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  1. https://www.amazon.com/PME-SUGARCRAFT-EG700-Edible-Glaze/dp/B00482H2FW https://shop.chefrubber.com/products/36/Food-Lacquer-and-Glaze/
  2. Dadio

    Glue Test

    They all seem to be stronger than any forces that are applied to things I make, can't imagine forces that high being applied to furniture. Even 2-300# people sitting on a bench doesn't come near that kind of force. Herb
  3. Dadio

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    You still haven't answered my question that started all this discussion on rules, how to make an announcement if the announcement forum is locKed. That was all I was asking. Herb
  4. Dadio

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    Please no more rules, I understand where you are coming from, but that is what makes this community hum is the interaction. herb
  5. Dadio

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    Don't do that ,I am the worst offender. I was just wondering how to make a post on the announcement thread. Let the threads wander some fun stuff comes from that. Herb
  6. Dadio

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    Also I tried to post an announcement and when I went to the Announcement forum, there is no way to start a thread. So I posted it else where, but that thread is off track going in a different direction. I was trying to bring attention to the fact that WoodCraft is honoring Veterans by being closed on Monday. Herb
  7. Dadio

    Laguna Tools Graphic Missing

    I don't have it either. Ever since that Flag appeared, Laguna has been gone. Herb
  8. Dadio

    the Great Bald Eagle

    Check this out, full screen it,Enjoy. Herb http://1funny.com/fisherman Disregard it doesn't work.
  9. Dadio

    the Great Bald Eagle

    I thought maybe he was fattening them up for dinner , never know those commercial fisherman get tired of eating fish. Herb
  10. I had one of the little 1/4 sheet sanders I used for finish work on the job. Never did wear out the motor, did wear out the spring that hold the pad on and it was 15 years old then but found replacement parts and away we went again.
  11. WoodCraft is honoring Memorial Day by being closed. I got an email today that the Seattle WoodCraft is closed on Memorial Day to honor the Veterans. This is refreshing,don't see many stores doing that. When I was young all the stores were closed on Holidays and Sundays. That was BGSI (Before the Greed Set In). Herb
  12. Are you listed somewhere ,where donations can be sent? Sounds like a worthy cause to me. Herb
  13. Years ago when the offshore brands started showing up, Makita was the the one that was universally accepted and used by the trades. They were never a cheap price either. I agree with you. Herb
  14. Dadio

    Must Have Tools ?

    Don't have any of them, but they look like Kool Tools. Herb
  15. Dadio

    the Great Bald Eagle

    https://1funny.com/fisherman-bald-eagle-feeding/ Now seems to work. Will try again, have to copy and paste. Full Screen best. Herb
  16. I have been working on upgrading my machine stands with drawers to store things associated with that machine. My latest is the Sliding router table stand.
  17. Dadio

    Sliding Router Table Upgrade

    How about ear wax? Herb
  18. Dadio

    the Pen Jaws Worked.

    Looks good to me, Herb
  19. Dadio

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    OK you win,..GO HARBOR FREIGHT!!! Herb
  20. Dadio

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    I think this is a better explanation. I noticed that too,I thought it was just different shipments. And also if one is on sale the other isn't and they can charge the regular price, Had that happen. Herb
  21. Dadio

    Repurposed Reject

    I got tired of seeing the plain back on the Drumsander cabinet and I had this first attempt at Marquetry reject laying around ,so decorated the back of the cabinet. Here is the before and after. Herb
  22. Dadio

    Repurposed Reject

    What do you think,Dave, Should I drill holes through the squares and put router bits in them? Herb
  23. Dadio

    Track Saw

    I looked that up, WOW, that sure is a nifty looking sled. Boy I sure could have used that 60 years ago. Seems like everyone is coming out with those trac saws now. Best idea that has come along in a long time. The one you got Artie looks like about any saw would work and you could up grade later to different one if you wanted to. Herb
  24. Dadio

    the Toolbox of America -- Stanley

    Well, Wally and Sam came in years ago and put all the MOM and Pops , and the old established stores out of business,and the bigger ones became all-in-one stores to compete. Then the Super sized stores, we have a Wallys World here that I swear it takes 2 days to walk from one side to the other, like putting 2-3 Lowes together. They say what goes around comes around, now Amazon has taken the challenge,and Wally's is the one with tears in their eyes. Not in my eyes, I never shopped a Wallys after the first time, too many people in sandals and stinky feet. Herb
  25. Dadio

    Building a Bed Frame

    Streven that is sure a sturdy bed frame. You are doing a super job on it. What size is it a Queen? Looks more like a King Size in the pictures, did you check the mattress size? I would put a wooden ledge on for the slats while you are at it,throw that old iron one away,or trade it for a plane. You might have to beef up under the floor too, so save those ends you cut off the rails. And don't forget to give a holler to those kids to come and help you pack that up to the bedroom. Keep the pictures coming, don't want to miss any of this. Herb

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