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  1. Dick Cole, last of the Doolittle Raiders, dies at 103 https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/04/09/a-legend-passes-dick-cole-last-of-the-doolittle-raiders-dies-at-103/ https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/04/08/last-surviving-doolittle-raider-honored-florida.html Larry
  2. On my original post I inverted the links. I could not find how to edit a post. THIS "QUOTE" HAS THE LINKS IN THE RIGHT SPOT. Larry
  3. On last nights news, I saw a video on a Texas WWII vet that is turning 100 on March 2. His birthday wish is to receive 100 birthday cards. Here is a link to another video on him that shows more information. This video shows he has received 2,500 cards. The video I saw last night shows he has received 10,000. https://abc13.com/society/family-asks-for-birthday-cards-for-wwii-vet-fighting-cancer/5119970/ While looking at this video, I found story on 92 year old vet in Oklahoma who is battling cancer. His birthday is April 17. He enjoys getting mail but does not get very much. https://abc7chicago.com/society/veteran-asks-for-100-birthday-cards-but-gets-thousands/5159623/ Thought maybe some of us might have a birthday card or two that needs to be mailed somewhere and maybe a sheet of paper that needs a letter written on it and mailed. Their addresses are show in the written portion of articles. Larry
  4. Just Larry


    That is a typo. Fingers got mixed up. I've had my 40-690 for nearly six years. Has been used hard. Did grease front bearings two years ago. Made a great difference. Larry Davis (Just Larry on SSV. I have some comments in the links Lew posted.)
  5. Just Larry


    Bill, Here if information on bearings for your 40-690. The Kit numbers were listed in the Video you mentioned. http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD... per saw content is: Kit8616 (HK0609 Needle Bearing 6x10x9) 12 Kit7492 (HK0810 Needle Bearing 8x12x10) 2 Kit7189 (HK1412 Needle Bearing 14x20x12) 2 The HK numbers are the standard numbers that will help you get them from local sources. Sleeves that go inside bearings are sourced from: http://servicenet.dewalt.com/ 286294-00 short sleeve 286295-00 long sleeve 286430-00 drive link sleeve 286292-00 pivot rod Hope this helps. I will be getting bearings from my 60-490 shortly. Larry
  6. Very nicely done. They will be appreciated Larry
  7. What part of TX will you be coming through? Larry
  8. I have one of these older ones. Do not use it a lot but do use. I use poster board for some of my scrolling ornaments. Cutter is ideal for cutting the poster board. Works great for trimming patterns. Also works great for changing your finger prints - just watch where you have your fingers when cutting. Larry
  9. Thank you sir. This will come in handy. Larry
  10. I have used the red line patterns. Much easier to follow than the black line. Many of my pattern lines are made in dark gray shade which is also easy to follow. I do not do any tracing. Patterns are computer generated or scanned into computer. I change the line color before printing the pattern. And, I still use the black line patterns when I can't change or do not want to take the time to change the line color. Larry
  11. Artie, rig you up an aquarium pump for a dust blower. I got a used one several years ago for 1 or 2 dollars. Worked much better than the original. Gives a constant stream of air. Larry
  12. I have never seen a Sukura or a PS wood scroll saw except in pictures. Did read a little about both a few minutes ago. Both show to be 5 speed and both appear (to me at least) that they are belt driven. So, to change the speed, you need to change the belt position on the pulley's. Parts to appear to be available through PS wood. Would definitely recommend giving a used saw a test drive before the buy. Larry
  13. Fred, Repair and save the money for the blades and wood you will be using. Larry
  14. Here is a link to EX, King, etc., information from Scroll Saw Village. http://www.scrollsawvillage.com/articles/resources/excalibur-scroll-saw-what-happened-r101/ Larry
  15. Tom, I replaced the bellows on my old craftsman with an aqurium pump I found at thrift store. Plugged in in so it came on when the saw came on and attached the plastic hose to the air line on the pump. Worked better than the saw bellows. The pump give a constant stream of air while the saw bellows pressure is regulated with the speed of the saw arm. When the bellows on my delta goes out, I will put the pump on it if I don't get it on before then. Cost of replacement was $2.00. Larry
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