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  1. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Stick thanks for the PM I will try to call you tonight. The red guard cannot go over OSB. I can install it in the shower pan and durarock shower enclosure before tiling. But under the shower pan will be the OSB or shold I install 1/2" durarock over the entire floor first then red guard then shower pan and walls the red guard then tile?
  2. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Stick thanks for all the details and advice, you are truely superior to all the stuff I found on the internet. The membrane is Ditra or Ditra XL I have not made up my mind wihch one to use. Shower pan will be a 30" w x 60" long composite pan that will attach to the wall studs. My plan is to have the membrane under the pan in case the pan cracks. The shower drain will be modified so that the membrane if it has water will drain. Then higher up the shower pan also drains into the same pipe. Or is this over kill?
  3. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    OK here are the udpates and questions. 1. I have an osb sub floor. 2. I want to use a membrane (orange) over the floor and under the tile. Can thinset (TS) modified be safely used to bond the membrane to the OSB? Do I need to seal the OSB before the TS and if so with what to get modified thin set to stick? 3. The shower walls and floor will be tile so I will put the membrane under the shower pan to help water proof. Is this recommended? 4. The walls in the shower will be hardi backer with seams taped as there are only studs now. I plan to run the organge membrane up the walls about 6" (in the shower) and then seal the corners. The install plastic sheeting over the studs then hardibacker over that then tile. Is this recommemded? 5. Should I before I start install blocking between the joists under the floor to further stiffen the floor. If so what spacing should I use. The blocking will also help to later install drywall on the basement ceilling.
  4. Michael Thuman

    Tgif: Three Things - Lacquer Tuesday June 26. 2018

    Thanks I was just looking for something that was more resistent to what eats laq. I will try the eye dropper. Great tips please keep them coming.
  5. Michael Thuman

    Tub Replaced By Shower

    Bathroom redo. Tub converted to a shower. Internet has one person do it the hard but probably cheaper way. Then more expensive and easier but is it better. 1. He rips everything out creates a 3" curb add blocks to the studs so the 3" above floor is all around. Then installs shims to taper the concete from the back and side and front to the drain. Then add a poly layer 6" up the wall and over the step. He then on top of that puts in more shims and concrete. Then tiles on top of that. 2. I can purchase tile ready poly inserts for $$$ but how does one install them to make sure no water is trapped or leaking? Which option would you go with.
  6. Michael Thuman

    Tgif: Three Things - Lacquer Tuesday June 26. 2018

    Thanks Keith, some questions I have some holes in my laq and want to repair them can you suggest a method? The laq is clear satin finish. Will poly stick to laq after it has been applied? Where laq fails with common solvents poly does not. Can I top coat the laq with poly.
  7. Michael Thuman

    Recipe Box Prototype

    What was the species of wood?
  8. Michael Thuman

    Furniture Bank Workshop Project

    Looking like a professional shop.
  9. Michael Thuman

    Does The World Really Need This?

    Admin please move to free for all forum I see nothing in here regarding home improvement.
  10. Michael Thuman

    Furniture Repair

    Thanks Keith, I have some more question. if the area of top coat removal is as small as a drop I take it tape off the surrounding good finish with good leak proof masking tape the build up the laq letting each new coat burn into the other. The once proud of the surface sand flush. Then buff to the same sheen as the remaining top coat? Or build up and spray the entire surface? I will send some pictures once the phone charges.
  11. Michael Thuman

    Furniture Repair

    We have our original bed room furniture set. which is about 30 years old. Things like an errant drop of nail polish remover and a leaking windex bottle have removed the top coat. Is this laq? How best to test? What you replace it with? I am only worried about the top most surface where things get set. The top coat is evidently clear. As the underlying wood color is the same as the surrounding color. Should I patch in more laq or just strip and replace? Can Poly go over laq and do a better job of resisting the solvents? I will try to upload pictures tonight.
  12. Michael Thuman


    Personally as pine ages it turns orange to red in nature. It could be pine and shellac or poly or laq. How old of a peice is this? I do agree with Small Patch it could be knotty Alder also. I would pull it away from the wall and look at the back side of the sides or middel stile. From there if it is all the same color then I supect pine or Alder with some sort of stain. In a hidden place try some denatured alchol if it softens it is Shellac. In a hidden place try some laq thinner if it softens it is Lac. If neither soften it is probably poly or varnish. Good luck.
  13. Michael Thuman

    Barn Doors

    I had a article on this some time ago. "Out of pocket doors" with prettry hardware. Make sure the rail is screwed into the 2x framing of the house.
  14. Just make sure if spraying flammable materials that you change the motor to an explosion proof motor in the fan.
  15. Michael Thuman

    Garage Doors

    Douglas Fir works well. Do not use white pine.

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