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  1. When I log in the list of all the forums used to be there not any more. I have to go into any issue to see the list of forums at the top of that issue. To go to the forums pick list is cumbersome and slowing me down. Can we please have it go back to the way it was. Or make it easier. Such as when I go into the wood working forum but need the home improvement list the forums on the top of the wood working page and hide it in the actual issues. The way i can easily transitions form one forum to another.
  2. Michael Thuman

    Lowes Announces Store Closures

    Near me in Michigan City Indiana we have Menards and Lowes next to each other. Lowes is still king of materials and tools but consumer items which is does not carry and Menards does is why Menards is more retail orientated while Lowes is more commerical orientated. Both do well and neither are closing. But as we enter another building bubble we will see a down turn in new buildling. Around here we are built out pretty much so most of the money is spent on maintenance. For example for my home improvement shower replacing a tub all the requried tools for the job came from lowes but the vanity (due to style of spouse preference) came from Menards. Lowes is still best for most all building materials but for example when I went to insulate my rim board the 2" thick insulation at Menards was considerably less than Lowes mainly because Lowes does not carry the "pink cat" brand but Menards does.
  3. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Al B, I believe we around under 1/2 of that now. I will let you know once done what the cost was. Also I will have to give you all the finalized pictures.
  4. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Rotten OSB replaced The the Shulter system. Sorry I am not better about uploading pictures.
  5. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    All Shulter may have cost me more $ but so far thier product is really easy to work with. Turns out the bathroom floor is flat but slopes toward the midline of the house. Which by the way is an aid to channel water to the drain. We did level the curb and had about 3/8" to 1/2" of more material on one side than the other. We went with Ditra Xl but I had to get it installed before I couuld post pictures. Due to a plumber visit to set the vanity. The shower base and curb are Shulter poly styerene. Much warmer than fiberglass. The said we had to dry pack the shower floor 3 1/2" away from the wall to put the drain between and not in the middle of joists. Then we applied a Shulter shower kit and put their orange fleece lined water proof sheets on the walls and floor. Then we will apply tonight the corners and kerdi band around the permiter of the shower base to finalize the waterproofing. Then we start the tiling hopefully this coming weekend. I will post some pictures tonight.
  6. Michael Thuman

    IR heater good for a shop

    grandpadave et all the basement during the winter goes to the lower 50's or upper 40's so I am looking for a 15 to 20 F gain. The space is open 24x50. I do have 2 forced air vents but they do not keep up. I wold rather get 1 large unit than multiple small units on seperate circuits.
  7. Michael Thuman

    IR heater good for a shop

    Yes Garage type but positioned at the end of my shop so it covers all the metal tools and me. Room size is 24 x 50 shop is 12 x 30 on one side. Band saw and Mitre saw in front of router and table saw then come jointer and thickness planar in back. Don't want to heat air just tools and me. 65 would be grand. The block wall next to the shop would also act as a heat sink.
  8. Michael Thuman

    IR heater good for a shop

    The proposed heater will be 220V electric.
  9. I have a basement shop but as I age and now we live next to Lake Michigan the shop cold ness is not tolerable. I was looking into Infrafed Heat options would they be good for a shop for wold they ignite sawdust? The will heat me, the concrete walls, the tools. Beyond cost is ther any other drawbacks or concerns? Other than wasting engry by not having the basement insulated.
  10. Michael Thuman

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    This is Michael Thuman and Warsaw Indiana 90Min east of me but there are no elk around just deer.
  11. Michael Thuman

    almost a finger

    or a better push stick. Get one that laps over the wood 6" or so and has a hook on the end to push it. The downward force from your hand would have stopped it from skating around.
  12. Michael Thuman

    Spray gun

    So what size compressor would one use. My pressure is in the relm. The flow rate 6 CFM seems really low for HVLP.
  13. Michael Thuman

    Spray gun

    What is the CFM requirements for this gun?
  14. Michael Thuman

    black walnut color

    Dye (not stain) it to a dark color and when the wood gets darker you will not notice the change.
  15. Michael Thuman

    Figure 8’s on a Table Top

    Thanks Stick you beat me to nearly the same answer. Ron people will naturaly pick up the table by the top. That said the number of figure 8's depends a lot on the dimensions stick gave and the weight they need to support. If the undercarriage is very heavy you may consider adding even more to stop bending the 8's or pulling out the screws.

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