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    Cal reacted to Sherri in How I go about getting wood ready for carving   
    Hi! I love reading your blogs! You put thought and humor into whatever you write. I am copying the posts to hopefully print into new books. I am so glad you have this place to write. You are very creative.
    Love you!
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in attaining a snowflake   
    Very cool and just like real snowflakes no two are exactly the same.  NICE!!
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    Cal reacted to lew in attaining a snowflake   
    Really Neat!
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    Cal reacted to Pat Meeuwissen in What my current setup is   
    I need something like this but that allows for movement of the saw. I have a dust deputy /shop vac and a 1 1/2 hp dust collector(4") set up just for my miter saw with very poor results. It gets the super fine stuff but not enough of the larger in my opinion. 
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in What my current setup is   
    And of course if you want complicated this guy gets it done.  For me more effort than I was willing to put into it, BUT I did learn a great deal about HOW a dust collector works.  This is only one video of several he offers on this subject.  
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in What my current setup is   
    Quite some system you have there.
    For reference material here is a interesting link on some testing a guy did for his miter saw DC. A good solid video without needing advanced calculus to figure out his math.  Key point he makes is something we all should keep in mind.  No one way works for everyone.  If you watch till the end he makes it clear his adapter cannot be used when cutting miters.  To which he relies on normal DC which is poor.  Because nothing is perfect and no matter what you will have some dust or chips.
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    Cal got a reaction from Gunny in Part #4 The Glue-up and Turning   
    That's a beautiful rolling pin Lew, and a great tutorial.
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in Part #4 The Glue-up and Turning   
    Man do I feel smarter already.  Also why am I exhausted???
    Nice set of post lew, great stuff.  Very helpful!!
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    Cal reacted to CharlieL in Ducts and blast gates   
    For a Thien type seperator I make side inlets for the container. I think that it's more efficient then coming in from the top.
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    Cal reacted to Fred W. Hargis Jr in Ducts and blast gates   
    One of the magazines did a comparison (I think it was Wood, or maybe FWW) a few years back on separators and cyclones, and they rated the Thein very highly....preferring it to some of the store bought options (IIRC).
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    Cal reacted to lew in Ducts and blast gates   
    Not with this one. Built my own from an adapter from woodcraft-

    Then added a Thein baffle from this idea-

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    Cal reacted to Fred W. Hargis Jr in Ducts and blast gates   
    No hands on experience, but I've read a lot of posts from folks who have one and absolutely love it.
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    Cal reacted to JimM in Ducts and blast gates   
    Considering this as a pre-filter...any comments, opinions, experiences?
    Thank you,


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    Cal reacted to Gunny in Ducts and blast gates   
    Adaptors to the various tools you have will always be a challenge.  This guy offers a interesting solution using PCV and a heat gun.  Worth a look he presents the material well and keeps it simple.
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    Cal reacted to Adam Welker in Ducts and blast gates   
    I also rely on foil tape for sealing joints and patching the odd hole in my collection bag. A friend of mine does HVAC and gave me a huge roll a couple years ago. Great stuff! 
    This blog just reminds how much I need to revamp my system.  Hopefully this winter when/if things slow down a bit. 
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    Cal reacted to Gerald in Ducts and blast gates   
    1. Floor or ceiling does not matter if you have the room. By using ceiling I have decreased my efficiency because dust goes up to main then down to cyclone and then up to DC.  For the "best" system the dust goes in as near as possible to a straight line at the same level all the way to DC, that is in a perfect world. Any ups and downs causes dust to drop out of the stream of air. But again we do not live in a perfect world so just get as close as you reasonably can or buy DC oversized.
    2. I use flex at all machines just limit the use as much as you can. There are commercial adapters you can use to avoid flex such as RV waste connections, and some others that are friction fit.
    3. Already covered by others but I will add when you break down the duct to move there will be a mess. The foil tape used on HVAC may work better as it is designed to seal cracks and is easy to work with.
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    Cal reacted to lew in Ducts and blast gates   
    Thanks, @Gerald
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    Cal reacted to Fred W. Hargis Jr in Ducts and blast gates   
    I've never had much luck with fabric duct tape, seems to me like it always started peeling off after a year or 2 (on PVC). The foil tape seems to stay on forever. Another ereason to seal the joints (IMHO) is to eliminate the annoying whistle that they sometimes make when they leak.
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in Ducts and blast gates   
    It will do sufficiently.  Gerald wrote:  When you put all these together you can use PVC cement but I guarantee you will rearrange the system and your shop so go with something reversible such as caulk.  You can also use screws to hold the connections together but use as short a screw as will do the job to limit disruption inside duct.
    Screws are okay, especially for joints that prove difficult to keep together.  For caulk I use the cheapest clear caulk I can find.  Easier to take back apart later.
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    Cal reacted to JimM in Ducts and blast gates   
    Gerald - This is exactly the kind of information I need.  
    I'll start with a few more specific questions...
    Any thoughts on running the main pipe to the DC on the floor at the base of the wall?
    Do you use flex to connect a mobile machine to the blast gate?
    Would duct tape make an effective seal at the joints?
    Thank you, Jim
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    Cal reacted to Gunny in Ducts and blast gates   
    When I use 45 elbows to create a 90 I grind off that little shelf inside the fitting. Reason: you want the walls as smooth as possible because any bumps or restriction cause disruptions in airflow and reduce suction.
    Interesting little tidbit here.  I have used PVC a lot over the years for many different things other than plumbing and never thought about the inside of it much.
  22. Haha
    Cal reacted to Gunny in Seam Rippers For My Sister And Mom   
    I was going to comment that that they are probably inexpensive, yeah until I went and priced one. 
    WOW!!  Way to easy to make one, lots of youtube videos.
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    Cal reacted to lew in Seam Rippers For My Sister And Mom   
    It was just a made up name for a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil (4:1 oil/wax). Heated in the microwave until the wax melts. Stir, let cool and use it as a finish or to lub screws or to wax tools.
    As far as the pen press, I stole the idea from a YouTube video and made some adaptations. In the video the press is around 4:58 minutes. I can take more pix and measurement if you want.
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    Cal reacted to Smallpatch in Retirement   
    And the first part of building the boat dock started when Tony said he and some friends were going to the lake so I said good so you can take the trailer full of beds and furniture we will be putting in the cabin.... and before you guys launch the boat there is a pile of trash I want burned ...and don't leave until the fire is out. Well they thought they had the fire almost out so they went and launched the boat and as they were coming back to the cabin they could see smoke so about 100 yards or feet from land Tony jumped out of the boat and ran across the water and grabbed a water hose before the boat ever got to land...This was what the friends told me. My son never ever mentioned the fire but he could not figure out how to tell me about half the trailer burned up and all the furniture on it and one side of the cabin was embers....... This was when I decided a boat dock needed to be built.
      So Sherri the rest of the story took about three or four more years of all kinds of things happening and I will have to think for a good while. I do remember where all that oil field pipe came from...Our business,  a go-cart track and a mini golf and some more things and about once a week this big Harley came up and a one legged guy and his girl friend came to ride the go-carts...They seemed to have enough money often to enjoy life and have some fun and it made me curious. The first thing I asked what kind of business he was in and he said buy and sell oil field pipe...Well, I could use a few stick of 2 3/8" upset tubing sometime. I'll remember that and they went in and started playing the video games. I still wanted to ask how he lost his leg but got busy with riders that night. A few days later here they came again and this time he said you still need some pipe. Yep, Well I got a truck load and need to drop off the pipe some where so I can go get another load tomorrow morning so how many joints you want, oh  I don't know maybe ten or so.. I said what is a truck load and he said 100 thirty foot joints...I'll make you a bargain if you buy it all..and that is why we came in the truck instead of on the Harley.....Oh my, after looking at a truck load of pipe, I couldn't use that much in 20 years...If you buy it all tonight I''ll take 10 bucks a joint, thats 1000 dollars. I thought this sold for more than that. He said it does ,30 dollars a joint is the going price when I got more time but I need an empty truck for in the morning and its 9 already tonight. Thirty dollars a joint is the going price for a few at a time...I said just unload it any where you want on the parking lot... My son went with him and pointed right there and it unloaded it self in about 1 minute. rolled on the grass next to his house. By the way how did you loose your leg. His girl friend said an accident on that Harley we ride all the time. So with that pipe I built a 40 x 60 foot building with a 12 foot ceiling and 3 -40 foot walk ways for a 26 x 36 or 46 foot boat dock.. and enough pipe for three sides of the house some frames for covered decks.  See there I can't even remember the size of the boat dock and I am on it ever day or two.
       Oil field pipe is 1/4" thick kinda tempered steel....It will build into anything a person wants ... One sprayed on coat of rusty primer by Rustolium in 1990 and still no rust on 99 % of the pipe.. but from the water down is another story........
      The next question I ask the pipe guy was what happens when you come up to a stop light and loose your balance...........his girl friend says, we don't loose our balance...The rest of the story, the dock being built on one end of the go-cart track parking lot and the house mover hauling the dock 240 miles to the lake and getting it from the boat launch about 4 miles to the cabin was some harry stories...Maybe later...
  25. Haha
    Cal reacted to Smallpatch in Retirement   
    Sherri that boat dock thingy took too many years from the first end of the story to the end end and my memory gets hijacked somewhere in the middle and who did you say you are and how did you know about it?
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