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  1. Michael Thuman

    Dryer Vent Weight

    If the dryer door is not sealing that is how it is escaping from house and dryer vent. Most of us now have one pilot light in the HW heater next to the furnance. The new furnance should have sealed combustion. When the AC comes on it creates drafts on the return side going back to the furnance and on the pressure side from the furnance out to the vents. Because his air ducts are sealed in concrete there shold be no leakage. So what I think is happening is that there is a vent near the dryer that is pushing it air into the drum and thus out of the house. Please make sure the dryer door seals and stays closed.
  2. Michael Thuman

    basement shop noise supression

    As a follow up the noise from shop upstairs is actually not that noticeable. So I think fiberglass for 2x10's then double layer of 1/2" with access ports for all water, electrical, gas.
  3. Michael Thuman

    Arched Raised Panel Door Template

    Check out MCLS https://www.mlcswoodworking.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/smarthtml/pages/arched_door.html?zoom_highlight=arch+door
  4. Michael Thuman

    Wood Brick House

    Definetly a very expensive house. More than brick, more than lap siding. Dan utilities are probably comming from the crawl space up thru the floor and are externally run. I wonder if they painted it red with gray lines to simulate bricks? As for R value they have no glue and no mastic to make this air tight. Therefore the house breathes a lot of moisture. The fasteners should all be SS. The inside should have insultation and drywall walls.
  5. Glad you are OK for my DP I have a variety of clamps and never never turn on the DP without the clamps in place. A 4" hole saw generates a lot of torque and you should run it at a lower speed also.
  6. Michael Thuman

    basement shop noise supression

    Thanks all the ducts are sealed up tight and it is from me tracking stuff up stiars. Not much dust. For insulation the upstairs is warmer than down so does the vapor barrier side of the insulation do up againest the sub floor or is it stapled to the bottom of the floor joists? I like the blanket idea and will give that a try for my loudest components. Stick do they make anythign for ceilling cavities I only saw wall cavities.
  7. I have my shop in my dry (most of the time) basement. What have others done to stop noise traveling up into the living quarters and keeping dust out? I have a good dust collection system venting indoors. I think a door sweep on the basement door would be a great idea. I think keeping shop clothes in the shop and clothes also would be great idea. Should I put insulation in the celing then drywall it up? If so what type of insulation? If not do I just use drywall (where possible)?
  8. Michael Thuman

    TGIF: Finishing Summary Tuesday, August 28, 2018

    Water based poly (today's standard) is much different than the oil based version that he mentions above. I understand Varnish is more flexible but rarely do I use finish for uncontrolled humidity and temp. That said which one is more resistant to most household chemicals?
  9. Michael Thuman

    Shop Wiring for Shopsmith

    I am very suprised that the shop smith is not a 110/220 V motor and can be rewired for 220 then the amp drop by 50%. This would save the shop smith from heat and let it live longer. Dave his panel may be a grounded neutral but that said I still would use the red as the ground. Or if rewire the Shop Smith to 220 then add a ground to the box and to the panel if it will fit in the conduit or replace the conduit. The minum size wire for 20 A is 12 GA if the run is over 50Ft. you may want to go to 10 GA.
  10. Michael Thuman

    Lumber score!

    Looks great thanks for the pics
  11. Michael Thuman

    TGIF: Finishing Summary Tuesday, August 28, 2018

    I know this is a bad word but Keith what about Poly?
  12. Michael Thuman

    Perfect Countersinks

    Dadio I am with you. I have vix bit that are designed to fit perfectly centered in a counter sink then drill a hole. I also have a counter sink that I use after I drill the hole. It has two flutes. You start off realy slow then once it centers on the hole you speed up. I use a powered drill so I am probably much faster than you. The two flute is getting dull does anyone know how to sharpen this?
  13. Michael Thuman

    New Lumbermill In Georgia

    Dan, can the new factory still ensure a renewable resource? Or are we going to get weaker and weaker wood because of fast growth. The new 2x6 will be the old 2x4. I think every building demolished should be deconstructed (yes a higher cost) and all the building materilas still in sound shape be re-introducted into the environment.
  14. Michael Thuman

    Rice Straw Made Into Mdf.

    Actually if you read it carefully it will not affect the harvest of rice and chex is not impacted. But it will remove bio matter from the fields and conserve water that is used to decompose the waste but most likely they will now need more fertilizer and that could affect the environment more than the traditional flooding of the fields. We gain cleaner MDF the valley loses it decomposed bio matter which is the fertilizer for next year so new fertlizer is intoroduced.
  15. Michael Thuman

    Whole House Attic Fans

    We had one and it worked great until A/C became common. Also the AC helps maintian a consistent humidity. It is also quieter. However be advised that these things move a lot of air and you need to make sure your soffet vents are capable of the increased flow. In the house we installed them my dad had to add soffet vents to keep the motor from stalling. They are also quite noisy if i recall correctly. Install in an interior hallway to vent the whole house. Be sure to crack a window in the basement or lowest level to. This creates a draft of colder air and is also required to keep the motor cool. The one with the preinsulated louvers is a great improvement. We as part of fall prep would seal up the fan with insulation over it.

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