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  1. To answer the The question of the air supply register the top of the desk is about an inch from the wall and the cabinets are about 4 inches from the wall. Our granddaughter spent 5 days doing her final college exams and did ask for a light blanket for her legs (wearing shorts) My wife isn’t bothered By it. RJR fromMn
  2. Yes it is a shredder on a pull out drawer. Behind I made a shelf that holds our main surge protector. This way we can get to plugs easily for devices. RJR
  3. This is a desk I designed for my wife's office. All full extension drawers. This was a Spring project. This was a very efficient layout for her. RJR from Minnesota
  4. I found dowel centers set at Rockler Item #27179 /$7.99 RJR
  5. I have used the 1/2" BB on many drawers. I used the PC dovetail jig and it worked out fine. RJR
  6. I think I will do that I will go through some of my photos and pick out some RJR favorites
  7. the wood is mahogany and backing is light canvas material from a fabric store, thanks for asking RJR
  8. I did not know I was on Free For All. You certainly have my permission to put on Woodworking General Forum . Thank you RJR
  9. These are dresser valets I made for family members. It was a plan out of WJ. It was enjoyable but a lot of intricate sizing of material. I used mahogany wood and stain and shellac finish.
  10. I have used them many times for WWII blades and some Freud blades and am very satisfied RJR
  11. My prayers and condolences to you and family RJR
  12. hey guys thanks for all the complements RJR
  13. to STICK no I do not have a trimmer knife , wish i did, just use ww2 blade and an INCRA mitre guage and lots of small cuts
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