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  1. Please help her out when you get glue on your clothes quickly go rinse in warm water until all evidence is gone.
  2. They are only circular saw blades so good for Danl to post but those of you with Jointer or TP please see my post.
  3. For those of you lookiing for a great service for sharpening jointer and TP knives and Circular saw blades check out http://www.dynamicsaw.com/
  4. Given this motor rating I would run it on 220/230 or a dedicated 30 A (10GA wire ) with a 30 Amp 120V breaker. Because start up inrush is going to blow a 20A breaker.
  5. With the screws the pointed ends are adjustable. But I agree not for electrical unless they are made to bite into solid core wire. Once closed they lock on to what they are being closed upon. So I think it is use as a torque or rotational device.
  6. One challenge for use northern workers is any DC that exhausts to the outside needs make up air to keep working if your shop is also your garage then I see no issues but if the shop is heated the DC exhaust is pushing all the warm air out of the shop. if the shop is in a tight basement you may reverse the flow of the HW tank or the furnance. Take good precaution before exhausting DC to the outside.
  7. Jess the work is truely outstanding sorry if I offended you it was not intenional. Thanks for the explaination. I am more a linear wood person. I don't really like curves becuase they are a pain to get smooth. Please post a picture when the top coat is on I think it will then blow all our minds.
  8. If you are looking for something incorrect the only thing I think could have been better is to post this in the Wood forum not the finishing forum. I see no question releated to finishing. I studied your work for about 10 minutes and saw no flaws truely outstanding work.
  9. To all if the motor enclosure does not have good airflow the motor may over heat. The is not an issue in ambient air but if you are cutting for hours on end beware. For my saw the dust port is on the bottom and air flow creats a down draft table for the saw. i do not use my saw enough to ever over heat. But on one ocassion I was ripping some 4" boards down. The motor with the great air flow from the down draft was warm to the touch but now were near is 90 C limit. It anything starts to smell hot it is already damaging your equipment. That smell is the off gasing of the insulation on the wires. Gunny, I really like your solution as the motors are in free air and the belt slots should be fairly tight to the belts about 1/8" wiggle room. That should limit the amount of dust you collect below greatly. Then as you wrote if you want to do an angled cut just remove the plate around the belt and deal with a little more dust.
  10. All please see the latest magizne from Fine Woodworking. Essentially I used the same receipe before and it works great. https://www.finewoodworking.com/2019/10/17/finish-recipe-a-warm-finish-for-white-oak
  11. Thanks for the details very good. Can you please show us with the spline installed in the cabinet. Sure hope you do not need to disemble anything to show it?
  12. Great pictures and details thanks. I just hope that electrical cord is not crushed or pinched.
  13. Depending on what you are rolling over you may want larger diameter wheels to ease over cracks in concrete. The neoprene wheels are so that you do not mark up the concrete? If your plan parallels woodbutchery then you have a great starting place with his excellent pictures. The question for both of you is how to you lock your wheels?
  14. For the size and weght I would use a mobile base from delta and they have 3 wheels one of which is pivots. The frame is steel and would have wooden hardwood runners of 2" x 2" and it would be very capable of the weight and dynamics of your project.
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