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  1. Hello Ron. If you read the Hawai'ian newspapers, especially thegardenisland.com, Kaua'i's paper, you will see they are very concerned about containing the virus by limiting inbound tourists. Hawai'i does not have a robust health care system. Tourism is both a boon and a curse, and most Native Hawai'ians want to get back to the more peaceful way of life. 'O'ahu might be a better place to go. hat
  2. Welcome aboard, Andrew. We're all vets, a large family of misfits that fit together. Army infantry! hat
  3. Kitchener, ON. One sister lives in Goderich, another in Heidleberg, and another in Red Lake.
  4. Happy Canada Day, eh! My wife and her family are from Ontario, so i have to be "proper".
  5. You are correct Dan. There was popular quip I heard frequently that if you give a Korean a hammer and a screwdriver and 1,000 Won, he will build you whatever you want. I saw firsthand what they do, at both the rural and city level, educated and uneducated. The war devastated them and they rebuilt their society. Its targic that it had to happen that way.
  6. I served in the Army infantry and in 1969 was stationed at Camp Casey, South Korea. At the time, SK was considered the most heavily armed country per acre with the US involvement. The Korean people are very thankful for our help in driving NK and China back. North Korea constantly stokes fear with its pompous displays of military might, and the buildup along the DMZ was why I and 9,000 others were sent there. In 1963, I was working a Summertime job with the Forest Service and we had an Army vet who served in SK during the war. He was under VA hospital care and was trying to work a job. When I arrived at the tent we were housed in, he had the kerosene stove turned on full bore and was fully dressed with a field jacket and wrapped in a blanket. He slept with all his clothes on and extra blankets. He told me he can never get warm because the winter was brutally cold when he was on line. Tragic. hat
  7. I watched a special today showing how the French in the Normandy area celebrate D Day and those who made it all happen. Hopefully, we will never have to do something like that again. hat
  8. Tomorrow is D Day. 76 years ago, a whole bunch of people just like us joined together to stop a demonic evil political system. Most of those people have since died and the few remaining are dying every day. There were horrific losses on both sides, and as always, the civilian population suffered immensely. I don't think it is an impossible dream and hope to want wars of any kind to end. Defense against real threats is necessary but anything else is insanity. hat
  9. I read "Atlas Shrugged" years ago, and I totally agree with the perspectives given. The sad reality is very few people take a stand against the corruption, so it is easy for the "establishment" to either ignore or crush them. In my little town, a member of the Town Council told me there would be no problems if nobody complained. Those who complain cause the problems! Really!!
  10. I disagree, that perspective sidesteps the real cause. Injustice is the primary cause, politics, special interests, and random excitement just add to it. Racial injustice has simmered unanswered for many decades.
  11. I agree with the basis for the protest but none of the violence. The Salt Lake City police chief said during a protest that looting is not a lethal offense and therefore police will not shoot looters. Everybody must stay in control. I saw police knock women down! I saw pictures of protesters carrying AR-15s and handguns. Really????
  12. At 75, I am on the doorstep of Old Age and would like my world to be more peaceful. I am frustrated with the same old crap that never gets resolved. Stupid wars, racism, an incompetent government. I want a better world for my kids and G-kids, and yours. Someone has to stand and fight for it, regardless of how tired we feel. But I am tired and its frustrating to see it continue. hat
  13. That is an incredible example of working together!
  14. Am really sorry you got hurt. Not being critical but the piece looks way too small (short) to run across a jointer and the blade was set way too high taking too much of a cut. For me, the minimum length is 12 inches (I'm a little nervous with that ), and I set the blade to cut at 1/64th inch. I can take many safe passes with ease. hat
  15. Happy B-Day! Do something wickedly fun!!
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