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  1. Michael Thuman


    Personally as pine ages it turns orange to red in nature. It could be pine and shellac or poly or laq. How old of a peice is this? I do agree with Small Patch it could be knotty Alder also. I would pull it away from the wall and look at the back side of the sides or middel stile. From there if it is all the same color then I supect pine or Alder with some sort of stain. In a hidden place try some denatured alchol if it softens it is Shellac. In a hidden place try some laq thinner if it softens it is Lac. If neither soften it is probably poly or varnish. Good luck.
  2. Michael Thuman

    Barn Doors

    I had a article on this some time ago. "Out of pocket doors" with prettry hardware. Make sure the rail is screwed into the 2x framing of the house.
  3. Just make sure if spraying flammable materials that you change the motor to an explosion proof motor in the fan.
  4. Michael Thuman

    Garage Doors

    Douglas Fir works well. Do not use white pine.
  5. Michael Thuman

    Furniture Bank Workshop Project

    Keith thanks that is exactly what the groups asking me to build them furniture is from. One a half way house for abused women. The other a well known charity. I see all the peices are painted. Is the wood used soft or hard wood and is it donated or reclaimed or purchased? Should I approach my local wood working guild to get the help I need? Sorry for all the questions and thanks again for the sources. In my humble opinion every woodworking guild should be part of something like this.
  6. Michael Thuman

    Furniture Bank Workshop Project

    What is the purposed of the furniture bank? I would assume for people that cannot afford their own? How did you get this started? Almost every town in America needs one of these. Did it grow from a woodworking guild? Sorry for all the questions but I have been approached by several charities seeking beds and bedroom furniture.
  7. Finish up my dust collector for my Dewalt sliding compound miter saw.
  8. Michael Thuman

    Painted vs. Stained cabinets

    Yes and mdf is cheap and heavy and harder on tools. Also if the comprssed sawdust ever see water it expands quite drastically too. Think of the wet fingers constantly grabbing the knob. Eventually the fingernails will where thru the paint and then MDF gets wet.:( When that happens with stained you just sand if off recoat and you are good for the next 10 or so years.
  9. Michael Thuman

    Painted vs. Stained cabinets

    The rage today is to use painted cabinets not stained. Is this just to spend money? Cleaning is painted or stained easier to clean? Repair is painted or stained easier to repair? Most painted cabients are in the light zone because they tend to hide dirt better. What are your thoughts? For me it may not be the grainy oak but maybe a less figured wood. Or maybe oak stained to highlight the grain.
  10. It would be beneficial to also state where the meeting will be. That way I know if i can drive that far.
  11. Michael Thuman

    Glue question

    As other have wrote becuase the jointer and planer is producing a glass smooth finish. Please take 150 paper then sand lightly if that does not break the glaze step down until it breaks. Then sand in even steps to 150. At 150 the wood has enough tooth or roughness to bond ot the glue. Use on KD (Klin Dried) or if as you wrote common construction lumber shold be air dried. Put them in warm dry place. Use 1/4" stickers about every 2 ft. if the width of the stack is more than one board leave 1/4" minimum between the boards. Let it sit until the mositure evens out and the boards are dry. That would be normally 3 to 6 weeks.
  12. Michael Thuman

    Outfeed Table Top Finish

    Fred thanks I guess MDF only does not like water. I will give my first outfeed table a try with MDF and Beeswax.
  13. Michael Thuman

    Outfeed Table Top Finish

    All his table if MDF if you start soaking it with BLO and other stuff what will that do to the glue in the MDF? MDF is a great substrate for formica. I would use formica then the same wax you use on the cast iron to keep it slick and clean works on the formica also. Chips N Dust can you lower your outfeed table so that the formica is flush?
  14. Michael Thuman


    Grease pencil the kind that has the paper wrapper that you untwist and tear off to get a new point.
  15. Michael Thuman

    tool totes, a survey of

    Please add sunscreen and misquito spray. Beyond that it looks compelte the through but I'd bet you need several bags or totes.

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