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  1. This picture shows a rounded top. Why not embrace it put some finishback on it and work with the hinges and locks until it starts working again. After all a chest with rounded top is good and then you just scab in some fitting fillers on the side.
  2. dye works every time and all the time.
  3. Kick back is not something SS was designed to prevent. It is always best to keep your self out of the line of fire and if you need to take a rest turn off the saw wait for it to stop then release the board.
  4. Well the wood with the large open grain and reminds me of pine, ask or oak give that your picture has no raw wood showing means I cannot get more specific on the species of the wood.
  5. Is that electrical plug still accessible? Maybe a different location would be better.
  6. To properly color end grain use a dye not a stain. Dyes color the wood uniformly. Stain is use to bring out the grain. Use the dye on end grain and long grain as the background. Then use the stain on the end grain and long grain for the foreground. Once dye has dryed into the end grain you can use stain becuase the dye has filled up all the pores with dye. This is very similiar to using at 1 lb cut of shellac as that also seals up the pores. But it does so with the shellac color. That is why I prefer dye.
  7. Pledge has silacone in it whch ruins the wood. Do not use this product.
  8. That is awesome and I am gld to see he is learning but for safety's sake his hair must be tighly buned and never dangling. Rotating equipment like a lathe can wrap the hair up faster than he can react pulling him into the lathe.
  9. I actually would go the other way around. Put metal washers on the outside to keep the metal bits from sinking to deep to be tight. With the metal washer on the outside the clamping pressure will surely hold tight. If not then yes some self made sandpaper washer are the way to go but will be temporary.
  10. When replacing the flourcent lights with led lights always verify the balast is it good working order. I have one that when plugged in causes a lot of RF interference. I need to replace the balast on that one.
  11. Bicycling, Road, Trail, Recumbent trike.
  12. Congratulations on a job well done.
  13. MLCS has a good boxed set that also can go 4" with patience and sharpening.
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