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  1. Happy B-Day, Cal! Do something wickedly fun!
  2. Update: I watched the film last evening and was disappointed. It started with original footage showing hundreds of European men being recruited for the war effort. The showing was in original format, small and grey. Then it was expanded to full-size with color. The footage was excellent in that I could see the guys as they went through training, shipping out to the front, and the actual trench fighting, including carnage. The disappointing part was the dialog from the soldiers was given by 4-5 narrators off-screen, speaking in European accent, and I couldn't follow it. I missed about 90% of the dialog because either the sound rendition of the film or the sound system of the theater was poor. I wanted to understand what the men were saying, what they felt, etc. I know that in the later stages of the war the men on both sides were really down and didn't want to fight anymore. The film shows Euro soldiers being friendly with German POWs. There were a lot of "boys" aged 15 to 16 who went in. What a truly horrible war.
  3. Hey Doc, I speak from experience. Some days at shows are like that. Throngs of people stroll by but never buy anything. However, they are looking. They took your card. They think about it, how will it fit in their homes, where will they put it? A seed of your art gets into their memory and sometimes the next time they see you, they buy. Stay positive and show your stuff. Hype it up (gently) a little.
  4. The single chick in the north nest is growing fast and staggering around today. The 2 chicks in the other nest are doing good but the 2nd chick is a lot smaller and will likely be bullied and will have to fight for food.
  5. Gene is right. Sorry I left the title out of my original post. It is called "They Shall Not Grow Old". I'm going tomorrow night!
  6. By popular demand, they are offering 2 more showings. I'll be first in line!!
  7. I frequently see a lack of publicity about other veterans. Seldom do we in the US read about the contributions of folks from other countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, most of Europe, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We are all Brothers!
  8. Last December, I read that Peter Jackson (producer of Hobbit series) had made a documentary of WWI using original 100-year-old original footage that he modified to a slower speed with colors, etc. He hired lip readers to get what the GIs said, then had people with local dialects repeat the verbiage. I was watching for it to arrive in theaters here, and read that last night was the last of a 3-day showing!!!! Double-diddly da****!! Original footage with GI dialog is priceless.
  9. Thanks for the post! Their sense of duty in the face of blatant racism is astounding.
  10. Excellent photography! Many thanks!!
  11. Consumers and taxpayers are the cash cows for corporations and government. And we let then get away with it!!
  12. Hey Artie, thanks for posting this. I had it on my list but got side-tracked.
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