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  1. It is tragically amazing to me that so many intelligent people are in such deep denial or have replaced responsible freedom with total freedom. Even worse, is their often violent reprisal when somebody asks them why. hat
  2. Been there, done that. Its a darn tough decision. Many sorries. hat
  3. OK, you asked me to stop, and I will, but I think all of you are sidestepping the point I was trying to make. A while back, Kaepernick and some of his buddies knelt during the national anthem to protest centuries-long racism and police brutality, and many here condemned them for "insulting" America. I had several African American and Hispanic buddies in the infantry. I have to stand for them, also. The racism and brutality continues and many still sidestep the issue. Why? Because they don't want to talk about the reality of the problem. Last post, John.
  4. So the cop shot him 7 times in the back.
  5. An excuse?! In this forum and several others that I read, there is plenty of criticism against the protesters but not police brutality. I watched the recent video 4 times showing that Kenosha cop shooting the man 7 TIMES! in the back while his 3 young kids were in the car. I have seen several videos of cops shooting African Americans in the back as they run away or a no-knock warrant. Not a single complaint. Le Bron James just said Black people are terrified. Our America, guys. Did any of you serve for this? This is beyond tragic.
  6. I don't understand why you want end grain exposed on the cutting surface. The pores must be sealed to prevent accumulation of foodstuffs and possible microbial growth inside the board. The board looks great with the long grain. hat
  7. I can't let this go. Mexico as a nation is not attacking the US. Desperate people looking for a better life are coming in because of the promise of America. Same for the thousands from Central and South America. And finally, please consider what our European ancestors did to Native People when they came ashore in 1620, then spread across the country. Negative impact?! hat
  8. I agree with you completely. There must be some legal factor involved, "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." I think full identification and public exposure is especially important. hat
  9. Even though I am now an Old Fart, I always walk up and thank every veteran I see, and asking them if they are OK, shaking their hand. I tell them its OK to have bad memories and to openly talk about them. They are quite appreciative, especially their wives.
  10. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/08/10/man-arrested-for-allegedly-breaking-jaw-of-72-year-old-veteran-in-mask-dispute/24587432/ Hope this works. It includes surveillance video of the attack. hat
  11. I agree. The draft should be re-started, and include women in it. Women can do any job that men can do, and they get the opportunity to serve their country and be first class citizens.
  12. In this crazy world, I try not to get worked up about the crazy stuff I see. However, I watched a video of a guy in Washington punch out a 72-year old disabled veteran for making a comment about his girlfriend not wearing a mask in the hotel lobby. The veteran was sitting down when the guy walked up and hit him 4 times!---breaking his jaw and damaging an eye. My OD green infantry blood and type A personality boiled at this. The police arrested him and charged him with assault. Insane!
  13. With El Roasto in full swing now, I would want a cold air supply!
  14. Hello Ron. If you read the Hawai'ian newspapers, especially thegardenisland.com, Kaua'i's paper, you will see they are very concerned about containing the virus by limiting inbound tourists. Hawai'i does not have a robust health care system. Tourism is both a boon and a curse, and most Native Hawai'ians want to get back to the more peaceful way of life. 'O'ahu might be a better place to go. hat
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