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  1. Great idea, I'm gonna try that.
  2. I'm with P toad on the Boeshield. Expensive......yes but worth it. Follow the directions, it works great.
  3. That is a shame that the schools are discontinuing the shop programs. When I was a kid (a long time ago) I couldn't wait for eighth grade, that's when our shop classes began. I attended shop classes until the 10th grade and then to vocational school for 11 & 12 where we had a week of shop then a week of academics. I was in heaven especially when the instructor asked me to help out teaching basic lathe turning. He had no experience in lathe work and I had a few years at it. In Massachusetts the excuse for discontinuing these programs is liability.
  4. Very nice Dab, the recipient should be very pleased.
  5. Gotta keep the customer happy, thanks for the reply.
  6. Good job DAB and truly a labor of love. I have done many over the years for family and friends. I am not being critical, just curious why hinges and a latch. Mine were permanently closed after the ashes were inserted so no possibility of an accidental spill.
  7. No PHD here either. It's a tough nut to crack but once you get it you'll get great results every time. Read the book, watch some videos and use a bunch of scrap for trial and error.
  8. Great storage! Excellent design and workmanship.
  9. Awesome piece of machinery. I certainly admire your talent as designer, machinist and fabricator. Great job!
  10. I had four uncles that saw heavy action in WWII and were all lucky to come home alive. I was born when they were away at war and in their letters to my mom they all mentioned that they wanted to get this war over and come home to see me. They were a great influence on me teaching me how to hunt and fish, how to build things and repair cars. They are all gone now but I will never forget what they did for me and our country. God bless you all, Wally ,Pete, John and Bill.
  11. Great job Herb! Maximum use of all space.
  12. That stash found a good home! Can't wait to see the fine projects you will turn out.
  13. I participated in a few Derbys with my two grandsons. Much fun and very rewarding. I have a great grandson that just turned four so maybe I'll get to do it again.
  14. Nice design and beautiful work, a true craftsman!
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