wasps

    I can't imagine the horror of that experience. It would be all-out war. I hope that you were not seriously affected other than multiple stings and swellings. hat
  6. hatuffej

    Ground Wasps

    So far, a heavy shot of foam wasp killer in the hole followed by a shovelful of dirt seems to be working. Thanks to all! hat
  7. hatuffej

    Ground Wasps

    I discovered a nest of ground wasps next to my outside water faucet. It was stinging discovery, to say the least. I have buried the entrance 3 times now and sprayed it with wasp killer. They are determined little rascals, digging out each time. The current score is wasps 4, hat 0. hat
  8. That's excellent work, John! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Website for more info about the USMM http://www.usmm.org/faq.html hat
  10. There was a letter to the editor in the paper about how the USMM song was not played during a celebration. I recall a couple of years ago the US Coast Guard song was not played during a VD celebration. Many folks think the songs should be played while some don't. The USMM had the highest casualty ratio during WWII, were ordered into service, and were considered part of the US military. They played a vital role in the war effort. I am always amazed that some folks seem reluctant to celebrate veterans. hat side note: I can't correct the "Us" to US in the topic title.
  11. A friend asked me to make 4 folding chairs (all wood) and a folding table for their deck. I can design the table but need plans for the chairs. The table will be approx. 29" high so I will size the chairs to fit ergonomically with it. Can anyone point me to any plans or sites where I might find plans? Many thanks! hat
  12. hatuffej

    Does The World Really Need This?

    I'm in, too! I still have rotary dial phone in my shop. The GKs marvel at its use. hat
  13. hatuffej


    Ha! That's great. I could see it coming!! Many thanks! hat
  14. hatuffej

    the Pitfall of Retirement

    Hey, retirement is tough. You never get a day off! I've been at it for nearly 14 years!!
  15. hatuffej

    Coffee and Honey

    I like a medium dark roast Colombian coffee. I used to add a teaspoon of honey when I had lots of allergy problems and I think it helped clear them up, so less honey now for sugar control. On occasion, I'll pop in a teaspoon of dark cocao powder or cinnamon for the reported naturopathic benefits. I have eaten chunky-style PB since I was a small boy and eat it every day now on wheat bread or a high fiber, low carb wrap with kale, spinach and a teaspoon of medium heat salsa. I nearly died when I couldn't get PB in basic training and AIT. hat

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