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  1. we have to close our windows in nice weather at dinner time, as the breeze can negatively affect the propane cook top burners. imagine a fan would have similar effects. if electric cook top, then no problem with breezes. but propane/nat gas is the way to go if you have a choice.
  2. already planned. these are bar height chairs, but she wants table height chairs......that's a pretty serious change. i'll figure it out. can't just cut the legs shorter, they splay out, and that would make the footprint too small.
  3. designed from scratch, did one previously in oak, stained dark, wife wanted a lighter frame this time, so plain maple. 1-1/2" deep, all done on the router table and table saw. single piece of wood, so a stepped cut. frame is about 2-1/2 wide. double thickness of 3/4" thick stock glued up. if you look carefully, i messed up the bead at lower left. doh. didn't notice it until it was too late. now we'll call it a design feature. sigh.
  4. thought this thread was long dead and buried. guess not. my winter project is to build a pair of Adirondak chairs for the patio, at the request of my wife. who bought me a set of plans and needed hardware (Rockler). first, need to figure how much lumber i need. a bunch. so this will be a first, building something from a set of plans and templates. what could go wrong???!!!
  5. picture frame with one coat of poly. refinishing some door stops too.
  6. glued up a maple picture frame for my wife's latest counted cross stitch work. add some corner splines tomorrow, then a few coats of poly. cut glass and finish things off next week, and then hang somewhere in the house.
  7. by jove, i think he's got it!
  8. nah. my long ago thread on how to build an end grain cutting board is buried deep. just jump in, ask a question, or show off what you've done. or both "look what i did, what do you think?" as for me, when i get an idea of something to build, i normally just dive in and start on it (after a little planning). i only show things that turned out ok.
  9. save you some time: once upon a time, there was a tree, it grew tall and strong. then one day, Paul Bunyan chopped it down and brought it to market, and Gepetto carved it into a little boy who couldn't tell the truth. he later became a leg on a highboy. the end.
  10. just wondering, why so many threads on page 1 that are over a year old? nothing new going on?
  11. that's the plan. black.
  12. a friend is building a model of the Enterprise, with 100s of little LEDs inside. he needs a base to mount this on, via a hollow rod from the bottom of the ship. sure, i can make something for you. he sends me a picture with dimensions.....yup, i can do that. ta da: he'll paint it to suit his tastes, just some poplar. hole is 3/8", stepping down to 1/4", so the support rod has a shelf to rest on. about 15" tall. slot is for the wiring to exit the base.
  13. planned winter projects include building some Adirondack chairs for the back paito. Have the plans and hardware in hand, but no lumber yet. Suggestions on lumber to use?
  14. i'm not sure yet. trying to get the lay of the land. thus my post above. which wasn't addressed. if you only want happy posts, then just say so. sometimes, constructive posts can contain some bad news (that plan isn't going to work, it's going to break the same way again, here's an idea how to better do that). what i viewed as "helpful", you viewed as "abusive". so we are not on the same page at present. i'll think about this over the weekend. now to figure out how to turn off all these email notifications.....
  15. "Dear folks, I want to remind everyone here, that any commentary that is posted in this community shall be positive, encouraging, helpful, and as a mentor or peer, polite and courteous. Please think before you hit the Submit button, how others may see your comment, how your topic may look to a new member, how you are presenting your writing in front of a new member or new woodworker. We want to keep people here, we want to be helpful, we want to be friendly, and we want folks to feel at home. Just be thoughtful, smart, and aware. We have a great community, and lets keep it positive, and friendly, and if you are an experienced woodworker, and you are in the midst of new woodworkers, and new members, then you are a mentor whether you like it or not." saved you a click. hypothetically, someone has a busted piece of furniture, they show it off, post plans for reviving it, including guesses of time and materials and costs. you see the piece, recognize that it's nothing special, just an old piece from the Sears catalog long ago (you have a supply of them for 'reference'), and note that perhaps time and materials would be better used just building a new piece, with better joinery, from scratch, using the lines of the old one as a guide. does that pass the 'smell' test?
  16. it wasn't a single past post, from what i gathered. apparently i rubbed someone the wrong way with some of my replies. said i was abusive. questioned someone's approach to a project.
  17. well, here's the thing: it appeared that some people didn't like how i asked questions now and then. how i made comments on other posts. i haven't changed my outlook on life in the last 6 months. i still have strong opinions on matters. so if we're going to have the same objections and reactions, then i'll just save the hassle and leave for good, and all y'all can talk among yourselves without my input.
  18. (walks in, looks around, ponders staying or leaving...)
  19. DAB


    debating sticking around. bunch of meanies beat me up last time. stole all my sawdust and dulled my blades.
  20. DAB


    well, it's been a quiet 6 months here, since my last visit. and then i get all sorts of email notifications about this thread. it's just plywood.
  21. took a walk today. well, it is March Forth! (i'm here all week).
  22. just got a supply of donor pens (Zebra F-301), now i need to generate some empty shells.....
  23. Success! after digging for 3 days (2 days to lay the trench drain in place in front of the garage apron, 1 day to dig a ditch from the trench drain drain to an existing drainage ditch, and then the new ditch had 4 inch corrugated pipe laid in it to carry the water), i tried it out this morning after power washing the garage floor and directing the water toward the drain, and then let the hose run into the trench drain for a bit, the system works! yay. calling for rain tonight. hopefully, this will fix the problem of water creeping into the garage, as the gravel driveway is higher than the garage floor.
  24. trench drain is all installed. tomorrow (day 3 of digging) will be the ditch for the outflow pipe (4" corrugated plastic) that will cross the driveway and dump into an existing drainage ditch (which needs some digging down, too much silt has accumulated due to nearby bushes). i wonder what the record is for parenthetical inclusions in one sentence? i'm pooped.
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