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  1. Came across this gallery on Core 77 this weekend, thought you guys might enjoy it. http://www.core77.com/gallery/67346/Factory-Tour-Lie-Nielsen-Toolworks TxMoose
  2. OK I get it I was wrong. It's not the look I'm going for anyway. If I want to do origami I'll use paper.
  3. I'll let you give it a whirl I want nothing to do with that
  4. Thanks for the replies keep them coming. Where's the stuff about being radius down three sides coming from,, I don't think I've ever said that. I did say that I would radius the two long edges. Anyhow just wanted to clear up at I'm not crazy I know I can't radius all 4 edges or even three of them if I use the laminate and want to Waterfall them. That would only be possible with a wood Edge or the solid surface option. Thanks for the heads up on the post forming/ VT laminate.
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I'll have to ponder this some more. Have to admit I'm tempted to try at least one long edge myself. If I can get one edge rounded I'm good with the others being square, so a trip to the local restore seems like it is in order. A quick inquiry (only called one place) got a ballpark number of $330 for a counter top shop to make it up, they would radius the 2 long sides and leave the short ones square. The wood edge had already come to mind, so I haven't ruled that out. I'll keep ya posted. TxMoose
  6. I forgot to say that when I rehab the top the whole thing would be replaced. I would make a new substrate the laminate to. TxMoose
  7. So I picked up a vintage Mayline Futur-Matic-Drafting-Table. This table is electrically adjustable from about 30" to 48" above the floor, and works great. My goal is to rehab it into a standing desk. This means addressing the top. I would like to make a new top with a laminate top (formica, wilsonart etc.). It will see use 7-8hrs a day. This top will be 3'x6' I would really like to have a waterfall/rounded profile on the long edges. This brings up the question of is this something I can successfully do myself with say a heat gun and patience? Or should it be left up to the pros? What radius do you think would be a safe bend? Suggestions or Ideas? Thanks, TxMoose MAYLINE 1.pdf MAYLINE 2.pdf
  8. Had to chuckle to myself last night. Was watching a episode of Tree House Masters with the kids and they were using Car Decking, 1 1/2" thick tongue and groove SPF.
  9. Hey Peter / P-Toad, Thats a pitcher pump flapper isn't it? Add another vote for never having heard the term car siding. TxMoose
  10. One More option for plans is the Comfy Classic Garden Bench, It was featured in issue 170 June/July 2006 WOOD magazine. Here is a link to the plans
  11. Here is a link to Ed's website Waxing Moon Humidors. Here is his Facebook Drop him a email, it can't hurt to ask. He used to post frequently over at WOOD when it existed. TxMoose
  12. I guess this is what you do if you: 1. Don't own a saw of any other kind powered or hand. 2. Enjoy bodily pain. 3. Like demonstrating how to not do things.
  13. Hey guys, Even thought I use AutoCAD daily I have just begun to mess around with SketchUp. I stumbled across this help book pdf the other day and thought I would share it. Maybe there is a tidbit in it that may be of use to you. Happy sketchin TxMoose
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